Best 50th Birthday Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Balloon Glass2. Tumbler3. Printed Socks
CNC Group Balloon Glass Best 50th Birthday GiftInsaxa Vintage 1970 TumblerFPD Printed Socks

If your father, mother or loved one is going to become 50, and if you are planning to celebrate their birthday, then you need to celebrate this occasion in memorable way.

A birthday can be incomplete without a birthday gift. Choosing the best 50th birthday gift is a daunting task. But, if you want to celebrate the day in a different way then you need to think something different.

You can show you creativity by choosing some personalised gifts. People who turn quinquagenarian needs special attention because they feel lonely in their home and office. A 50-year old man or woman cannot make new friends and they want to stay in peace. You can boost up their life and gift them some tools for recreational activities.

To choose the best 50th birthday gift, we have got this complete guide that will help you choose the best gift.

Top 10 Best 50th Birthday Gifts 2020

1. CNC Group Balloon Glass

CNC Group Balloon Glass Best 50th Birthday Gift

Juniper Gin balloon glass is one of the best 50th birthday gifts available online. You can personalise the font and engrave your personal message on the glass. Various fonts and colours are available, but you cannot change the font colour of this glass.

This is a 680ml or 24oz glass made by Arcoroc Tableware. You can gift this classy and elegant glass to your mom, dad or co-worker on their 50th birthday. Apart from that, you can also use this glass as a gift for other occasions like, birthday, anniversary, wedding and Christmas. Make sure, you must choose the “customise now” option and put your message to be engraved.


  • 680ml or 24oz gin glass
  • Made by Arcoroc Tableware
  • You can customise with personal message
  • Various fonts and colours available
  • Affordable


  • Etching quality is not up to the mark

2. Insaxa Vintage 1970 Tumbler

Insaxa Vintage 1970 Tumbler

Vintage 1970 lowball glass tumbler is a perfect gift for your dad. You can also gift it to your boss on his 50th birthday. Designed by Insaxa, this tumbler glass can hold up to 380ml liqueur and it is made by supreme quality platinum metal print. The glass is available in a silky velvet pouch, which is completely recyclable.

This is a limited 1970 edition that engraved with “Vintage-Aged to Perfection” caption. You can gift it to your parents, friends and co-workers on their 50th birthday.


  • Ideal 50th birthday gift with platinum print
  • Vintage collection
  • Durable tumbler
  • 9cm Diameter x 9.5cm Tall
  • 380ml capacity


  • Fragile and low quality materials

3. FPD Printed Socks

FPD Printed Socks

If you look for the best 50th gift for your co-workers or friends within your restricted budget, then you can choose these socks. “If You Can Read This Bring Me A Whisky”- this caption printed on the socks can make them happy and you can spread some humours by gifting this socks. You can use these socks for parties and other occasions as return gift.

FPD socks are available in various colours and they are made by soft quality premium cotton and polyester. You can find them in various sizes, ranges from UK 6-12. If the person does not like whiskey, then you can choose another socks printed with chocolate or a glass of wine.


  • Designed with 65% cotton and 35% polyester
  • Soft and hygienic socks
  • Printed socks with attractive catch lines
  • Available in various colours and sizes


  • Quality of letters not as good as socks

4. UPK Gifts Word Art Gift

UPK Gifts Word Art Gift

If you are going to attend a formal invitation offered by your boss on his 50th birthday, then you need to be very selective about the gift that you would be giving. You need to choose something which is elegant, formal and creative. In this case, you can choose this word art keepsake.

Printed on the best quality papers and framed with premium black or white wooden frames, these keepsakes can impress your boss, and you can personalise your keepsake with your own catch lines and words. This is available in black and white frame only and is available in A4 and A5 sizes.


  • Best quality keepsake
  • Printed on high quality papers
  • Durable wooden frames available in black or white
  • Frames are designed with high quality acrylic glazing


  • It is available only in A4 and A5 sizes

5. Ukgiftstoreonline Pint Glass

Ukgiftstoreonline Pint Glass

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loved to drink bear, then this engraved beer glass is the right choice. You can personalise this pint glass with your own captions or words, and you can gift it to you parents, colleagues or friends on their 50th birthday.

You just need to send your engraving details during check-out process, and if you do not find this option then you can send your details to the seller via mail. You can write maximum four lines on these glasses and you need to read the engraving details from the product’s description.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Long pint glass
  • Customised printed glass
  • Various fonts and colours available


  • Maximum of 4 lines can be written on it

6. Dust And Things Slate Coaster

Dust And Things Slate Coaster

You can choose this slate coaster engraved with “1970 Year of The Legend” for your dad on his 50th birthday. You can add this to the list of gifts that you want to gift to your dad or boss or even colleague on their 50th birthday. Offered by Dust and Things, this slate coaster can help your dad to drink his whiskey in style.

You can make your father as legend by giving this slate coaster on his 50th birthday. This is an engraved coaster designed by durable materials.


  • Engraved slate coaster
  • Designed with protective feet
  • Affordable birthday gifts
  • A great keepsake


  • Feet of the coaster is not durable

7. MissyJulia Ltd Wall Plaque

MissyJulia Ltd Wall Plaque

If you want to show your creativity to your parents or spouse, then you can choose this personalised typography offered by MissyJulia Ltd. This is a word art printed on high quality paper, and you can print this paper with your personalised quotes and messages.

Wall plaque can be a perfect gifting solution where you can include your creativity and you can write something and make your gift even more special. Make sure, you must personalise the plaque before you precede the order and make the payment. If you fail to do so then you can send your message to the seller via mail.


  • Personalised birthday gifts
  • Available in various pre-set designs
  • Durable wall plaque made by MDF boards
  • Affordable


  • Not laminated

8. County Engraving Glasses Case

County Engraving Glasses Case

If you parent wear spectacle, then you can choose this polished silver glass case for your parents. The silver case looks classy and will be a good choice for your parents who can store their glasses and sunglasses in this box.

You can engrave this box with your personalised message, and write 4-30 characters on this glass case. You do not need to pay anything extra for engraving and you can easily leave your message during check-out.


  • Silver plated case for glasses and sunglasses
  • Personalised glass case
  • Affordable


  • Smaller in size

9. Muggz Personalised Mug/Cup

Muggz Personalised Mug/Cup

Women turning 50 turn out to be extra special, beautiful in their own ways, and to present them everlasting bond of friendship, love and good moments, you can gift them this superb personalised coffee mug. Make them feel more confident and emotionally strong by giving this personalised cup or coffee mug on their 50th birthday. This is an ideal gift for them to cherish lovely moments with each sip making each morning special.

The caption “Keep Calm-You are only 50” can make them happy and you can add the name of that person in the respective section of this cup. This is dishwater safe and you can easily clean them with tiny drops of liquid soap, sponge and soft brush.


  • Dishwater safe coffee mug
  • Personalised with the name
  • Catchy caption printed on the cup
  • Affordable


  • You cannot use it in your microwave

10. Tim And Ted Chef’s Apro

Tim And Ted Chef's Apro

This chef’s apron by Tim and Ted is a good choice when it comes to 50th birthday gifts for men and women who love to cook. They are digitally printed and you can customise this apron with your message. The waist length of this apron is 62cm and it is 87cm long. People can use this apron for in their kitchen and your dad can also wear it during BBQ party.

Apart from birthday, you can also gift this apron to your wife or husband on your anniversary. This will be a great gift for those people who want to cook something different.


  • Available in various colours
  • Long-lasting
  • Customise the apron with your message
  • Made of 100% cotton materials
  • Eco-friendly product designed with long-lasting print


  • Little expensive

Factors To Look For When Buying Best 50th Birthday Gift

1. Price

You should have a budget to buy the 50th birthday gift for your parents or friends, and you also need to choose the best quality gifts within your budget. In this regard, you can search them and compare some birthday gifts online. Sometimes you can buy the birthday gifts well in advance when there is an online sale, or a sale going on in a retail store.

2. Warranty

People will not refund their gifts after they received and you need to check the warranty terms of the seller before you buy. You can ship your gifts with their warranty cards if available.

3. Personalised

You can show your creativity by choosing some personalised birthday gifts for your spouse, parents and co-workers. You can imprint your message on the gift and you can leave your message during check-out. In this case, you can choose personalised plaques, coffee mugs, pint glasses or t-shirts.

4. Quality

You must read the description of the gifts before you buy and you must choose the 50th birthday gift which is durable and long lasting. Always go for the gifts which are recyclable and eco-friendly.

5. Age

You are going to choose the 50th birthday gift and you must choose the best one which is suitable for their age. You should not choose anything which is suitable for teenagers.

FAQs on 50th Birthday Gifts

1. Can I Choose A Pint Glass For My Father On His 50th Birthday?

Yes, you can choose a pint glass for your father. You can search them online and customise them with your own words.

2. How Can I Choose The 50th Birthday Gift For My Mother?

You can choose anything which is customisable because you can include your message in these gifts. Also, you must consider her preferences before deciding to gift her something. You can choose a coffee mug, apron or plaque for your mother.

3. Is It Possible To Send The Gifts Directly From Amazon?

Yes, you can directly send the gifts to the recipient through Amazon. In this case, you can put the delivery address during check-out.

4. Customisable Option Is Not Available; How Can I Customise A Gift?

Sometime, you can face troubles while you personalise a gift and you can send your message to the seller directly via mail. They will add it to your order and personalise your gift accordingly.

Choose The Right Gift And Make Others Happy

So now you can easily choose gifts for 50th birthday gifts for your parents, co-workers and friends. You can search them online and choose the best one after considering their price, quality, durability, usability and warranty. Make sure, you must choose something which is creative and you can personalise the gifts according to your needs. You can find some best 50th birthday gifts on the above section and you can choose the best one from the list.

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