Best Christening Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Money box2. Keepsake3. Birth Print
Personalised Free Money Box Best Christening GiftPaulspersonalcrafts KeepsakeThe Whistling Wren Birth Print

One ceremony that is universal from the beginning of time, beyond geographical, cultural, socio-economic, or religious views and beliefs is the christening ceremony. Christening being the term in Christianity, “namkaran” in Indian culture or “altaemid” in Arabic, but peoples all over the world have this ceremony by whatever name and it is sacrosanct to all.

Beyond the sanctity of the occasion, it is probably the most joyous moment for the proud parents, and they want to make this an occasion to remember. The best christening gift the loving family and friends offer needs to be of significance to the newborn, in terms of utility, value, or sometimes just a memento.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for one to choose from, although all of them are fantastic, and you are not going to regret no matter which one you select.

Top 10 Best Christening Gifts 2020

1. Personalised Free Money Box

Personalised Free Money Box Best Christening Gift

A very thoughtful christening idea is the personalised engraved ABC money box that comes with an engraving of what one wants to say to the child. The engraving can have a maximum of twenty characters and up to four lines. It all comes in an exquisite silver finish.

This can be considered as the best christening gift for multiple reasons. Firstly, the beauty of its very appearance, and secondly, its usefulness as a money box. As the child grows, this box will help him to understand the value of money and the significance of its management.

And finally, it is the perfect age to start learning the alphabets. Since a child learns everything that it is exposed to at an early age, this Personalised Engraved ABC Money Box by Personalised FREE is an intelligent choice for gifting undoubtedly.


  • Extremely useful for a child to learn alphabets and money at the same time
  • A wonderful memory to treasure


  • Lack of options in terms of colour and size

2. Paulspersonalcrafts Keepsake

Paulspersonalcrafts Keepsake

This is one of the prettiest word art creations which carries all information relevant to the birth and christening of the child, such as name, date of birth, time of the birth, birthplace, and all other related information that one wants to personalise it with.

It surely makes for a beautiful wall piece in the baby’s crib. In the course of time, it will be a piece from which the child could learn the details of its own birth and christening occasion. He might even consider this the best christening gift because it will always remind him of the treasured memories from his crib.

The word art is done on an A4 print on a 250gsm white card and will fit perfectly into an appropriate frame. The personalisation is based on some special messages or any other information that one wants to put in the print.


  • A beautiful memory to display even a generation later
  • High-quality print
  • Printed on premium white paper


  • A little smaller in size, some users reported

3. The Whistling Wren Birth Print

The Whistling Wren Birth Print

The A4 unframed print is 210x297mm in size and records all of the birth and christening information that you want to personalise it with. When framed, it hangs sturdily in the baby’s crib. It also makes for a great keepsake for the child and for the parents to recall little details that otherwise can be easily forgotten.

It also makes for the best christening gift because of the longevity and the fact that it will last many years. One can, of course, choose the option with a fantastic frame or without it. Frames come in three colours, grey, black and white.

The frames are either wall-mountable or tabletop mount, except the black frame which is wall mount only. Some of the information, like the baby’s exact time of birth, can be printed on this personalised gift, making it one of a kind.


  • Beautiful memento for a person to look back to
  • Will carry information that only a hospital record can tell
  • Sturdy framing option
  • High-quality wooden frames


  • Could come in a wider range of colours
  • Limited choice of wood types

4. De Walden Trinket Box

De Walden Trinket Box

This one is for the pretty baby girls. It is a cute gift idea, and possibly the best christening gift, something that a baby girl is going to grow up with and cherish the memory of such a thoughtful gift for many years. This beautiful Personalised Silver-Plated Trinket Box by De Walden comes with engravings of one’s choice.

The message can extend up to one hundred characters. This enchanting trinket is silver plated with pretty detailing and a plush inner lining. The whole box measures 7½ centimetres in length, 3½ centimetres in height and 7 centimetres in width.


  • The gift a girl is going to treasure for life
  • Amazing shiny silver-plated look
  • High-end craftsmanship with incredibly detailed design
  • Stunning presentation packaging box


  • Limited design option

5. My Magic Name Personalised Book

My Magic Name Personalised Book

This Personalised Book of Nursery Rhymes and Modern Poems is a real “worth its weight in gold” kind of gift. The best christening gift that one can receive is one that has a lot to learn as one grows. Yes, indeed this is a real treasure with the favourite traditional nursery rhymes.

The fantastic part is that every nursery rhyme page can be personalised with the child’s name in it. A visual feast for the child as the vibrant illustrations keep it mesmerised for hours. Personalised elements of the rhymes will include the child’s name, gender, street address details, pet dog or cat and any other favourite things of the child.


  • Lively colourful illustrations will keep a child busy and calm for a long time
  • Each page can be personalised with the baby’s details
  • Top-quality, durable papers


  • A little early for the book to be gifted to a child as he or she will hardly understand the value.

6. Sixpence In Her Shoe Charm

Sixpence In Her Shoe Charm

This laminate gift card by Sixpence in her shoe with an original sixpence in the middle, with the words “A special sixpence for good luck on your very special Christening day” has got to be the best christening gift of all. A charm of one’s choice and the baby’s name absolutely personalise this lovely gift bag. The card is designed and produced in either pink or blue.


  • A precious memory, when looking back
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast shipping


  • Lacks variety in colours

7. MissyJulia Ltd Personalised Print

MissyJulia Ltd Personalised Print

This once in a lifetime gift can be the best christening gift for a boy or girl on their christening day. On the plaque, you can print a personalised message and some personal information of the baby, including baby’s first name, date of birth, and whatever one wants to say for the child. Since it is made to order, one will need to plan ahead and order accordingly to receive before the special date.


  • Appealing and cherished memory to the child as it grows
  • Custom made for every order


  • Comes without a frame

8. My Magic Name Personalised Childrens Books

My Magic Name Personalised Childrens Books

This completely personalised all-out entertainer will keep a child engrossed for many hours. The Personalised Keepsake Story Book for Kids by My Magic Name Personalised Childrens Books could be the best christening gift for a baby, thanks to its amazing customisation idea where every book is unique based on the lettering of the child’s name.

The storyline is personalised to every letter, and each character in the story starts with a letter from the child’s name. It will be a nice surprise for the little one when the story comes to an end and reveals the child’s name.


  • A wonderful way to start learning how to read
  • Sturdy hardcover
  • Top-notch paper material


  • A little advanced for a baby in christening age

9. Personalised Gift Ideas Christening Star

Personalised Gift Ideas Christening Star

Engraved christening star comes in a velvet lined presentation box, and it can be considered as the best christening gift for a baby boy. The gift is an exquisite keepsake star which is personalised with the boy’s full name and date of birth. The clear acrylic star comes with two satin ribbons which are hand-tied. The personal details on the star are laser engraved.


  • A memorable keepsake for a baby boy
  • Crafted with high-quality materials in the UK


  • No option available for baby girls

10. Ukgiftstoreonline Keepsake Box

Ukgiftstoreonline Keepsake Box

The Personalised Wooden Keepsake Box comes from the prestigious gift maker ukgiftstoreonline, and one must take a look at this wonderful vintage-style box to store the kid’s keepsakes safely. If you’re searching for the best christening gift, this could be the one. The beautiful wooden box comes with raised hearts on the top and durable hinges for smooth and effortless opening and closing.


  • A little safety chest for a child’s novelty belongings
  • Amazing craftsmanship


  • Size could be a bit larger to store more items

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Christening Gift

1. Just A Gift

One might think that a christening gift is just a gesture of love that you express for that occasion, but it is not that simple. It is a gift that needs to be given a lot of thought before making a choice. And that is because that little gift could be a treasure to the child one is gifting it to, so you must get nothing but the best.

2. Appropriateness Of The Gift

Often a gift may not have been chosen or selected for just the special occasion of christening, but rather a gift that does not go with the spirit of the occasion. Therefore select one which would be appropriate according to the very event.

3. Price

The price is another key factor when it comes to picking the best christening gift. If the little one is close to your heart, you might get tempted to buy an expensive item. Do not go that way, instead, choose something thoughtfully which would express your love for the baby and the baby would like to spend time with at the same time.

FAQs on Christening Gifts

1. Are There Any Toys Amongst Your Gift Ideas?

Yes, indeed there is a huge variety of toys that will take days if not weeks to narrow in on the right one since it’s very difficult to choose from such a large selection of gifts. Each one of them is unique and can be customised by the name of the recipient child written on it.

2. Are The Christening Gifts Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely. All the gifts wen mentioned here are made from eco-friendly materials.

3. Why Are There More Gift Ideas For Boys Than For Girls?

Well, that’s simple, because the little things that boys get gifted, can be gifted and used by little girls too and not vice versa. A good example would be hair clips for girls which a little boy would never wear.

4. Will These Gifts Be Shipped From Abroad?

We carefully handpicked each one that is manufactured in the UK. Hence, you can be assured of faster shipping.

The Gift Must Render Your Thought Well

When you are aware of the child’s christening date, take time to choose the right gift thinking about the factors mentioned above. Other factors include the little things one might know, such as the likes and dislikes of the family, which should help in making a choice.

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