Best Presents For 3 Year Olds 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pirate Board2. Match And Style3. Lego Airport
Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Best Present For 3 Year OldMatch And StyleLego Duplo Town Airport

Kids are energetic and active little explorers. The toys you purchase for them must entertain, challenge, and stimulate them both physically and mentally. Be sure to get the best Present for 3 year old so that the kids are able to play with them independently.

When you get the best and correct toy for your kid, it will save you from your constant trips to the market and malls in search of the toy from time to time. Toys are the most thoughtful and useful gifts for children.

In this context, you’ll get all the help you require to purchase the best toy for your baby. You’ll go through reviews on a distinct variety of toys, various factors to consider before buying a toy, and what all sorts of gadgets you must avoid buying for your baby.

Top 15 Best Presents For 3 Year Olds 2020

1. Tomy Pop-Up Pirate

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Best Present For 3 Year OldThis game is perfect Present to encourage communication skills and decision-making. There is a competitive side of this game that permits commenting on your child’s play with friends and family. The action game consists of stages where the pirate will pop up of different sword-holes.

The Pirate classic action toy is ideal for keeping your child entertained and busy while you’re traveling, up for a picnic, or engaged in a family meeting. There are different coloured swords that make the game livelier.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports speech development
  • Encourages decision making
  • Retains curiosity level


  • Not for children under three years

2. Match And Style

Match And StyleThis Board game helps your child learn spellings, first words, phonics, and letters in an amusing way with vibrant literacy activities. Match and Spell game stimulates letter recognition, encourages picture and word matching, and teaches your child to build phonetic words. The board game is invented for independent as well as guided word building and it is the best Present for 3 year old boy.

The objective of the board game is to match all the letter cards and spell out the words given on the board. it is suitable for around 1-4 players.


  • Encourages discussion,
  • Promotes literacy and language skills
  • Develops memory and matching skills
  • Uplifts observational skills


  • Not for kids under three years
  • Consists of small parts that may cause a choking hazard

3. Lego Duplo Town Airport

Lego Duplo Town AirportThis playset is accessible for all pre-school kids to build the air traffic control tower, luggage slide, and boarding gate. It is the best toy for children age 2 to 5 years.

The set contains colourful toys like airport building, luggage slide, suitcase, air traffic control tower, and even colourful accessories that give them a hint to play in groups. It does not have any sharp edge.


  • Easy and fun for little hands
  • Toddlers learn via exploratory, constructive play
  • Develops eye-hand coordination


  • Expensive

4. Stickle Bricks Construction Set

Stickle Bricks Construction SetStickle Bricks Construction Set is for big imagination and little hands. The small builder Hasbro Stick set’s is stuffed with easy assembling pieces that lock together with your little ones like anyway.

The construction is ideal for vision and ability. Stickle Bricks is a famous name in construction fun and is the best Present for 3 year old kids.


  • Variety of colored blocks
  • Develops imagination
  • Develops creative thinking skills


  • Battery not available

5. Fountain Rocket Bath Toy

Fountain Rocket Bath ToyThis kid’s bath toy turns your baby’s bath time to play and fun time due to its magical sprint of water. You can track the level by checking on the activities of stowaway starfish.

Then when your baby is ready, see how the rain comes down in dome shape as you hold the rocket high above.


  • Very entertaining
  • Easy to get your child’s hair wet
  • Fun bath time
  • It reduces the fear of water in your child


  • No such downsides!

6. Pilego Dinosaur Carrier

Pilego Dinosaur CarrierThe dinosaur carrier truck toys are the best gifts for 3 year old boy who much fancies trucks and dinosaurs. The truck toy can be the best choice for your baby boy or girl in case you want to gift them a meaningful and fun game.

You can store the miniature animal figures on both sides of the truck carrier. The toy has a portable handle that lets your kid carry the toy outside easily. It gives an idea how many dinosaurs are there.


  • Develops social skills
  • Ideal for party games, birthday parties, holiday games, and kindergartens


  • Needs adult supervision

7. Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building

Desire Deluxe Magnetic BuildingThis Building Blocks construction toy is the best gift for girls and boys age three years or above. The magnetic construction set comprises distinct shapes so that your baby can stretch their imagination to another level and form various styles.

With so many shapes, your child will be able to form several structures and thus can have fun for longer durations. This is a great toy if you have a plan of opening a Montessori school.


  • Promotes child’s imagination and learning
  • Multiple fascinating colors
  • Sensory development
  • Modeling ability


  • Magnets are not that strong

8. Komvox Walkie Talkies

Komvox Walkie TalkiesKOMVOX walkie-talkie is of the right size, and so kids can quickly grab them and run and play around. The walkie-talkie has excellent call features, and ringtone is just like an original cell phone, that children like.

Walkie-talkie can probably be the best Present for 3 year old baby boy or girl. The walkie-talkie comes in three distinct channels to communicate, and you can easily differentiate all the channels by the lights. There are blue, green and red colored lights which indicate on which channel you and your children are present.


  • Colorful lights to distinguish communication channels and good battery life
  • Walkie-talkie can ring the other handset if your baby misplaces it
  • The design fits well in kid’s hand
  • USB charging made possible


  • Difficult installation of battery
  • No volume buttons

9. Lbla RC Car

Lbla RC CarThese car toys are five in one cartoon car toy playset for kids. Your kids can change the structure of the car in five distinct vehicles that include container truck, cement mixer, crane, excavator, and dumper. The remote control car toy can be one of the best gifts for 3 year old boy for his birthday or as Christmas present.

The remote control construction card set has a flash headlight, charming exterior and sleek wheel designs. You can initiate music effects in the car by pressing a button in front of the RC toy.


  • Bright and vivid colors promote the sensory perception of kids
  • Simple to control with a remote
  • Safe for your baby as the baby can also hand-drive it


  • Requires battery
  • Small in size

10. Eutoyz Binocular

Eutoyz BinocularIt has an amazing magnified 8x view. The binocular toys can be simply adjusted to match the eye distance space between each child. Your kids can enjoy and learn at the same time while playing with these binoculars.

The binoculars are high for boat rides, bird watching, hunting, and learning to enjoy wildlife, theatres, traveling, and hiking.


  • Non-slip and non-scratch grip Advanced device style
  • The toy is shockproof
  • Helps to build focus
  • Enhances watching, hunting, and learning


  • Expensive

11. Loffee Off-Road

Loffee Off-RoadThis control car is the best Present for 3 year old kids. The toy keeps your baby engaged all over time, and also you’ll spend ideal family time. The remote control car toy is one of the best companions for children that offer entertainment and fun throughout the day.

The remote control car is a well-reviewed and reliable toy to gift your kids on their birthday or any other special event.


  • Enhances color and shape identification
  • Travels long distance
  • Peerless quality material
  • Long-lasting and light


  • For children below three years, to use under parent’s vigilance
  • Little battery life

12. Atopdream

AtopdreamIt is a brilliant way of educating and imparting knowledge to your child on spellings and identifying letters. With this educational toy game, you’ll be able to help them increase their vocabulary mechanism.

There are also pictures available with this game that helps easy understanding, recognition and for memorizing of terms and words.


  • Develops sociability, spelling and memory skills
  • Enhances strategic thinking, word, letter recognition and enhances fun activity
  • Can be stored and carried to a place easily


  • Isn’t durable

13. Maxtronic Stunt Car

Maxtronic Stunt CarThis car performs various cool stunts such as dual-side running- backward and forward, anti-clockwise and clockwise 360 degrees rotation and turning right and left. These turning stunts are attractive to children.

The car has LED light of red color, which makes the toy more appealing to your kid’s eyes. Max Tronic remote control stunt car is the best Present for 3 year old boy to gift them on their birthday or Christmas.


  • Shockproof with anti-crash tires
  • Enhances anti-interference ability
  • Safe and secure, non-toxic and easy to carry
  • Develops cognitive and motor skills


  • Requires battery
  • Can’t operate for long hours

14. Nashrio Dino

Nashrio DinoThese toys can be the best Present for 3 year old kids. The Dino toy set is a must buy a toy for all Dinosaur freaks and is a neat way to discover and learn more about the creatures. The Dino toy is of non-shattered, sturdy material that has an ingenious pull back style.

The Dino toys are a brilliant choice for kids as they increase your baby’s interest in the creatures and develop thinking skills.


  • The child can learn about several Dino species
  • Ultra-durable and superior quality toy
  • Anti-shatter material


  • Not too appealing

15. Fgzu Monster Truck

Fgzu Monster TruckIt is the best Present for 3 year old kids, which you can present their birthday, Christmas Eve, and for decorations. The toy is a beautiful push and moves truck for babies so that they can enjoy as well as have fun while driving when they want.

You can rely on this truck toy as your kids will get surprised with its 360 degrees rotating and upright running stunts.


  • Durable, shockproof and ideal toy for colour recognition
  • Shockproof
  • Promotes imagination power


  • Small in size

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Presents For 3 Year Old

The following are the factors you need to consider before purchasing the best Present for 3 year old kids.

1. Age

You should always get a toy that is appropriate for your baby’s age. It can be disheartening for you if your child doesn’t get amused by your selection of toys. The exterior layer or the body of the toy should be appealing to your child.

2. Safety

You should never avoid the safety concerns before purchasing a toy for your baby. You should avoid toys that can cause choking hazards or are made of toxic materials. Look that there are no sharp pointed ends.

3. Creativity

You should always go for toys that enhance creativity and intrigues their imagination skills. You should purchase a block construction set or stacking blocks to improve their thinking skills.

4. Toys Promoting Physical Activity

You can purchase push ad go toys so that your kids are always active and don’t play just by sitting in one place. Don’t let your child grow into a lazy youngster but to a vibrant and efficient kid.

5. Encourages Learning

You can go to toys which are fun and imparts learning at the same time. A toy that helps to learn stimulates your baby’s mind and allows them to think while playing around.

6. Toys Which Grow With Your Kid

Always choose a toy that’ll help your child on one level, which then will get transformed into somewhat challenging when they grow older.

Apart from these, you must also look into factors like affordability, toys promoting multi-sensory skills, a toy that can be used in several ways, flame-resistant ones, and durable toys.

What Kind Of Toys Should You Keep Away From Toddlers?

You should be more aware while selecting the best Present for 3 year old babies to avoid picking up those toys that can be harmful to your child’s health. Always go for gadgets that your baby can play independently without your company. You should avoid the following kinds of toys.

  • Toys with glass parts and sharp edge.
  • Toys containing parts that can easily pull off and get fit into your child’s nose, ear, or mouth.
  • Toys with loud and sharp noises can damage your kid’s ear.
  • Avoid toys that run with the help of electricity.
  • Avoid toys with long strings as they may get tangled with your kid’s neck.
  • Toys coated with paints that easily flake off or toys with lead-based colors.
  • Keep away toys that have hinged parts as they may pinch the small fingers of your baby.

FAQs on Presents For 3 Year Olds

1. Which Is The Best Toy For Three Years Old?

LEGO DUPLO airport building construct set can be the best option for your three years old baby.

2. Which Is The Best Educational Toddler Toy?

ATOPDREAM Educational learning toy can be an ideal option for your kid as it enhances letter and word recognition.

3. Can I Let My Baby Play Independently Without My Assistance?

You should not leave your baby alone playing if he/she is just a year old. When your baby grows older, you can leave her/him by themselves, but be sure that the toys they play with are 100% safe for use.

4. Is A Toy Safe That Needs Both The Hands Of My Baby To Play?

Toys that operate with the help of both the hand are the best option for your kids because such toys usually encourage movement and activities and also develop excellent motor skills. Moreover, some toys also enhance hand-eye coordination.

5. How Do I Know That A Specific Toy Won’t Bore My Baby After A Few Days?

It is sometimes difficult to get a toy, especially when you’re out for buying for the first time. If it is your first time, purchase some low-cost toys until you become sure what appeals to them the most.

Keep Your Toys Safe At Home

Toys are the best Present for 3 year old and are the most vital and fun part of every child’s life. You should teach your child that it is not proper and safe to use unusable and broken toys. You should always keep your toys clean at home.

You may even use a dishwasher or antibacterial to clean up plastic toys to avoid the health risks of your child. Choose non-toxic play instruments and toys that can be stored and used for everyday playing.

All the toys given in this review will make your kid acquire lots of skills and fun as well. With the toys, you can quickly get some free time to relax and play with your kids around your house.

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