Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. First Sewing2. Match And Spell3. Hair Chalk
Galt Toys First Sewing Best Gift For 6 Year Old GirlOrchard Toys Match And Spell GameHair Chalk

Kids are a gift of nature. 6 years of age is that time of a child’s life when her mind is developing gradually and learning from her surroundings. At 6, she is just setting out in the world, joining preschools and learning something new every day.

Be it deciding what hobbies to pick up, the extracurricular they find appealing to beginning to understand the complexities of nature and language, a 6 year old has many choices to make.


So, during this time, the best gift for a 6-year-old girl must be decided carefully, since they can have a great impact in her upbringing.

Here is our buyer guide below, that will help you to decide the best gift for her along with FAQ’s and tips that will make her happy.

Top 40 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2020

1. Galt Toys First Sewing

Galt Toys First Sewing Best Gift For 6 Year Old GirlThis is one of the best gifts that you can provide to a 6-year-old girl. It consists of a sewing kit that will help her to get her first ideas about sewing. It includes a guide as well to get you through the process.

This is an ideal kit for creative individuals. It contains pre-cut foam pieces that can be stitched together easily to make neck purse, pencil case, picture frame and a notepad cover. This is part of an extensive collection of art and craft toys that gives your kid happiness. They can learn sewing playfully.

This is one of the best gifts for 6-year-old girl as it helps to improve the fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, decision making and problem-solving skills. Sewing also acts as
meditation for many elders, hence this can be a fine craft for your kid to develop.


  • Easy to use for at least 6-year-old children.
  • Helps in Skill development of the child.
  • Great activity to keep your child hooked to it.


  • Adult supervision necessary for use.
  • A bit immature for some kids

2. Orchard Toys Match And Spell Game

Orchard Toys Match And Spell GameThis is another one of the best presents for 6 year old girl. The Match and Spell game helps to develop the critical thinking and spelling sense of the child.

While playing this they will easily get to know the spellings for simple words. This helps to improve their English language skills.

It encourages the matching and memory skill of the child. It’s a progressive educational game which has two ways to be played.

In one of the games the participant aims to recognise and collect letters in order to spell the first words and in game two it is developed to pronounce and sound out as many words as possible.

This varied and educational game promotes letter recognition, phonetic word building and matching of pictures and words.


  • Develops skills such as matching and memory skills
  • Promotes language and literacy amongst children
  • Encourages observational skills
  • Helps kids develop the habit of healthy discussions of what they learnt


  • Some kids find the game not challenging enough

3. Hair Chalk

Hair ChalkThe third gift item in our list is a Hair Chalk set for girls from GirlZone which come with 10 pieces of different coloured chalks. Each of the pens provides around 80 applications. They can be used as face paints and can be easily removed off the skin too.

Another plus point is the packaging. It has been done very creatively and is very attractive. This product gives the girl a chance to discover and create their own sense of style.

The temporary colours are easy to wash out and can be used as temporary face tattoo paints too. They are suitable to all kinds of hair colours; however, the best results can be obtained on lighter hair colours. This is the best gift for sleepovers for your girl and her buddies.


  • Pigmentation is high
  • Not messy
  • Cruelty free product
  • Safe for skin
  • Gets blended easily and washable.


  • Colours are sticky and can leave marks on clothes

4. Melissa And Doug Bear Dress Up Puzzle

Melissa And Doug Bear Dress Up PuzzleThis is a set of wooden made puzzle that encourages your kid to be more active. It is a set of wooden mix and match puzzle that contains 45 pieces and can be assembled as the three bear family members we grew up with in Goldilocks..

This wooden puzzle also has a number of creative outfits which can be mixed and matched between each other to create funny designs. This creative set is one of the best presents for a 6 year old girl as it helps to develop their colour and pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and creativity. The mix and match enables kids to develop the power of imagination early.


  • Very Educational and Creative
  • Highly durable
  • Can be easily assembled
  • No sharp edges present


  • Adult supervision required
  • Small size of puzzle should be handled carefully

5. Snow Queen Halloween Costume

Snow Queen Halloween CostumeThis Princess Dress Halloween costume is a completely different product that you can gift to your little girl. The great quality of the product combined with the beautiful look is very satisfactory. It can be worn by you child for any kind of occasion.

The polyester and cotton blend ensures that the dress lasts long. The tulle adds volume to the dress while making your child look like an actual princess.

This product is definitely going to make your kid very excited. You can add some extra length to your kids’ hair to make them completely look like the Disney princess.


  • Great Quality
  • Affordable price
  • Long Lasting
  • Good and latest design


  • Not always available

6. Crayola Colour N Style Unicorn Craft Kit

Crayola Colour N Style Unicorn Craft KitThis gift for a 6 year old girl consists of dry erase markers, beads and a hairbrush. The child has the option of personalising the Crayola pony as per their choice.. This unicorn can also be decorated again and again. Using the dry erase pens, different patterns can be created on the unicorn. It can be then decorated using the brush and clip on beads.

This kit is the best present for a 6 year old girl that she will want to get herself pampered with. Having a unicorn that they can decorate will also boost their imaginative skills and help them spend hours playing with the toy..


  • Skin friendly
  • Affordable
  • Lovable


  • Quality of pony is not good

7. Musical Jewellery Storage Box

Musical Jewellery Storage BoxThis musical jewellery Storage box is one of the best gifts you can provide to a 6 year old. Once the box is opened it contains a small pretty unicorn that twirls in the tune of “The Unicorn”.

The inner walls of the box are covered with a velvet cloth, so that jewelleries can be stored safely in it. Also, there is a star shaped small mirror inside the box to keep the child interested. It is ideal to store girls’ jewelleries such as bracelets, necklaces, rings or anything precious.

This gift helps to develop a sense of belonging and fashion within the child. The child also develops a sense of keeping things properly and in an orderly manner. All these kinds of musical jewellery boxes are designed with a purpose of bringing happiness to children and parents as well.


  • A gift that will last long and is useful
  • The designs are made to inspire the child to be creative
  • The whole jewellery box is ideal to be carried when traveling


  • Hinge quality can be made better
  • Expensive given the size

8. Melissa & Doug 14312

Melissa & Doug 14312This is a fashion plate rubbing kit which can be a perfect gift for a girl if you want to bring out the creative side in her. The kit contains 16 pieces, including 9 double-sided, textured fashion plates (3 tops, middles, and bottoms), 4 pencils, 1 crayon, 1 crayon holder, and a storage case.

They just need to take up the rubbing plates and rub it with the crayon of their choice. Once the design is done on the plate, they can easily colour it with the 4 included colour pencils. The child can design unique and stylish outfits using this.

The result that you get is a perfect professional illustration that will satisfy the child’s desire. It helps the child to learn colours, patterning and improve motor as well as hand-eye coordination skills.


  • Colourful
  • Easy to use
  • Helps making the child unlock their imagination
  • Keeps the child entertained


  • Adult supervision required

9. Galt Toys Paint A Tea Set

Galt Toys Paint A Tea SetThis set contains a miniature tea set and with colourful ceramic paints which can be used to create creative designs and decorate the tea set. There are some samples designs provided which can be created on the set or you can even create your own design.

It contains 11 piece tea set (a tea pot, one sugar pot, a milk dispenser, four cups and four saucers), 12 ceramic paints, paintbrush and a guide for colouring. This tea set is to be used for decorative purposes only to make it last for the longest period.

This set is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girl as you can let your child’s imagination run wild. These craft items include materials that you require to inspire the young and creative artist in your child.

It encourages self-expression, innovation, and creativity as well as helps to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, decision making and problem solving skills.


  • Creativity igniter
  • Affordable
  • Best activity to pass time
  • Easily available


  • Parental guidance required

10. Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk

Desire Deluxe Hair ChalkThis rainbow hair chalk is one of the best and unique presents for a 6 year old girl. The hair chalk based colouring consists of ingredients which are certified to be non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is also available to be used as face painting. You just require washing your face with shampoo and water in order to remove the paint.

It contains 10 temporary washable colourful hair chalk pens. The colours include Glitter Dark pink, Silver, Glitter Blue, Light Pink, Glitter Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red and Light Purple.

These colours can be mixed and matched. Create vibrant and give unique colours to your hair every time. The colours present in this set are best for light coloured hairs as they provide a vibrant look. However, for dark coloured hairs, it is not very expressive and vivid. The chalks are a little sticky in nature and need to use a hairdryer after applying it.


  • Hair friendly
  • Non toxic
  • Non Allergenic
  • Skin friendly
  • Can be applied easily


  • Sticky and should be kept away from furniture
  • Adult supervision needed

11. Top Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

Top Toy Foam Pogo JumperThis Pogo Jumper stick from ATOPDREAM is one of the gifts which can make a child very excited. It has comfortable handles and a cushion base which is made from durable, anti-slip foam material which makes it completely safe to be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Using this jumper is the best way to train the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills of your child. The jump stick also helps in improving the balance and dexterity of your kid. It can be a great physical activity and can be fun being incredibly bouncy.

There is a squeaker attached at the base which makes an adorable sound every time your kids jump making it funny and enjoyable. This will keep your kid hooked to it for hours.

The foam jumper is designed to take up a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds which makes it ideal for kids of ages up to 12 years old. This jumper is one of the best toys for fun and physical activity.


  • Kids will enjoy for hours
  • The bouncer will help them get active physically
  • Hand-eye coordination is made better
  • Great for all age groups


  • Foam base may not last long outdoors

12. Animagic Rainbow Unicorn

Animagic Rainbow UnicornRainbow is a pretty unicorn which is an ideal gift for a 6 year old girl. It has a horn which is light up and a glossy multi-coloured tail and mane. You just need to stroke her back and her horn lights up and make sounds.

A kid can create unforgettable memories playing with this unicorn. The cotton fluffing makes it super soft and cuddly. It can be a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

The multi-coloured tail and mane helps the kid to differentiate between different types of colours. It runs on 3 AAA batteries. The most exciting part that interests the kid is the neigh sound that the unicorn makes when you pat its back.


  • Colourful companion
  • Soft to touch and cuddle
  • Switch Off button for Sound


  • Not washable

13. Aperil Unicorn Pens Bag

Aperil Unicorn Pens BagThis is a unicorn pencil case which has been designed to hold small objects such as pens, pencils, markers, scissors, erasers or any other stationaries. It is a perfect material for office, school or home use.

It can also be used whenever required for taking notes or writing assignments. For your 6 year old starting her school, this can be the perfect gift.

The pen stationary set consists of ballpoint pens which work smoothly without any kind of dragging. You do not need to apply too much pressure while writing. The output is excellent with crispy, clear lines every single time.

The stationary set for girls includes the waterproof pencil case with maximum of 15 pens capacity and the ballpoint pen with 10 different colours which include Red, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Dark Blue, Orange, Light Green and Light Blue.


  • Non-toxic and waterproof bag
  • Has a capacity to store 15 objects
  • Eco-Friendly ink in the ball point pens


  • Expensive given the quality

14. Lottie Muddy Puddles Doll

Lottie Muddy Puddles DollThis is a perfect gift for 6 year old girl which consists of a blonde doll which is dressed in outdoor attire. Her attire consists of a signature yellow raincoat and well designed rain boots. It also has clothes which include corduroy shorts, a cool t-shirt and striped leggings. It is only 7 inches in size and is a perfect gift for small kids due to their small hand size.

This doll is an award winning choice for gifts since it makes up for great fun, good quality and unique accessories provided along with it. It is designed in Ireland and helps children to be themselves while acknowledging their surroundings.

It provides them with a realistic body image and helps them to be imaginative. This package also contains several accessories, horses and puppies which are a part of the toy set.


  • Realistic Design to help kids develop spatial awareness
  • Allows kids to be themselves more easily
  • Imaginative accessories to help kids get creative


  • Size is too small for many 6 year old

15. Orchard Toys What A Performance

Orchard Toys What A PerformanceThis is an exciting family board game.. It helps kids to boost confidence and encourages their performance skills. 2 or more players can play together and so it forms a family game. This exciting board game has the aim to reach the Finish star at the centre of the board.

On the way to the centre, there are all kinds of mimes, noises and actions that need to be performed by the players. If any of the players is unable to perform their action, they need to carry out a forfeit decided by the magic decoder.

What makes this game more exciting is the fact that few of the actions present needs to be performed within a stipulated time. This board game is great fun and helps children with maths and English learning skills. It is great for those kids who love to be the centre of attraction and provides shy children a platform to come out of their shell and be confident.


  • Actions help kids express themselves better
  • Magic Decoder for performing forfeits
  • Good Toy guide to improve communication
  • Develops confidence in children


  • Does not have enough cards to play for long

16. Buki France 5408

Buki France 5408This gift consists of all the basic accessories that you require to be Studio ready. You are required to choose a figure, design the outfits for them accordingly and then fill it out using the various accessories provided in the kit.

The accessories provided include self-adhesive fabric, felt, ribbons, glitter, feathers, water colour pencils, felt tip pen, pencil sharpener, scissors and more. Also, they provide you with an instruction sheet with colour illustrations. You can create your own trends from the portfolio provided.

You can design the outfits with the stencil provided and colour accordingly. You can also get a fluffy dress with the different types of self-adhesive fabrics provided. The illustrated booklet provided along with it contains 14 different designs along with explanations on using each of the accessories.


  • Helps the child to bring out their creativity
  • Drawing often helps them be more expressive
  • Great accessories to improve skills
  • Illustration booklet for more information


  • Some items might be missing from the set

17. Hasbro The Game Of Life

Hasbro The Game Of LifeThis is a junior version of “The game of Life” for kids. It is much easier than the actual game and is designed specifically for kids. It is very easy to be setup and start playing.

This is a fun and fast paced game just similar to the adult version, but this one has cooler rides. It has the Blue wheeler, the Pink cruiser, the Yellow speedster and the Green rider from which you can pick and enjoy the road’s twists and turns.

This game lets the kids choose their own fun and adventure. They can just jump into their selected cart and start exploring the different twists and while travelling the path, filling their day with exciting adventures. You can visit a museum, a zoo, a chocolate factory or even a water park.

It basically allows your children to make their own choices, decisions as per their imagination and be self-dependent. The game has 3D cars which is a way to engage the children in each of the personality’s reality.

This gives a chance to the parents to know their kids in a much better way and about their decisions. You also need to perform exciting and fun activities along the way to earn stars which help you to advance in the game. The player who collects 10 stars before anyone else wins the game.


  • Fun and Exciting, even elders can join in
  • Immersive gameplay to help kids develop decision making skills
  • 96 cards makes the game unpredictable whenever you play


  • Expensive as not available in the market

18. Arts And Crafts Unicorn Colouring Books

Arts And Crafts Unicorn Colouring BooksThis unicorn colouring book consists of 114 beautiful illustrations that can be coloured. Some of the exclusive designs include cupcakes, unicorns, magical illustrations and mermaids.

These GirlZone products are designed in such a way such that it allows the girls to explore their own style direction and sense of colour. This colouring book helps your girl to relax and have fun when they are stressed out and stay entertained.

It contains illustrations from beautiful unicorns to glamorous high heels. It is designed to bring a smile on her face and so is a perfect gift for her birthday. Also, if you are deciding to give it as a birthday gift, you can wrap it around with an illustrious wrap to excite her more.


  • Keeps the child entertained for hours
  • Illustrious designs of various items to spark intrigue
  • Perfect gift for Creative girls


  • Expensive as compared to other similar products

19. Jrd&Bs Writing Tablet

Jrd&Bs Writing TabletThis colourful writing tablet helps to unleash the creativity within your child. They can sketch, write, scribble, doodle or spell words on this tablet. And your walls will be free from becoming their blackboard.

Writing or drawing on the LCD tablet is very similar to writing on a paper pad. You can easily erase complete screen with only one touch of a button. If you want to prevent accidental removal of any important information, you can always use the screen lock option.

The tablet has a built in replaceable battery and can provide backup of about thousands of erases. This helps to keep the children indoors and safe. This LCD is made up of latest pressure sensitive technology which ensures crispy and easy writing.

The stylus provided along with this tablet has 3 different pen tips each suitable for writing, painting and any other activities on the tab.


  • Smooth writing is ensured with the pressure-sensitive technology Eco-friendly as you are not wasting paper
  • Protection for eyes as LCD screen has no glare
  • Easy to use
  • Kids and adults can use the tablet to spend their free time creating


  • No storage capacity to save current works

20. Ravel Pink Unicorn Watch

Ravel Pink Unicorn WatchThis is an easy fit watch for your children that will teach them to see the time. This watch is created by UK designers, and the strap is designed to be fastened tightly even on the thinnest wrist.

It is brightly designed for kids that will attract them to learn time telling easily. The kids will easily learn about “Past”, “Half” and “To” with the bright markings on the watch and also with the easy read minutes and seconds.

The watch is constructed to be splash proof from water spray. The Quartz movement is of high quality which provides accurate time and ultra-reliable. The replaceable battery is extremely long lasting and provides your child with extra time to enjoy their gift.

This is a perfect and enjoyable gift for a child on the occasion of birthdays, Christmas, parties or reward prizes. The watch has been on Amazons’ Top selling list for over 10 years.


  • Splash proof design so you need not worry about accidental water spills
  • Sturdy design and comes with 2 years warranty
  • Bright markers and quartz mechanism for better accuracy
  • Helps to learn time easily


  • Strap Quality is a bit flimsy
  • Incorrect lettering of time telling

21. Magnetic Toys Educational Stacking Toy

Magnetic Toys Educational Stacking ToyThis educational stacking toy gives a kid the freedom to explore their dreams. She can focus on building a castle with this stacking toy. It contains magnetic building parts which are in vibrant colours and is attractive to the kids. The magnets within the building part are powerful which prevents the creation from toppling over.

This educational development toy has 131 pieces which include squares, triangles, hexagons, semi-circle, rectangle, wheel castle plastic card, gift storage card, gift storage box, windmill accessories and wheels. Also, there is a colour reference manual along with the set.

The magnetic parts come along with a booklet which helps the kid to make different 3D structures or 2D planes castle. These shapes created once can be easily stored in the storage box provided and can be transported anywhere. Since these toys are designed for children, utmost care has been taken to make them safe.

The blocks are made up of Non-toxic materials, high quality ABS plastic. The edges are also round in design to prevent your kids from getting hurt. The magnets are designed by welding which prevents them from falling off.


  • Bigger and tightly stuck magnets
  • Non toxic
  • Teach kids about geometry while helping them build their dream home
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Good quality box to make the kit travel friendly


  • Some may find it too expensive

22. Glitter Notebook Pom Pom Pen

Glitter Notebook Pom Pom PenThis notepad has been designed perfectly for girls which includes a glitter rainbow jotter and pom pom set. The coloured pages can be filled out by your kid with their dreams, doodles and scribbles. The book has features such as 200 coloured pages, a ribbon page divider and a beautiful glittery rainbow cover.

Your girls will love to spend hours scribbling and drawing with their glittery rainbow jotter. The rainbow designed cover is very attractive and creates extreme interest in your kid to be creative.

The notebook also contains a pink coloured page divider which helps your girls to differentiate and easily find out their best creations. The pen is also pink colour with a fluffy rainbow coloured pom pom which has blue ink. This colourful rainbow set makes up for one of the best gift for 6 year old girl for their birthdays’.


  • Rainbow coloured pom pom
  • Glitter pen makes doodling fun
  • 200 colourful pages to doodle
  • Quality of the pages is very high


  • Price is too high given the overall design

23. Magnetic Doodle Board

Magnetic Doodle BoardThis doodle board is designed for kids who have a habit of scribbling anywhere in the house.. Without any ink, there is no chance of creating a mess and also completely safe for kids. It reduces your stress on getting your house walls dirty.

This board is designed in 4 colours which are very soothing: Green, Blue, Yellow and Red which have different zones. The children will be excited with the colourful boards and having no black and white ash. This can be the best present for a 6 year old girl if she is creative in nature.

For all the budding creators out there, this is the gift that will help them to break their shells and work on their creativity. The portable size of the board makes it easy to be carried along with you.

Being lightweight, it also helps to bring out your child’s creative needs. The sliding wipe function makes it super erasable and easy. You simply need to pull the smooth slider over the board to erase all that is created and set you kids out on a new adventure.


  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Pen is looped to the board so prevents losing
  • slider eraser makes cleaning the board easy
  • can be used to teach kids shapes and colours
  • the small size board is easy to carry along


  • The string looping the pen could be made better

24. Fashionable Fun Fuzzy Floral Handbag

Fashionable Fun Fuzzy Floral HandbagThis floral fuzzy handbag is a gift that every small girl will enjoy. It will make them feel a sense of possession and will give them an idea of saving. It is ideal to broaden their mental growth. The bag is made of cotton and designed using plush to give the fluffy feel. Kids love the fluffy feel, and this encourages them to carry the cute small bag along with them at all occasions.

The bag weighs only around 50grams which makes it easy for your kid to carry. This bag has dimensions of about 14 by 12 by 4 cm which is quite enough to fit a kid’s personal belongings within itself. The design of the bag is also very attractive with a large flower stitched to it.


  • Good quality cotton which is safe for kids
  • Fluffy
  • Design is made to appeal to fashionistas


  • May not last for too long

25. Pipity Kids Art Activity Set

Pipity Kids Art Activity SetPipity Art Activity Set allows kids to explore their artistic side with a carry-all, portable kit for drawing, crafting and painting. The set comes with a foldable easel and numerous pockets to carry the stationeries. The art kit includes an HB pencil with rubber-back, flexible ruler, sharpener, glue stick, scissors and 12 colouring pencils.

The set also has paper versions of board games like Connect 4 and Guess Who, and a bunch of other fun games like Spot the Difference, Bingo, several brain teasers, riddles and fun facts.

The Art Set by Pipity is a whole package to keep your kids busy on road trips, picnics, waiting at the airport for flights, etc., all the while developing their creative and motor skills.


  • Non-toxic and kid-friendly art supplies
  • Bag is made of easy to clean oil cloth
  • The set is refillable with other books from Pipity
  • Easy portability given the foldable size


  • Slightly overpriced according to some customers

26. Constellation Night Light

Constellation Night LightThis gift for girls will add a little magic to their life which is bound to amaze them. This projector gives out a perfect amount of light that adds a mystical glow to your kid’s room.

This light is perfect to be used as a night lamp or when your kid would love to take a ride to their dream world. There are two different designs provided along with it which contains a unicorn and stars, moon light that takes you to your fantasy world.

Unicorns are completely magical and this giant unicorn in your kid’s room is breath-taking. It contains three different buttons about power, warm night light or rotation and colour changing light.

It is rechargeable and has 2 different ways by which you can recharge it. You can use a USB cable and connect it to a power source, or it has 4AAA batteries to run.

The longer the distance, bigger is the unicorn and protects your child from the fear of darkness. You can use the lamp even in birthday parties, Christmas celebrations or any other events.


  • Beautiful designs to keep your little one enchanted
  • 3 buttons to change colour or add rotation
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Batteries can also be used


  • The Bulb quality can be made better
  • Some noise can be heard when it rotates

27. Pipkits Charm Jewellery Making Kit

Pipkits Charm Jewellery Making KitAllow your kids to make their own friendship bands for their pals with this great gift. This jewellery-making kit from Pipkits has 6 different bands in bright colours and several trinkets like stars and balls to make a lovely bracelet out of it.

The methods of making the bracelet are super easy and require no extra tools. All your child needs to do is follow the step-by-step photographs given inside and come up with beautiful bracelets for themselves and their friends.

There are 30 different variations of the kit, each of which comes with different accessories to go with the bracelets.


  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches the value of self-work and sharing
  • Develops creative skills


  • Requires adult help for kids below 8

28. Tenol Magnetic Doodle Board

Tenol Magnetic Doodle BoardA knack for art needs to be tended from a young age. Tenol magnetic doodle board is the perfect gift for the tiny artist in your home. It comes with a single board for drawing with a magnetic pen and a sliding eraser. Kids can use it by keeping on lap or on table, but it can also be made a table on its own by attaching four stumps that come with it.

The doodle board helps develop kids’ visual and motor skills, as well as imagination. They can practice drawing, writing, doodling, or anything they feel like. This is the best way to make your child steer away from gadgets and stay connected with their creativity.


  • Easy portability
  • Comes in four colours – pink, blue, green and red
  • Helps keep your kids off walls and important papers
  • Enhances colour recognition in kids


  • Small in size
  • Fragile according to some customers

29. Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart WatchThe one thing your kids want the most is to be like grownups. Give your kid a chance at that by gifting this super stylish smart watch for children. It has a 1.54” HD touch screen display and touch slide operation.

It has a 480 mAh battery and can be used for two days at a stretch. It comes included with a 1 GB SD Card (expandable to 32 GB) and SIM card can be put in to use it for calls.

Microphone, MP3-Player, voice recorder, games, alarm clock and calculator are all built-in functions. The anti-allergic strap will fit the wrists of kids without causing static or leaving marks.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Battery lasts for 2 days
  • Multifunctional smartwatch comes with 1Gb memory card
  • 7 activity games to help kids learn better
  • GPS locator included


  • SIM card needs to be 2G
  • Does not have headphone socket

30. Joy-Fun Flower Garden Building

Joy-Fun Flower Garden BuildingThis flower building toy is designed to develop the various skills of your child that were hidden for so long. The skills shape recognition, colour recognition, fine motor skills, design ability, decision making ability are developed to a great extent. These building toys are eco-friendly and made of ABS grade plastic which are non-toxic to the environment and to your kid.

All the parts of this toy are interchangeable, and any kind of combinations can be used to create a design of your choice. It contains vibrant and colourful lilies, daisies and petunias that will help your kid to learn about stacking and proper arrangement.

The surface of the pieces is smooth and not at all harmful to your kids. This is a family game that everyone can play together and have fun. The playset has quite a number of accessories that include 8 bases, 18 flower cores, 38 stem and leaf pieces and 34 bright flower petals.


  • Non-toxic plastic used
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Safe for kids
  • Interchangeable parts give wings to the child’s creativity
  • Fun game while allowing kids to learn about basic botany


  • Adult supervision required

31. Beautiful Butterflies, Sisters Necklaces

Beautiful Butterflies, Sisters NecklacesThese are sister necklaces from Signed with a Kiss which are rhodium plated with premium finish that give an ultimate look and durability to your jewellery. The sister gifts include two beautiful pink stringed bags for each of the sisters.

These necklaces are free from led and nickle so you can rest assured that your children will not develop rashes after wearing them. . These can be gifted to two sisters or girls. An ideal gift from the big sister to her kid sister, a sign of love and compassion for eternity.

Both the necklaces have a Big Sis and Lil Sis tags attached to them and the butterfly’s pendant for both are matching with each other. These arrive in a beautiful gift bag along with a premium card that you can personalise accordingly. This gift expresses the love and beautiful relationship between two sisters.


  • Washable
  • Durable rhodium chain
  • Affordable gift
  • Attractive pendant


  • Should be worn carefully for kids.

32. Pop Beads DIY Jewellery Making

Pop Beads DIY Jewellery MakingGift your daughter this 550 pieces of artsy pop beads that can be snapped together, like jigsaw pieces, to make a wide variety of jewelleries. Headbands, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and all other forms of jewelleries can be made.

It teaches your kids to be artistic, creative and trains them in do-it-yourself skills. This set is ideal for kids’ parties and to promote creativity and understanding of designs along with different sizes. The snap beads are easy to arrange, lock into a formation of jewellery and then dismantle to create another piece.


  • Eco-friendly materials so kids do not suffer rashes
  • Develops motor skills in kids
  • Improves focus and concentration


  • Contains small parts which can be choking hazards

33. Kids Toddler Socks

Kids Toddler SocksThese are 5 pairs of socks which can be one of the usable and best gift for a 6 year old girl. These socks are made up of 85 percent cotton and 15 percent Spandex.

They are soft, durable, breathable and stretchable. They can be washed in machines. They are made from high quality cottons as a result of which these are very comfortable, soft and warm.

The proper design of the socks makes sure that the elastic does not stick tightly with the skin facilitating proper blood circulation.

Cute animals and cartoons used as designs for the socks makes it funny and attractive to wear for the children and can be gifted for Christmas or even for birthdays. They can be worn easily with shoes or boots and can be easily a choice for party or any event wear.


  • Soft and Stretchable
  • Good quality elastic
  • Can be machine washed
  • Designed to appease kids


  • Need to be careful about the sizing
  • No Warm water washes

34. Eala Beads Jewellery Making Kit

Eala Beads Jewellery Making KitThis jewellery making kit is an exclusive gift for a small kid as this would help to express her creative side. It contains 500 plus beads which helps girls to concentrate on and learn arts and crafts. They can also play along with their friends and create friendship bands using the beads.

These beads are multi-coloured, helping the kid to develop skills related to colour recognition. .Different shaped beads along with the lettered ones are perfect to help girls create dedicated bands to gift to their loved ones.

These beads are completely safe for the kids to play with as they are made up of non-toxic acrylic material. The beads are very smooth in nature to prevent scratching. They are re-usable in nature and the girls can easily get used to the process of bead creation. It enables them to easily create hair and bracelet beads. This is an eco-friendly toy.


  • Eco-Friendly material used for beads
  • Non-toxic acrylic material
  • Colourful beads makes the learning session fun
  • Comes in a box that has the beads arranged for easy access


  • Parent supervision required

35. Voberry Kids Luminous Sneakers

Voberry Kids Luminous SneakersGet your kids these brightly coloured, fun luminous sneakers for when they run around in the park or have a fun day out with you at the mall. The show is made of PU leather on top and rubber at the sole. It is easy to wear with a hook and lop system and has anti-slip design to keep your child safe.

The sole of the shoe lights up as your kid walks or runs, to the absolute delight of your tiny tots. The shoes are specially made for kid’s feet and keep it soft, warm and comfortable.


  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable for kids
  • Keeps the child’s feet warm
  • Fun stroll for the children with bright lights


  • Not suitable for daily wear

36. Kids Party Dance Ballet Costume

Kids Party Dance Ballet CostumeThis kids costume is made up of high quality material to prevent any kind of skin rashes to them. It mainly consists of 3 pieces of flower outfits romper, skirt, and headband, for girls. It is designed in such a stylish way that it gives your kids the best look that you can imagine.

This outfit is great for casual, party, daily use or even for a photoshoot as it fulfils all the criteria for looks. The girls’ outfit is perfect for festivals like Christmas, fashion walks. The fibre is made of polyester.

The unicorn dress for girls provides a unique look to them which can be used for cosplay as well. This dress is available in various sizes and fittings. It also contains a rain suit to protect your child from rainfall.


  • Polyester fibre for easy cleaning
  • Skin friendly
  • Multipurpose look for parties or cosplay
  • Colourful tulle skirt


  • Size requires careful consideration

37. Hair Chalk Comb Set

Hair Chalk Comb SetThis hair chalk is designed to be completely safe for your child’s skin, hair and face. It is made of lipstick material and so it’s safe and secure. They are non-allergic, non-toxic, eco-friendly and soluble in water and lasts up to 3 days on your skin.

There are 10 different colours of hair chalks available at your disposal which you can use to design your hair colour according to your dress and outfit style.

A small comb is also provided in the package to help in putting the colour to your hair. The various colours provided are suitable for all kinds of natural hair shades but suits better for light coloured hair. You can use a colour individually or can mix up all the colours to get a specific shade which you want to apply.

The colours are natural and would stay as long as you would like to keep it. They can be washed away easily using water and shampoo without causing any damage. This hair chalk set can be the best present for a 6 year old girl.


  • Easily washable
  • Skin friendly pigments
  • Multipurpose use
  • Application is easy


  • Hair becomes dry after washing

38. Origami

OrigamiThis is an art and craft item which is non-toxic and safe for your children. The paper provided is of great quality and does not tear very easily.

You have a booklet along with this and there are lines drawn on the paper with directions for folding to facilitate the process of learning the art of origami.

You can create several animals from this origami set. It develops hand-eye coordination and the creative sense of your child. So, kids can use this to do origami instead of starting from scratch.

It forms a major activity to keep your child engaged for long period of time. This set can be used by children as well as adults likewise, who can have fun as well learning the ancient art of folding paper. This is a great project for kids.

The colours of the paper are vibrant and thus keep the child attracted for hours. They can use their imagination freely to develop origami shapes out of the pieces of paper. It is the best gift for 6 year old girl as well as boys.


  • Colourful paper and won’t tear easy
  • Comes with stickers to be added to the finished origami piece
  • Hand eye coordination is improved
  • Improves the child’s concentration power
  • Non-toxic made of good quality paper


  • Some may find the design too easy

39. Writing Tablet Doodle Board

Writing Tablet Doodle BoardThis is a pressure sensitive LCD surface tablet on which you can write as well as scribble. The pressure sensor helps to create lines of different thickness based on the pressure you provide.

Erasing the board is simple, just with the touch of a button and a flash from the LCD. The board is generally available in pink colour and created with utmost care for children.

The flawless design helped to keep the edges smooth to prevent cuts to children. Also it is designed in cute cartoon shapes, Macaron colour matching and especially portable handles for easy movement from one place to another.

It is a great travel companion for buses, flight journeys as your kids can scribble on it and pass time. The small size makes it really easy for transportation as it can fit in your purse.

Absence of colours of chalks prevents any kind of mess to your luggage. You can scribble or write on it using your fingers itself or the stylus without any hassle of carrying pen or pencil.


  • Environment friendly material
  • LCD screen is not too bright on the eyes
  • Small size to fit kids’ hands
  • Handles present for better grip
  • Easily transportable


  • Some find the screen to be too dull

40. Melissa & Doug Craft Kits Set

Melissa & Doug Craft Kits SetThis craft kit set is great for gifting to a girl child for her birthday. It contains a set of 6 different colours, paint brush, mixing palette and some colourful designed pins. This craft set enhances your child’s hand eye coordination and colour recognition.

The material composition of this kit consists of 50 percent ceramic, 30 percent plastic, 15 percent paint and 5 percent glue.

This craft set contains three things which are kid favourites to be decorated. There are two resin treasure boxes and a resin butterfly bank.

The boxes are decorated with detailed heart and flower designs while the butterfly has cheerful patterns on its both sides. Using these your kid can traverse into the world of creativity and can design as per their wish.


  • Colourful trinkets
  • Sparks the child’s creativity
  • Environment friendly materials
  • Non-toxic resin which is safe for kids’ hands


  • Adult supervision is required.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Gift For 6 Year Old Girl

When you are selecting the best present for 6 year old girl, it takes a lot of thought and planning to zero in on the perfect item. The most important factor is to make her happy and bring a smile to her face. A gift that suits her nature and interests can have a long-term positive impact on the child.

Choosing a gift without the right amount of research or thoughtfulness can cause problems. Not only can you end up wasting a lot of money, but you also run the risk of disappointing a little girl.

So, to make sure that you are taking every possible factor into account, you can consider the following things to determine if you have chosen the right gift for your princess:

1. Choice Of The Child

The first and the most important factor that will influence your buying decision is the choice of the child. Just like we consider the preferences of an adult before choosing the right present for him or her, a child’s wishes should be taken into consideration. In this way, you can make sure that you choose a product that will make your 6-year old very happy with her gift.

Every 6-year old girl is different. Some might light to paint, some might like to solve puzzles and create structures, and some might like to play with toys. Carefully observe the kind of activities that the child likes to indulge in to ensure that you choosing correctly.

Actively listening to your child is another very helpful way of deciding on the best gifts for 6 year old girl. Listening to their daily stories, carefully reading their Christmas wish list and so on can help you understand what catches their attention and what kind of a gift they would like.

2. Educational Value

When you are surfing the market to buy the perfect little gift for your toddler, you must consider the holistic impact that it will have on her. At the age of 6, children are very receptive to new ideas and concepts. It is the perfect learning period of their life when they begin to imbibe knowledge through daily experiences.

So, evaluate the educational value that your gift holds for your child. For example, a good storybook can help your child learn through pictures and words. Colouring and painting books can improve the cognitive ability of your growing kid. Interactive toys and activity sets can keep your little girl engaged and encourage the virtues of patience and concentration in the long run.

3. Amount Of Safety

Gifting 6-year olds can be a tricky business when it comes to products that have small or fiddly parts. The safety of your child is of utmost importance. So, products having parts that can be easily dislodged, have sharp edges, can cause harmful health effects or pose the risk of choking should be strictly avoided.

You must read the product information carefully to determine the safety level of the product and judge if it is suitable for a 6-year old girl. This can be easily understood by looking at the age range mentioned on the product packaging. In case it requires parental supervision, you must ensure that you are around while your child plays with it.

4. Ability To Reuse

It is natural for young kids to get easily bored with their toys. Ideally, you would want a gift that can be used by your child for a long period of time. So, when you are choosing the best present for 6 year old girl, try and choose products that grow in utility as the toddler grows up herself.

There are several types of gifts that come with different difficulty levels. As your 6-year old continues growing, you can tweak and adjust the product so that she is able to play with it for longer. This ability to reuse the gift builds long-term association and helps your little princess stay engaged.

5. Suitable Age Range

Be careful of the age range of the toy of gift that you choose for your child. Usually, age ranges are mentioned on a children’s product to indicate the age group that will be most comfortable in using that particular item. This depends on a lot of factors like the child’s ability to comprehend the product at that particular age, multi-sensory components present in the item and so on.

Giving your 6-year old a gift falling in the wrong age range can be problematic. While a younger age range gift can make her feel insulted, one belonging to an older age range can be difficult to understand for her. So, study the gift item thoroughly and determine if it is suitable for a 6-year old to play with.

6. Level Of Cost

Nobody wants to compromise on money when picking out something special for a precious 6-year old child. However, it is important to make realistic decisions when it comes to the cost of the gift. Going overboard and spending too much out of emotion can produce the harmful result of spoiling your child in the long run. This also hurts your decision if the gift turns out to be useless.

Firstly, you can start by making a budget for gifting your child. Next, you can survey the toys and items available on the market that suit your child’s choices and also fall within your decided price. This can help you make a judicious decision in buying the best gifts for 6 year old girl.

FAQs on Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

1. How Can I Ensure That The Gift Is Safe For A 6-year Old?

The safety guidelines of a children’s product are clearly mentioned on the item packaging. It is crucial that you check the toy or any other product that you want to gift your 6-year old very carefully before purchasing it.

Make sure it has no sharp edges or parts that can cause your child to choke. Checking the suitable age-group for the product as mentioned on its label is a good way of ascertaining if the product is safe for a 6-year old girl.

2. Can A Gift For A 6-year Old Help In Shaping Her Personality?

Yes, a well-chosen gift can contribute immensely in shaping the personality of a 6-year old girl. Informative toys, books, painting ad activity kits can enhance critical thinking, memory skills, and logical reasoning skills in your kid. Further, it can teach her good habits like focus, creativity et cetera. To ensure that your gift impacts the child’s personality in a positive manner, always choose the product wisely.

3. Can I Get Gifts That Encourage Physical Exercise In Children?

Yes, there are several gift options that can provide adequate physical exercise to your 6-year-old girl. Activity-inducing gifts such as jumper sticks allow the child to play around. This helps in improved blood circulation and better health as well as immunity levels for your growing toddler.

4. On What Occasions Can I Give Gifts To A 6-year Old?

There is no restriction on the kind of occasions you can give a gift to a child. You can opt to give gifts to a 6-year old during traditional gifting occasions such as her birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween et cetera. Further, you can also choose to give the best gifts for 6 year old girl on occasions when she accomplishes something good such as making her first painting or completing her first day in school.

5. Why Do Some Toys For Children Require Adult Supervision?

Usually, toys that have detachable small parts, rough edges or can create too much noise can be unsafe for your 6-year old. For such toys, it is very important for an adult to be present near the child while she is playing with it. Make sure that you read the instructions and product information carefully before purchasing it to adjudge if the toy requires adult supervision or not

6. Always Choose Wisely When You Buy A Gift For A 6-year Old Girl

Once you have made up your mind to gift your little 6-year old girl something that she will love, it is very important to choose the gift wisely. Make sure that you research well and invest ample time into choosing the right gift for her. You must get something that brings happiness and joy to your child.

Do not hesitate to go all out to procure the best present for your 6-year old. Be it her birthday or the day she wins her first spelling bee, you can express your affection towards her with a beautifully wrapped gift. So, get her a gift today and watch her eyes sparkle with joy!

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