Best Presents For 8 Year Old Girls 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pirate Classic2. EI-1906 Playfoam3. Hair Chalk
Pirate Classic Best Gift For 8 Year Old GirlEI-1906 Playfoam ComboHair Chalk

When our baby girl turns eight years old, she wants different types of toys. These toys can entertain her and also help her in learning various things.

You may find it a little challenging to find the best present for 8 year old girl because every parent wants that the gift should be useful as well as entertaining. There are various types of options, like books, gadgets, things related to fashion, perfume, and many more.


There are many other options, but the fact is whether the child will like it or not. Parents should choose such a gift item, which is suitable for the child of eight years’ age. Here we have picked the top 40 best gifts for 8 year old girl and reviewed them in detail to make your purchase easy.

Top 40 Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls 2020

1. Pirate Classic

Pirate Classic Best Gift For 8 Year Old GirlThis is an action game which fascinates many children. A maximum of four players can play the game. When a player gets a chance to play, he has to slide her colored swords into a barrel. If the swords are sent in a flying manner, the player loses the game and he has to wait for the next game. The player who survives till the last is declared as winner. The toy helps the children in learning decision-making skills.

Along with it, children will also develop communication skills. It will be so because they will always try to defeat the other players whether family or friends. There are many holes in which the swords have to be slide. These holes pop up at regular intervals and are available for a few seconds. The game is very enjoyable and has been made for the children within the age group of four to ten years.


  • Communication skill is developed
  • Decision making skill is developed
  • Enjoyable indoor board game


  • Small parts can cause choking hazards

2. EI-1906 Playfoam Combo

EI-1906 Playfoam ComboThis game is a creative game which consists of different types of shapes and kids can make various things from them. One of the advantages of this playfoam is that it never dries up so children can play with them for a long time.

In comparison to this, other materials dry out and become a waste. The game will develop motor skills in children and will also help them in becoming creative.

This is indeed a best present for 8 year old girl. The toy has been marked with CE and has been tasted for safety. The toy is free from toxin so parents shouldn’t worry about children putting it in their mouth.


  • Children will become creative.
  • Multi Colours will bring entertainment.
  • Free from toxins


  • No good for children below 36 months
  • Can cause choking hazard
  • Fit for domestic use only

3. Hair Chalk

Hair ChalkThis is a game for girls and it consists of ten temporary chalks of different Colours. Girls can use each chalk for almost 80 times. Besides hairs, the chalk can also be used on the face. It is can be removed easily from the skin after application.

Five chalks are of vibrant Colours and other five are of metallic ones. The chalks have been made with safe ingredients and can be considered as best present for 8 year old girl..

This is a trending gift and can be sent online to the receiver. The chalks can be used for arts and crafts, in the school. The chalks are suitable for hairs of all Colours but their effect can be seen on the hairs of light Colours. The Colours are easily removable from hair and face. People can change their look by trying chalks of different Colours on their hair and face.


  • Girls will learn fashion.
  • Each chalk can be used 80 times.
  • Chalks are safe for hairs and skin.


  • Chalks should be used under the supervision of the elders.
  • Not suitable for children below three years

4. Sewing Toy

Sewing ToyThis is a game in which children will be able to learn about sewing. Five sewing kits are available in the pack and these consist of a cord and pre-cut foam pieces. The pack also includes a note pad along with two pencils. Two bodkins can also be found in the pack. The toy is best present for 8 year old girl. Children can sew the foam easily and make a purse or some other thing.


  • Children will learn sewing skills
  • Accessories available help the children to make various things.


  • Children under 36 months should be kept away from the toy.
  • Adult should supervise the usage of the toy.

5. Rummikub

RummikubThis is a number game and every time it is different while playing. This is a game of tile manipulation and has to played at a fast pace. In this game, all the tiles have to be spread on the table. The toy is suitable for the children between the age of 7 and 15 years. Two to four players can play the game easily. There are 106 tiles in the game and all of them are of different Colours.

The winner is the one who is able to place the tiles on the table before other players. Players have to use tiles of same numbers but of different Colours. Players can also use the tiles of consecutive numbers but the color of these numbers should be the same. The game becomes entertaining when manipulation of tiles starts on the table. Players may rearrange the tiles or new ones.


  • Great to develop decision making skills.
  • Players will make strategy to win the game.


  • If tiles are lost, game cannot be played.

6. Purple Ladybug Water Bottles

Purple Ladybug Water BottlesThis pack consists of two water bottles for kids. Kids can color these bottles with permanent stickers and markers. One of these bottles has pre-printed design. These designs include a mermaid, mandala, etc.

The second bottle is blank and there are no designs so children can use custom designs on them. There are ten markers of different Colours. Along with two carbiners which are used to decorate the top of the bottle

The mouth of bottle is large enough to clean them from inside. The lid of the bottle can be flipped so children can open theme easily. This is a best present for 8 year old girl. The gift can be given on birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and many more.

Children can make these bottle personalized as there are many decorative items available in the pack. Permanent markers are also available and they do not fade easily even after several washes. The weight of the gift pack is 318 grams and dimensions are 19.6 x 15.5 x 9.4 cm. The bottle is good for the children having the age of four months and up.


  • Good to improve children’s creativity.
  • Many decorative items included in the pack.
  • High quality and safe bottles.
  • Wider mouth of the bottle allows easy cleaning.
  • Comes with box that can be gift wrapped.
  • Comes with hundreds of sparkling glitter gems, two carabineer’s to hang bottles, and 10 colourful markers.


  • The gems may come of easily.

7. Yes! No! Game

Yes! No! GameThis is a game which your daughter will love very much. Here kids will have to answer question and the answer can be either yes or no. It is a good toy for children of eight years and above. The game consists of a pack of 50 questions along with a yes/no bell.

The game starts when a player picks up a card and asks the question written on the card. The card is kept after the bell has been ringed for Yes or No answer. If there is no answer for that question, the card is kept aside.


  • Children will learn the answers of the questions.
  • It will increase their general knowledge.
  • Comes with 50 questions and a bell.


  • The game should be kept away from the children having the age of three years.

8. Write Your Own Storybook

Write Your Own StorybookChildren, who are fond of writing, can purchase this spiral book. This is a fun activity book that consists of tips, hints, tasks which will help them in writing good stories. Writing tips can be found in first half of the book. This part also includes methods and techniques of writing stories. The second half of the book consists of different types of themes.

Themes that are available on the book include murder mysteries, outside space, and many others. The book also contains a lots of lines which people need to fill. There are many activities in the book and each consists of objects, characters, and settings, which will help the children to write a beautiful story.

The book consists of 96 pages and is suitable for children of 8 to 11 years. If you have a daughter of around eight years age who has a spark towards creativity, then this gift item will prove to be one of the best gifts for 8 year old girl


  • Children will be able to make stories
  • Creative skills will develop in kids.
  • Children will be able to develop new ideas.
  • Book comes with writing tips, tasks, story themes, character settings and object suggestions,


  • Need adult supervision in the beginning

9. Treasure Hunt Game GoTrovo

Treasure Hunt Game GoTrovoThis is an action packed game which can be played by the whole family. This my prove to be one of the best ways to entertain your kids. The game has been developed for the kids having the age of 3 to 10 years. Kids can play the game for a long time as it is made up of unbreakable material.

This is an indoor and outdoor game which is educational and is also entertaining. The game can be played as a theme in a birthday party. Many players can play the game simultaneously.


  • Educational and entertainment toy
  • Can be played by many people
  • A good theme for birthday party


  • Need adult supervision
  • Should be kept away from small children

10. Prograce

PrograceThis is a camera which can be used by kids to click pictures of their family and friends. The camera has a lens of five mega pixel and people can use it to click pictures or shoot videos.

There are five frames and six filters which help in clicking beautiful pictures. Volume adjustment up to six levels is also available in this camera. The camera comes with a card slot but no micro SD card is added.

You need to buy a card of 32 GB so that more pictures can be stored. The camera comes with multiple functions like continuous shooting, time lapse, etc. Besides this, the camera also have inbuilt puzzle games and children can enjoy them if they are not interested in clicking pictures or shooting videos.

The battery of the camera can be charged with the help of USB. The cute camera is a good digital toy for the children for 4 to 8 years. It can be given as a birthday or Christmas gift. The camera has been developed from non-toxic plastic and is of pink color.


  • Children can click pictures and shoot videos
  • A micro SD card can be inserted
  • Puzzle games available


  • SD card has to be purchased separately

11. Writing Tablet

Writing TabletIt is a writing tablet which consists of bright writing lines which are colorful and thick. The tablet comes with LCD screen which can be used for writing and drawing lines. The background of the Tablet is colorful which adds fun to the writing. You can help your child to become creative by using this tablet. The tablet comes with erase button and screen lock features.

Kid can erase the writings and images with the help of erase button. Screen lock feature will help in the prevention of accidental deletion. The gift is good for children whose age is between three and ten years. In fact this is surely a best present for 8 year old girl.

Students can make notes and store them in the tablet for further use. The tablet helps the children in improving communication skills. There is no mess and no paper is wasted, as the tablet can is equal to 50,000 sheets.


  • Creative skills can be improved.
  • Notes can be stored.
  • Tablet is equal to 50,000 sheets of paper.
  • LCD multi-colour Writing


  • Eraser does not work if battery is discharged.
  • Green marks may appear during shipping.
  • Data transfer feature is not available.

12. Make Your Own Lip Balm

Make Your Own Lip BalmIt is one of the most fun gift that allows girls to make their own balms. The pack comes with around 24 pieces and the scents are available in various forms like pineapple, orange, cherry, and grape which can be added to the lip balm. Lip balm has to be created with the help of instructions provided within the kit. It is a good gift for those girls whose age is in between 4 and 10 years.

This game consists of 24 pieces and these are as follows:

  • Lip balm pots 5
  • Sticker sheets 2
  • Juicy flavor tubes 4
  • Sparkly glitter pots 3
  • Mixing bowls 5
  • Mixing tools 3
  • Make up bag 1
  • Lip balm base pot 1


  • Instructions are given for making the balm.
  • It is fun to make your own.


  • Not for children below three years.
  • Supervision of adults is needed while playing the toy.

13. Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk

Desire Deluxe Hair ChalkThis is a great gift which consists of chalks of various Colours. The gift can be given on various occasions like birthday, Christmas, Easter, and many others.

The chalks have been made from non-toxic materials Kids can use these chalks to paint their faces and hairs. There is no effect of using these chalks on skin so parents should not worry. The makeup done by these chalks can be easily removed with water.

Hair dyeing with this chalk lasts long. People can apply either a single color or a mixture of Colours on the hairs to make them look good. The chalks are effective on the hairs of light Colours. People should not dye their clothes with these chalks. In spite of these chalks being sticky this had no effect on the skin and hairs.


  • Hairs and face can have different Colours
  • Children will learn markup
  • Easily washable


  • Chalks are sticky.
  • Clothes should not be dyed.

14. Ok Play

Ok PlayThis game consists of tiles and players need to choose a color. They have to lay all the tiles for the color they have chosen. If any player has made a line of five in any direction, he is declared as winner.

The game is waterproof and can be played for a long time due to its durability. People can carry the game anywhere and play. It is a game in which players have to make strategies in order to win the game.

This will help in the development of decision-making skills in children. Learning the game is easy but mastering it takes a lot of time. The game has won ‘Best Family Game’ – Imagination Gaming. ‘Parent’s Choice Award 2018’.The product has the weight of 281 gram and has the dimensions of 24 x 24 x 9 cm. The toy is suitable for the children who have attained the age of 8 years and above.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • Simple to play


  • Not suitable for the children below 8 years

15. Jewellery Making

Jewellery MakingThis is a game in which children will learn the process of making jewellery. The game consists of many things which are as follows

  • Metal charms 20
  • Dangle charms 15
  • Rainbow beads 15
  • Silver plated snake chain bracelets 3

These bracelets are best items and are suitable for the people aged 10 years and above. The length of the bracelets can be adjusted and the beads are helpful in making three of them.

Jewellery can be made easily without any tools. All the accessories can be mixed in order to make a lot of jewellery. There is a bamboo jewellery gift box in which beads and bracelets are packed. Children can make jewellery of various shapes and sizes.


  • Comes with bamboo jewellry box and three silver plated bracelets.
  • Creativity and fun game.


  • Not good for children below three years
  • Can cause choking hazard

16. Rainbow Lab Kit

Rainbow Lab KitThis is a game in which scientific thinking can be developed in the children. The game comes with multicolored jelly like crystals which can be used to create a rainbow in a test tube. The game kit also consists of a book of 24 pages which includes 12 lab experiments. There are three test tubes along with test tube rack goggles and color mixing tray pipe.

There are many other things included in the kit and children can use it to perform various kinds of experiments. Children in the age group of five years and above can play the game. The weight of the product is 390 grams and has the dimensions of 31 x 7 x 22 cm.


  • Scientific thinking developed in children
  • Book consists of lab experiments
  • Good gift for children above five years


  • Children will need adult supervision to use the toy.

17. Top Race TR-P5

Top Race TR-P5It is a toy which will imitate the things that the children speak. It is a voice recognition toy and also obeys all the commands given by the players. There are 12 different voice directives The dog can dance when the music is played. It moves with the help of wheel legs and players can control it with the help of remote control.

Various types of modes are included in the toy and players will also have the option of providing training so that the toy can obey new commands after training. The toy has been made with not toxic food grade plastic and people should not worry children can play with it easily. The toy consists of a 600 mAh battery. Two AA batteries are used to operate the remote control.


  • It is responsive puppy toy that will make you kids entertain.
  • It can understand multiple commands.


  • Should be used under adult supervision

18. Orchard Toys

Orchard ToysThis is a board game that a family can play easily. The game develops confidence and enhances the performance skills of the players. This toy can be given to the children of 5+ years on their birthday or any other occasion. Two or more players can play the game.

Each player has to reach the finishing point which is a star and the player who reaches their first is declared as winner. People will have to faces noises, mimes, and actions in the way in order to reach the finishing point.

There are some actions for which unlimited time is given but for some of them a duration is set and that action has to be performed in that duration. This board game also enhances the knowledge of basic math and English.


  • Mathematical skills will be enhanced.
  • People will have a lot of fun.
  • The game can be carried anywhere easily.


  • If the accessories are lost, the game cannot be played.

19. Interactive Whack A Frog

Interactive Whack A FrogThis is a game that can be gifted to both children and adult. Players can arrange a competition and check which player will score highest. The game consists of two modes and difficulty of the game can be increased in both the modes.

There are thirty eight speed changing levels and players can set these levels to play. The toy also consists of lights and sounds and people can hear the words in four different languages which are Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. This can help children in learning any of these languages. Children will learn hand-eye coordination.


  • Children will learn hand eye coordination.
  • Two game modes with various speed settings
  • Extra sound and lights


  • Can break.

20. Gear Nation Bike Wheel Lights

Gear Nation Bike Wheel LightsThe toy comes with three lightening modes along with seven color modes. There is a button and people need to choose it and then choose the color. The Colours available in the toy are purple, cyan, yellow, blue, green, red, and white.

If players will choose steady mode, Colours will change automatically. The toy comes with a li-ion battery which has to be charged with USB. The battery is charged at a fast speed and gives backup for a long time. The toy is water proof so it can be used in any weather.


  • Comes with 7 colors wheel lights.
  • It is rechargeable with USB.
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Can be used in any weather


  • Should be used in adult supervision.

21. LDB Eu Kids Smart Watch

LDB Eu Kids Smart WatchThis toy is based on LPS and GPS technology and parents can set it up on mobile app. Children can remind their parents to leave the area when there is any danger. The toy also consists of SOS button which child has to press for three seconds in order to call on the mobile of their parents for emergency.

The toy can be used to call the parents and receive calls from them. Parents can also help the children to resolve different kinds of problems. One needs to purchase a SIM card for the toy, as it is not available in the kit. The SIM card must support 2G.


  • Comes with GPS and LPS positioning for kids safety.
  • It has SOS emergency call button.
  • It allows two way conversation.
  • CCan be kept on class mode.


  • Sim card has to be purchased separately.
  • The product works on 2G only

22. Unicorn Notebook

Unicorn NotebookThe size of the good is reasonable enough that it can be carried from one place to another easily. Its total size is 10 x 18 cm. People can note down anything they like. This can include wishes, goals, important notes and many other things.

Children will get the option of creating diary journal, color matching, fashion on instagram, and many other things. The notebook can also be used to communicate with friends and family. This toy is considered as one of the best gifts for children of eight years.


  • Children can note down a lot of things.
  • Travel friendly.


  • Children need adult super vision in initial stage.

23. Jrd&Bs Winl Writing Tablet

Jrd&Bs Winl Writing TabletThis is a toy which can be used to enhance the creativity of children. Children can count numbers, make paintings, spell words and can do a lot of other things. This will help in eliminating the problem of creating mess on walls. It is a LCD tablet and children can use it easily. Erasing images and text in the screen is easy, as they need to touch a button for the purpose.

Lock screen feature is available and it can be used to prevent accidental deletion. Erasing of the information can be done many times. There is no strain on the eyes and wastage of paper can also be controlled.

Users can use a plastic stylus or finger to write and draw on the screen. The LCD screen does not have any radiation or glare so it is perfect for the eyes. It is a best gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and many other occasions.


  • Children will learn drawing.
  • The stylus consists of three different pen tips.
  • Easy to use and eco friendly.
  • Made using advanced technology.


  • Battery is not rechargeable.
  • A lot of pressure can break the screen.

24. Girls Star Long Sleeve Hooded

Girls Star Long Sleeve HoodedThis is a set of jogging top and bottom which has been developed from 95% viscose and 5% elastine. One advantage of this suit is that it is washable so people can wash it many times and use it for jogging.

The suit is easy to wear and its stretchable property helps it to fit on normal body sizes. The suit is available for the children of age from 7 years to 13 years. Besides jogging, the suit can be used as a sleepwear, yoga, gymnastic, etc.


  • The suit is stretchable.
  • Can be used for different purposes


  • The material used to make the product is very thin.

25. GaltFirst Frightful Science

GaltFirst Frightful ScienceThis is a science kit which helps the players to encourage early stem learning. The kit consists of a lab book of 40 pages. The book also consists of 18 experiments which children can try with the help of accessories.

The accessories included on this kit are three test tubes along with a test tube rack, bouncy balls, goggles, spinner, magnifying glass, and many more. The toy is good for children of six years and above. The weight of the product is 454 grams and dimensions are 26 x 7.5 x 26.7 cm.


  • Children will learn the ways of performing experiments.
  • Many accessories and a lab book available.
  • It comes with 18 experiments and 40 pages lab notebook.


  • Should be used under adult supervision.
  • Suitable only for 6 years and above.

26. Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart WatchThis watch phone consists of a touch screen of 11.44 inch. People can make two ways call with this device. SMS can also be sent as the device uses nano sim card. Only ten contacts can be saved in the phone.

Feature of changing languages and adjusting time is also available. The memory of the watch can be extended up to 8GB but people have to buy the SD card separately. Music lovers will love this device as it supports mp3 format and one can copy the music from computer.

The sound quality is good and one can raise the volume up to six levels. A 380 mAh battery is included in the device which provides the backup of two days. Nine fun games are also available in the device and these games can be okayed with the help of touchscreen.

It is a perfect gift for children and can be given on various occasions. Other features included in the device are camera, alarm clock, music playing and many others.


  • Device has a lot of features.
  • Lot of activities can be done.
  • Comes with audio music player.
  • Suitable for both girls and boys.


  • Only ten contacts can be stored.
  • Support only 8GB SD card

27. Pipkit Jewellery Making Kit

Pipkit Jewellery Making KitThis is an eco friendly and reusable bracelet. Children can use this jewellery making kit to create different types of bracelets. Children can make six bracelets which are adjustable No tools are required to make the bracelets.

The kit also consists of photographs which children can use to design bracelets. Parents should guide their children in the making. There is a jewellery case in which all the components are kept.

Children will be able to learn the art of jewellery making with the help of this kit. There are 30 kits and buyers can choose one or more kits for their children to play. The kits are available in different Colours and design.


  • Develops creative skills in children
  • Encourages coordination between hand and eye
  • Production of beautiful jewellery.
  • Comes with beautiful box.


  • Not for the under six years kids.
  • Adult guidance is needed.

28. DIY Jewelry Making Kit

DIY Jewelry Making KitThis is a jewellery kit that consists of 550+ beads. Players can use them to make different kinds of jewellery, like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and many more. The toy is good for the children of four years and above.

The toy will help in the development of motor skills creativity and imagination of the child. There is a perforated hole in each bead. There is no need of thread as beads can be snapped easily.

It is considered as the best present for girls of 8 years on their birthdays Christmas, and other occasions. All the girls have a dream of becoming a princess and this kit will help them in designing various kinds of jewellery.


  • Children will learn planning and design the jewellery in a fun manner.
  • Measuring and counting skills will be improved.


  • Children below three years can swallow small pieces thus should be kept away.
  • Choking hazard

29. Buzz Shirts 8th Birthday

Buzz Shirts 8th BirthdayThis is a cloth which is fit on the children of 8 years. The sizes are also available for the kids of certain age group. The fabric used to make this t-shirt is cotton. The look of the t-shirt is premium and your kids can wear it on different occasions.

The color of the cloth will not fade and it will last for a long time. This is a printed t-shirt and printing has been done by using latest technology. You can also opt for custom printing and the cloth can be given as gift to the children on their birthdays. The price of the t-shirt is reasonable.


  • Good item for gifting
  • Long life
  • Cotton fabric


  • Need ironing after washing

30. Girls Sister Necklace

Girls Sister NecklaceThis is a great gift which a girl can give to her sister. There is a special card on which a special message can be written for the receiver. Rhodium is used as a coating on these necklaces. This gives a premium finish to the necklace.

Rhodium finish also increases the life of the necklace. The gift also includes two beautiful bags of pink Colours The necklaces do not contain nickel and The necklaces come with pendants. lead and so are safe for the wearer. In one necklace, big sis is engraved and in the other one little sis is engraved.

The weight of the product is 18.1 gram and its dimensions are 10 x 10 x 1 cm. Children of three years and more can wear the necklace. Both necklaces are of pink color.


  • No lead and nickel
  • Perfect gift for two sisters
  • Light in weight
  • Card available to write special message


  • Some buyers complaint that colors of the product were not same as picture.

31. Magnetic Lab Game

Magnetic Lab GameThis is a science kit which helps the children to think in a scientific way. The car can be made to run without touching it. Performing different kinds of tricks and many more things can be done with the help of this kit.

There is a color lab book in the kit and number of pages is 24. The book also consists of nine fun experiments. Things included in the kit magnetic wand, four ring magnets, racing car, marble maze, bar magnet, and many more.

The toy is best present for 8 year old girl  . Parents should not give the toy to under age children as they have the habit of keeping everything in their mouth. The weight of the product is 440 grams and the dimensions are 31 x 7.2 x 22 cm.


  • Educational toy
  • Comes with 24 pages lab book and 9 experiments.


  • Not fit for small children
  • Need adult supervision

32. Uniuooi Backpack

Uniuooi BackpackThis is a bag which is suitable for the children of seven years and above. The material used to manufacture the bag is nylon and it is a water proof bag so it can be taken in rainy season also.

The bag comes with many features. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to handle the bag comfortably on the shoulders. There is a main pocket inside the bag along with one compartment for laptop and a small pocket to keep books.

Two pockets are available on the outer side along with two side pockets for keeping water bottles and other items. The bag can be used for school, taken for outing, travelling, parties, etc. The product is a good item to be gifted on Easter, Christmas, birthday, and many more.


  • Multipurpose bag
  • Waterproof
  • Beautiful color and design
  • Washable


  • If chest clip is added it can increase the comfort of carrying the bag.

33. Kid Child Schoolbag

Kid Child SchoolbagThe bag has been developed from the material of high quality The thickness of the bag has been increased by using cotton pad. The bag has been developed in such a way that there will be little pressure on the spine.

The bag has the capacity to hold various things like books, paper books, note books, ipads and many other things. There are two pockets at the front which people can use to keep small items like mobile phone, ear phone, mobile charger, and many more.

One pocket is available at the top which can be used for keeping tissues. Side pockets are also available which people can use to keep umbrella, water bottles, etc. The bag is soft and water proof so people can also carry laptop in it.


  • A lot of things can be kept
  • Useful for children of seven years and above.
  • A lot of storage space


  • Zips break easily

34. Joy-Jam Flying Toys

Joy-Jam Flying ToysThis is a UFO falling ball which files in the opposite direction when a player brings his hand close to it. This is an interactive game in which the player has to throw a drone in the air and then he can stop it whenever he wants.

Kids can control the drone easily. The toy consists of five infrared sensors which have the capability to test the height and the distance of the hand. The toy is durable and safe as it has been made with an elastic material it also resists damage when it falls on the ground accidentally.

The toy is round in shape and there is a mesh which helps to protect the fans inside. The toy is good for children of three years and above.

The toy comes with a rechargeable battery which can be fully charged within 30 minutes. The toy also consists of LED light which provides more entertainment to the players. The gift is perfect for the occasion of birthdays, Christmas, and many other festivals.


  • Entertaining toy.
  • Both girls and boys can play.
  • Safe as well as Durable.
  • Coms with rechargeable LED lights.


  • Adult supervision is needed to play the toy.

35. Musical Cubes

Musical CubesThis is a newest edition of making cubicle with same Colours of cubes. The color in the toy changes and the player has to remember the color The toy also consists of music and lights.
There are four game modes in the toy which are as follows

  • Multiplayer
  • Speed
  • Memory
  • Break-through

The toy has been manufactured from high quality non-toxic material. It is durable and kids can play with it for a long time. Volume of the sound and music can be adjusted. The toy will help the children to improve their memory and thinking ability. Hand eye coordination of the kids can also be improved.


  • Improve thinking and learning capacity
  • Has four game modes
  • Entertaining game


  • Sometimes central block keeps blinking

36. Small Crossbody Purse

Small Crossbody PurseThe purse comes with a small deer pendant. Inside fabric of the purse can be pulled out and cleaned. The purse has been made from leather and people will not find smell of any chemical.

The purse can be matched with any dress so it makes the purse fashionable. The purse is a good option for teen aged girls. The gift is good for Valentine’s day, Birthday, Easter, and many more.


  • The purse is suitable for girls.
  • No smell of leather.
  • Good option for gift on various occasions.
  • Light weight.
  • Soothing pink colour.


  • Good if kid has allergy with leather.
  • Only for girls.

37. DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

DIY Charm Bracelet Making KitThis kit has been developed from metal of high quality. It is a durable jewellery and has been made from resin and alloy. Due to this feature, it becomes resistant to corrosion and rust. Using the kit is very easy.

First, the player has to look for the end cap that consists of lobster clasp. This end cap has to be removed and for doing this, the player has to unscrew the cap. Add the beads and the screw the end cap again. There are many things included in the kit which are as follows.

  • 3 pieces of Unicorn Pendant
  • 25 pieces of Bead Jewelry Set
  • 2 pieces of Snake Chain Bracelet
  • 1 pieces of Velvet Bag


  • Manufactured with non-toxic materials
  • Can be used easily.


  • Should be kept away from small children

38. Pipkit Berries Bracelet Kit

Pipkit Berries Bracelet KitThis is a jewellery kit which players can use to make two pieces of bracelets. The kit is reusable and people can make bracelets of any length. Here are many accessories included in the kit which are glass pearls, silver plated beads, gemstone beads, and glass beads.

The beads are available in different Colours. People do not need any tool to make the bracelets. The kit also comes with instructions in the form of text and images in a booklet. Adults need to supervise the children in order to make the bracelets. The weight of the kit is 59 grams and its dimensions are 7.5 x 7.5 x 8 cm.


  • Enhances creativity skills
  • Different types of bracelets can be designed


  • Not good for children below 3 years
  • Adult supervision is needed

39. Coolzon Rubix Cube

Coolzon Rubix CubeThis is a kit which consists nine kinds of rubix cubes. These cubes are as follows.

  • triangle pyramid cube
  • Dodecahedron
  • 2x2x2 cube
  • 3x3x3 cube
  • 4x4x4 cube
  • Mirror Cube
  • Skewb Cube
  • Mini Chain 3×3 Cube
  • Fenghuolun

There is a manual book which lets the players know the method of playing the game. All the cubes have been made from ABS plastic material which is non-toxic. PVC stickers are also attached to the cubes.

The kit can be carried easily from one place to another. The cubes do not get jammed and do not get wear and tear easily. Kids can play any of the cube and entertain themselves. Magic cube will help the players in enhancing their memory. This is a brain teaser toy and helps the kids to enhance their decision making capacity. The gift can be given on various occasions like Halloween, Christmas birthday, and many more.


  • Thinking capacity can be enhanced
  • Good to get rid of boredom


  • Not fit for young children

40. Crystal Garden Kit

Crystal Garden KitThis is a game which is suitable for the children of eight years and more. The kit consists of such accessories that children can learn chemistry easily. The subject can be learnt through crystal growing experiment.

There are very simple steps which children have to us in order to grow the crystals. Crystals are available in different shapes and sizes and players have to make a choice of color of the crystal which they want to grow. This will help them in making crystal garden.


  • Children can learn chemistry easily.
  • Increases the thinking capacity


  • Not fit for small children


These are best gifts for 8 year old girl that parents can purchase for their girl child of eight years. They are manufactured keeping in mind all the safety measures but still when kids are playing parents should keep a check especially if toddlers are around.

All of these toys are very good and children will be able to enhance their skills and will also enjoy playing these games. The toys can be played with friends and family and can also be taken to picnic spots.

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