Best Christmas Hampers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Akiba King2. Sakura Box3. The Cheshire Cheese Company
Akiba King Best Christmas HamperSakura BoxThe Cheshire Cheese Company

Christmas is a festival when all like to give gifts to their near and dear ones. People can find some of the best Christmas hampers online and also in the offline market. But if you want to find the best Christmas hampers 2020, then you have just come to the right place.

Here, we have listed some of the best hampers out there that you can send to your loved ones for any special occasion. Most of them are well within your budget and will be liked by all.

So, go through this guide and take a step ahead towards finding the best value Christmas hampers for your family and friends.

Top 15 Best Christmas Hampers 2020

1. Akiba King

Akiba King Best Christmas Hamper

Dagashi is a Japanese word, which means snack foods and cheap candies. The gift is available at low price and can be given to children on Christmas.

The gift is wrapped in a bright childish style wrapping, and even children can buy them with their pocket money.

The pack mostly consists of a small figure, and the candy is made with the help of starch or corn. A higher quality of this product is assured with jugashi, which is made from white sugar.

The hamper has been a popular gift item since 1950. The weight of the product is 154 grams and people can buy it easily online.


  • Product availability at low price
  • Especially designed for children
  • Children also get small gifts with the hamper


  • No choice for type and flavour

2. Sakura Box

Sakura Box

This is one of the best candy snacks offered by Japanese gift hampers. The items packed in the box are best to be used within three months. The hamper does not contain any fish based snacks.

Weight of the product is 340 grams and its dimensions are 20.6 x 17.8 x 11.9cm. The box contains 20 different items that are a hit among children and adults alike, including Mochi Tarou rice crackers, Texas corn puffs, Umaibō Delicious sticks in three flavours, Shimi corn chocolate stick, chocolate tablets, Monster stamp candy, Fortune Ramune tablets, Soda gummy, Abekko Fruit Ramune, and a Nericho mini DIY candy kit.

The box will be liked by children because it consists of a lot of candies in different flavours.


  • The pack contains an assortment of candies
  • No fish snacks or duplicates
  • Best item to gift to children


  • Valid for only three months

3. The Cheshire Cheese Company

The Cheshire Cheese Company

This is a unique gift that can be considered as one of the best Christmas hampers in the market, as it consists of an assortment of cheese and chutneys in a faux wicker hamper basket.

The legendary black bob cheddar present in this gift has won an international award, and you also get free Cheshire Cheese Club membership along with this pack.

The company that sells this gift also has stock of caramelized onion and rioja, and it is considered as the best seller for these two items. You need to keep the cheese in the fridge, as it becomes a waste after sometime if kept outside in warm weather.

The gift is suitable for those who like to have vegetarian dishes, and another great feature of this gift pack is that it is absolutely free from caffeine.


  • Free from caffeine
  • Cheese awarded internationally
  • Shipped in a cardboard box that looks like faux wicker
  • Approved by Vegetarian Society
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Can be upgraded to original wicker on payment of nominal extra charge


  • Need to be kept in the fridge

4. Cloud Nine Marshmallows

Cloud Nine Marshmallows

This is a toaster kit in which you will find all the things necessary to make a toast. The pack consists of Madagascan Vanilla marshmallows that is best for one month only.

If you intend to make it frozen, the life of marshmallows can be increased. This is one of the best Christmas hampers that consist of Hersheys chocolate, and there are three different bars present in this pack.

The toaster present in the kit can be ignited and can be kept hot for at least two hours. Other things included in the pack are bamboo skewers, smart white box, and a recipe card. Undoubtedly, this can be considered as the best gift for Christmas.


  • Toasts can be made easily
  • Consists of three chocolate bars, each of 43 grams
  • Marshmallows are free from gluten


  • Marshmallows expire within one month

5. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

This gift pack consists of butter puff pastry, which is handmade. This foodstuff has gained Great Taste Award. The straw consists of 37% cheese. Many other cheese straws do not have so much cheese as these cheddar cheese straws.

There are five boxes in the pack and each box consists of five cheese straws. The weight of each box is 170 grams.

The straws are delicious. The foodstuff has to be stored in a cool dry place. You can warm it in an oven to increase the taste. The item is suitable for vegetarians. The straws are free from caffeine so there is no harm in consuming it.


  • The straws consist of 37% cheese
  • Delicious in taste
  • Cheese, milk and eggs are main ingredients
  • Free from caffeine
  • Handmade


  • Need to be stored in cool dry place

6. Cheshire Cheese

Cheshire Cheese

This pack consists of six truckles that are waxed with Black Bob Extra Mature Cheddar. This cheese is considered as one of the best cheeses, and it is extremely popular all over because of its taste.

The taste of these truckles is creamy and slightly spicy. You will love the taste so much that you will not stop eating it.

Gifting these truckles is a good option at the time of Christmas. When you gift this pack to someone, you also get Extra Cheese reward points.

They also provide an option of Pick and Mix. If you are unable to decide, you can opt for Lucky Dip and the company will choose six truckles for you.


  • Waxed with best cheese
  • Good gift hamper for Christmas
  • Option of selecting the taste


  • Should be stored in cool dry place

7. Chocolate Express

Chocolate Express

Chocolates in this gift hamper consist of cream and fresh butter in the centre, along with white chocolate truffles and pralines.

The gift pack has another type of chocolate called Manon Blanc & Manon Café. Fresh cocoa butter is used to make these chocolates, and this gift hamper has been popular among buyers since 1913.

The chocolate needs to be kept at the temperature between 15 degree and 18 degree centigrade to get the best taste. This gift pack is considered as one of the best, as its colour is white and it has a very good to taste.

Everything used in this chocolate is pure, whether it is cocoa butter or any other ingredient. Apart from these, Chocolate Express also allows you to choose your own assortment of chocolates as per your personal likes and dislikes.


  • Taste is excellent
  • Best taste at 15 to 18 degree centigrade
  • Has a lot of cream and butter


  • Melts at high temperature, so should be kept refrigerated

8. Fine Food Store

Fine Food Store

Many types of gifts are included in this gift pack, including the following:

  • Epicure Pate 180g
  • Rick Stein Savoury Oat Biscuits
  • Mrs Bridges Cranberry Sauce with Port 100g
  • Pop Chips
  • Fentimans Traditional Lemonade
  • Border Biscuits
  • Green and Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate 35g
  • Green and Blacks Organic White Chocolate 35g
  • Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 35g

In fact, for many, this is one of the best Christmas hampers that includes some of the most sought after delicacies till date. The beautiful wicker basket with leather straps and handle is attractive enough to go for.


  • Consists of a lot of gifts
  • Available at reasonable cost
  • Good option of gift for various occasions
  • Beautiful wicker basket with leather finish


  • The items have a lot of calories, so it should be taken in limited quantity only

9. Regency Hampers

Regency Hampers

This is a luxury gift that can be given not only on Christmas, but on any occasion. It is a fruit hamper that consists of many types of fresh fruits, including pineapple, mango, grapes, plum, lemon, and many more.

The gift is packed in a gift box, which is tied with a golden ribbon. You also have the option of putting a personalised message inside regarding the occasion.

The company has been awarded with Gold Trusted Merchant status. It means that the product has a five star rating, which it has got from its real customers. This gift hamper is a good choice for parents, brother, sister, children, or anyone else whom you care for.


  • Good option for giving a dose of good health to anyone
  • Consists of a variety of fresh fruits
  • Company has a good reputation
  • Personalised messages can be added


  • May not be good for people suffering from diabetes

10. Bristol Cider Shop

Bristol Cider Shop

This gift hamper consists of 12 cider bottles, each measuring 500ml. The craft cider present in these bottles has won an award too. People can use each bottle for each day of the Christmas.

Alcohol content in this cider is 6%, and you also get a free I Love Cider sticker with this pack. This gift hamper can be gifted to any of your near ones who are 18 years of age and above.

It would prove to be the best gift for Christmas, if the receiver receives it on the first day of the festival.

The ciders are made by using fresh pressed juices, which are produced by small producers. People will not be able to find such fresh juices in the market.


  • Best gift for cider lovers
  • Made with fresh pressed juice
  • Has only 6% alcohol


  • The product is not available in Northern Ireland and Scotland

11. Letter Box Hamper

Letter Box Hamper

This is one of the new ways of sending gifts to the near and dear ones. The gift is packed in a beautiful gift wrap and delivery can be done in a letter box style.

The gifts are wrapped by hand and packaging is done with the help of parcel paper, ink stamp, and twine.

The gift hamper consists of different types of meats, which include smoked ham, Snackingham ham, Deli Farm Charcuterie venison Bresaola, Snackingham salami, and many more.

Salted and roasted water melon seeds are also included in order to complement these meats. Smoked almonds can also be found in the gift wrap.

A personal card is available, which the sender can use to write a personal message for the receiver. You have the option of choosing the paper and personal message which will be used to pack the gift.


  • Consists of various meat flavours
  • Roasted and salted water melon and seeds as complement
  • Smoked almonds are also available in the gift
  • Choice of gift wrapping paper
  • Personal message can be included


  • Large amount of consumption can lead to health problems

12. Patron Tequila

Patron Tequila

This is a luxury gift hamper that consists of many types of Tequila. The items included in the pack are 5cl Miniature Bottle of Patron Silver Tequila, Patron Reposado Tequila and Patron XO Cafe Tequila, along with an engraved Tequila tumbler.

People need to consume it with care, as it is an alcoholic drink and not suitable for anyone below 18.


  • Different types of Tequila included in the hamper
  • The tumbler has an engraving of Patron tequila Design


  • Alcoholic drink, so should be consumed with care
  • A little expensive

13. Truly Sumptuous Hampers

Truly Sumptuous Hampers

This is one of the ultimate gifts that people can give to their near and dear ones on Christmas. The gift hamper consists of many types of sweets in different colours, shapes and flavours.

The life of these sweets is six months, which is enough for consumption and to finish them off.


  • Varieties of sweets are available
  • Refund option is available
  • Sweets are heat sealed so they are fresh
  • Wicker style printed basket


  • Sweets may stick together

14. Fine Food Store

Fine Food Store

This gift hamper will be loved by those who are fond of drinking tea, coffee, or cocoa drink. This is one of the best gifts for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The gift can be given to grandparents, parents, and anyone in the family.

Those who have allergy need to take care while consuming the product, as it contains sulphites. The weight of the gift hamper is 3.3kg, and the product is not meant for those who are less than 18 years of age.


  • Good gift for anyone over 18 years
  • Can be given on various occasions
  • An assortment of products included
  • Beautiful vintage style gift basket


  • Not good for people below 18 years
  • Contains sulphites, so not good for people with allergy

15. Miller & Co.

Miller & Co.

This is one of the best Christmas hampers that consists of vegetarian snacks and treats. The gift is a very good option which can be given not only on Christmas, but on any type of occasion. There are 12 different types of treats available in the pack.

If the sender wants to send it to a receiver living at another place, the company provides shipping facility as well, so that the gift reaches the next day of the order directly to the door of the recipient.


  • Can be given on any occasion
  • Good gift for the whole family
  • 100% vegan snacks
  • List of ingredients available on each packet
  • Available in the packs of 5 and 25 snacks too


  • Can increase calories, so should be consumed under moderation

Make A Lasting Impression With The Best Value Christmas Hampers Sent To Your Loved Ones

These are some of the best Christmas hampers that people can purchase. Some of these products are good for children and some are meant for adults only. It is a good idea to send the gift on the first day of Christmas, so that people can enjoy them all through the festive season.

However, remember that some of these products contain alcohol, so they should be taken with care, and sugary products are not good for diabetic people, so should be taken in small quantities.

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