Best Fathers Day Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. VeraCosy2. Maiten3. Barvivo
VeraCosy Slippers Best Fathers Day GiftMaiten Travel BagBarvivo Waiters Corkscrew

Father’s Day is quite unique for every kid when you want to make your father feel special for his unfathomable love and support throughout your entire life. And what can be a better way to do so than getting him one of the best Father’s Day gifts we’ve compiled for your convenience.

While deciding a gift for this occasion, you can look for several categories which your father typically requires, including, clothing/apparel, or accessories that can be used for travelling, business, and anything related to maintaining personal hygiene.

Below we have shortlisted top 25 father’s day gifts where you will know about each product’s pros, cons, best usage and more.

Top 25 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2020

1. VeraCosy Slippers

VeraCosy Slippers Best Fathers Day Gift

If you aim to provide your father with the ultimate comfort, then the VeraCosy memory foam slippers can be considered as one of the best fathers day gifts. These slippers have a simple design that is suitable for casual walking.


  • Multi-layered memory foam makes walking comfortable
  • Made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex provides ultimate breathability
  • Durable long-lasting build


  • not made for running
  • not strong enough to withstand dog bites

2. Maiten Travel Bag

Maiten Travel Bag

This travel bag is available in two different sizes: 15.6 and 17.3 inches, and will work best for your dad’s travelling and official needs.

This travel bag, which can be used as a laptop bag as well, comes with dual-padding construction to store a laptop and other accessories safely. The bag is theft-proof with a lockable zipper and has a USB port for a built-in charging facility.


  • High-quality polyester fabric material used
  • Lightweight built makes it an ideal travel companion
  • Breathable straps for comfortable carrying
  • Water-resistant
  • On-the-go smartphone charging


  • Not enough top clearance to fit some laptops

3. Barvivo Waiters Corkscrew

Barvivo Waiters Corkscrew

If your father likes to have a glass of drink after a long workday, or perhaps he is a wine lover, this Waiters Corkscrew by Barvivo would make for an ideal gift.

It is a perfect choice for professionals, thanks to its durable design, and can be used to remove natural as well as synthetic corks effortlessly.


  • Commercial-grade built
  • Ideal for professional use and casual drinkers as well
  • Attractive design
  • Multipurpose design to cut foils, remove corks, and open beer bottles


  • The foil cutter is not that sharp

4. Wilbest Trifold Wallet

Wilbest Trifold Wallet

It is one of the affordable and classiest wallets available online for gifting your dad on this father’s day occasion. There are 12+ slots that you can find inside this men’s wallet.

It protects your information that is stored inside the RFID chips of an average credit or debit card, driving license, and more from anyone trying to hack the same.


  • A spacious wallet for your stash of cash and cards
  • RFID chip protection cover
  • Made up of 100 % genuine cowhide leather
  • No foul odour


  • The weight and size of the wallet are slightly on the bulkier side

5. Boss Men’s T-shirt

Boss Men’s T-shirt

This is a branded collection of three genuine cotton t-shirts that come in 3 attractive colours combination. The size of these t-shirts is suitable for a regular fitted man and perfect for casual and daily use.

If you want to gift your father something simple yet comforting to make the upcoming father’s day memorable for him, this is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you should think about.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • superbly comfortable
  • Machine Washable
  • International HUGO BOSS brand


  • Can’t be used as a party wear
  • It should be ironed at a very low temperature

6. ZENNUTT Beard Grooming Kit

ZENNUTT Beard Grooming Kit  

This kit is used for everyday beard-growing needs. The products inside the kit are made up of 100% natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, Beewax, Vitamin E, and Argan oil, which known as immensely effective in enriching hair and promoting beard growth.

The Beard Grooming Kit by ZENNUTT promises to address the issues faced by many, like dryness, dandruff and split ends when they try to grow a beard.

A majority of users reported a noticeable difference within just a few days of using this product. If you’re looking for best Father’s Day gifts, you can check this beard grooming kit, and we are sure he will appreciate this thoughtful present.


  • Treats beard issues like dryness, itching, dandruff and split ends
  • Made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients
  • No irritation or side effect
  • Comes with a conditioner that softens and add shine to the facial hair


  • The products have a strong smell that might put off a few users

7. Fruitman Multitool Stylus Pen

Fruitman Multitool Stylus Pen

This is an affordable present that can be taken into consideration as one of the best gifts on Father’s Day. The reason is strongly backed by the multi-purposes it is used for. These stylus pens are lightweight and can be used on multiple mobile phones.

It has ballpoint refills to write on the paper as well. Other than that, different parts of this pen are used as a ruler and a screwdriver as well. The tip of this pen is omnidirectional, therefore the writer will never have any trouble to move the same on the screen smoothly in every direction.


  • Can write on different surfaces, including paper and even mobile screens
  • Comes with multiple toolsets like a Philips screwdriver and a ruler
  • Affordable pricing


  • The stylus pen is often liked by teenagers or youngsters more than their fathers
  • This pen cannot be customised for gifting purpose

8. 6TN Daddy Superhero T-Shirt

6TN Daddy Superhero T-Shirt

This is a short sleeve cotton T-shirt, best worn by fathers, going by the theme of the product itself. It has been manufactured using 100% pure cotton. This T-shirt is available in different sizes ranging from S to XXL.

This T-shirt can be gifted to your dad not just on Father’s Day but also on Christmas, Birthday anniversaries, Retirement, or similar special occasions.

Mostly, young kids buy this T-shirt for their dad because of the Superhero theme of this product.


  • The print is very catchy, which will look great on dads who have younger kids
  • The material is 100 % cotton
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The design is peppy to be liked by senior citizens.

9. Gift Cookie Pint Glass 

Gift Cookie Pint Glass

While buying this glass, get your message (20 characters allowed in each line, including the punctuations) engraved on it if you want to say something loving to your father on this father’s day.

So, it can be a special gift to your dad to make him feel utterly special as he will enjoy every pint he drinks from this glass, reading your sweet message along, making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts.


  • Can be personalised
  • High-quality glass used
  • Unique and cool gift idea for those who love their drinks


  • Can’t accommodate longer messages

10. LETiT.BEER Beer Chiller Sticks

LETiT.BEER Beer Chiller Sticks

Keep these beer chiller sticks in the freezer for about 45-50 minutes and then insert these into the bottles to see the magic unfurl. Friends and fellows can be called to your home to enjoy chilled beers if you get this awesome beer chiller.


  • Chills beer and other drinks faster and effortlessly
  • It is a unique product to gift your dad


  • No other usage if beer is not your thing
  • Pretty useless unless there’s a crowd in your home

11. ATMOKO Handsfree Massager

ATMOKO Handsfree Massager

This massager has an advanced technology of heat and vibration that provides instant relief to the sore muscles over the user’s neck and back. It helps to accelerate the blood flow using 6 kneading balls inside the massager.

The user can tie the VELCRO straps around his waist, then switch on the massager. This will allow him to enjoy the ultimate relaxation session handsfree at home or office.


  • Safe to be used by people from every age group
  • No chance of getting any electric shock
  • It is made up of premium quality PU leather


  • The straps are not adequately adjustable

12. iiiMY Whiskey Stones & Glass Set

iiiMY Whiskey Stones & Glass Set

This gift set is perfect for every drink aficionado. The entire kit consists of two whiskey glasses, eight whiskey stones, and an intricate wooden box.

The stones are best to increase the rough taste of hard drinks like Gin, Single Malt, Bourbon, and others. This Whiskey Stones & Glass Set by iiiMY is one of the best Father’s Day gifts for your dad if he’s a drink aficionado and he loves to chill with a whiskey peg in his hand for long hours.


  • The stones do not ruin the taste
  • The wooden box is gorgeous and comes sterilized
  • A thoughtful gift for the fathers who knows their drinks


  • Unless one drinks whiskey or other hard drinks, it’s of little use

13. U-MISS BBQ Grill Set

U-MISS BBQ Grill Set

There are 26 accessories in this massive BBQ Grill tool kit. All the tools are made from high-quality stainless steel, and the case itself is made up of Aluminium. It is one of those Father’s Day gifts, which will be useful to your father and his regular barbecue parties.

Every BBQ night will be fun and easy with this kit, which has strong durability and elongated handles.


  • The accessories are easy to use with elongated handles
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Tools don’t rust easily
  • The products do not rust, smell, or stain


  • The tools still frequent cleaning and maintenance

14. Opard Travel Mug

Opard Travel Mug

Make this Father’s Day very memorable by gifting your dad this travel mug. It is leakproof, comes in different colours, and build from top-quality BPA free materials.

The beverage stored inside these mugs remains hot for 6 hours, while the cold ones remain chilled for 10 hours. The product has a very firm grip in the middle; therefore, it will not slip easily.


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • BPA free food quality materials used
  • Silicone offers a comfortable and non-slip grip


  • Size is smaller to the liking of a few users

15. lauhonmin Guitar Pick

lauhonmin Guitar Pick

You can give your dad a surprise on Father’s Day by gifting this guitar pick with the cool message I couldn’t Pick a Better Dad. This guitar pick is available in multiple colour choices like Gold Matte, Matte, Rose Gold Matte, and others.

A single kid would pick the “I couldn’t pick a better dad” guitar pick, whereas two or more kids can purchase the guitar pick with “We couldn’t pick a better dad” message.


  • Best for young fathers
  • Available in different cute colours
  • Affordable price


  • It has no use if your father doesn’t play the guitar
  • The message on the pick cannot be personalised

16. Pasabache Pint Glass

Pasabache Pint Glass

The pint glass is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can find online. The engraved message on the transparent pint glass makes it special.

Though the engraving of the text on the glass will be colourless.
The packaging of this pint glass is unique with the open window box. This glass should be washed before the first use.


  • Safe for dishwashers
  • Huge 570 ml capacity


  • Transparent colourless engraving

17. CustomDesign.Shop Engraved Hammer

CustomDesign.Shop Engraved Hammer

Get a single line text message engraved on your dad’s most favourite tool, if he loves to carry out fixing things DIY way at home. You can choose an emotional message and it will be scribbled with the help of laser technology.


  • Comes with a premium quality ash shaft
  • Handcrafted item, made in the UK
  • Forged steel head offers extreme durability


  • The text cannot be erased or changed once scribbled.

18. Jovivi Keychain

Jovivi Keychain

This item is a multi-purpose tool, along with serving as a keychain. It has a small screwdriver, hammer, and wench attached in the entire keyring. The quality of this keychain is exceptional, thanks to its premium quality alloy material.

The pendant with the “Love You Daddy” text adds a sentimental value if you want to gift it to your dad.


  • Serves the purpose of a useful tool apart from being a cool gift
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Doesn’t rust easily
  • It is best gifted by young kids to their dads


  • It is not entirely waterproof

19. TESLYAR Wooden Docking Station

TESLYAR Wooden Docking Station

The docking station is best to store, organize, and keep different products in line for your father. It can keep mobile phones, watches, glasses, wallets, coins, keychains, and other accessories organized because of its style.

This gadget holder or docking station will be ideal for the one who tends to be not organised much. The docking station has a unique tree design with branches sticking out for the watches to be kept in place.

The wooden paint is non-toxic and doesn’t fade easily


  • It helps to organize the stuff that your dad usually neglects to put into place
  • Premium quality ash-tree wood build
  • Non-toxic protective coating


  • It can hold only one smartphone at a time
  • There is not enough space to store more than a few things

20. GoCup Travel Mug

GoCup Travel Mug

This black travel mug is classy and spacious, with 485 ml capacity. It has features like having a spill-proof lid and can store both hot or cold content inside.

The overall design of this cup is functional, with a sipping buckle clip over the lid. The cup design is inspired by regular coffee mug size, found in any café or restaurant.


  • Makes travelling easier with favourite beverages in hand
  • It can store a great quantity


  • Available in a single colour only

21. Gorben Pocket Watch

Gorben Pocket Watch

Comes with a fantastic classic rugged bronze colour, this adds a bit touch of vintage glory to your father’s pocket watch collection. It measures 4.8cm in diameter and 1.5cm in thickness approximately.

It has a pretty large chain, enabling the user to stick the watch inside the pocket and use it whenever needed to check the time. There is a “Dad” text engraved at the centre of the pocket watch’s dial and “The Greatest” text on the outer dial which makes it one of the best fathers day gifts.


  • Makes your dad proud of being called “the greatest dad”
  • It gives a royal & vintage look with the rustic design


  • No other design or colour available

22. DesBerry Whiskey Glass

DesBerry Whiskey Glass

This product is a vintage one but also a part of a limited edition. If your father loves unique but limited items, then he will be impressed by this amazing father’s day gift. This Whiskey Glass is best to drink small shorts of hard drinks like Scotch, Whiskey, Bourbon, etc.

It comes a 100% money-back offers, in case the customer is not satisfied.


  • Limited edition product
  • A great party decoration item at home


  • Some users reported delayed delivery

23. Engravity Gifts Wallet Card

Engravity Gifts Wallet Card

This Father’s Day Personalised Engraved Wallet Card is equal to a credit card in size and can fit inside a wallet or a purse easily.

Don’t miss the chance of making your father emotionally overwhelmed by gifting this wallet card as it can be personalised by a loving message engraved on it, which makes it a perfect gift to present your father in this Father’s Day


  • The text is clean and clear
  • The engraving is permanent and does not fade away with regular use
  • The font style of the engraved text is pretty elegant and easy to read


  • There is no option to select a different font style or size

24. This Might be Wine Funny Coffee Mug

This Might be Wine Funny Coffee Mug

If you are running out of ideas on selecting the best Father’s Day gifts for your dad, the Funny Coffee Mug by This Might be Wine is worth a look. This porcelain coffee mug has a very cheesy message engraved on either side of the mug that can put a smile back on your father’s face.

This mug can be washed and used in the dishwasher and is microwave safe. The handle of this mug is large and easy to have a grip on.


  • Can make the father smile with a sweet message
  • The design of the text on the coffee mug is large and easy to read
  • High-quality material used


  • The text is pre-engraved and can’t be personalised

25. OTBBA Whiskey Stones

OTBBA Whiskey Stones

This “9 natural whiskey stones” gift set could be the best surprise for your father if you choose to gift this to him on this Father’s Day.

These stones are best to replace the ice inside the tumbler as they do not melt, do not create friction, and do not mess with the taste of the whiskey, especially when your father wants to take his time in drinking.

These stones can be washed in the dishwasher for reusing purposes. These river stones are 100% naturally sourced and neutral to alcohol; hence, they do not cause any adverse effect while in the alcohol.

The stones come certified by CF TDA and FURLEBENSMITTEL which ensure their quality and safety.


  • These stones can be used repeatedly
  • Neutral to the alcohol content
  • Doesn’t alter the taste and overall drinking experience


  • There are no other colour options available

Factors To Look After When Buying Best Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day should be celebrated, keeping your father’s emotion and other needs in mind. So, the gift that you select for him should be entirely useful. There is no point in buying the product that he might not use or like.

Therefore, to make the best most of the Father’s Day, check out the best Father’s Day gifts that are available online and match them with the factors mentioned below:

1. Total Budget

This is a major factor that you need to think about before going ahead to buy any product which you feel might impress your dad. If he finds out that you have dug a big hole in your pocket just to make him happy on this day, it will only disappoint him further.

2. Correct Measurement

If you are deciding to buy any clothing for your father, then the most important factor is the size, keeping the pricing aside. If you buy the wrong size, then the whole point of gifting your father his favourite T-shirts, or some other apparel can go in vain.

3. Accessory Need

There are multiple accessories for men on stores, especially for Father’s Day. So, while you are making a choice of the accessory to buy for your father, ensure that you know if that accessory is something that will be of use to your father or not.

For example, if you are buying a corkscrew or beer chiller stick, you have to know if your father likes to drinks alcohol or not. If your father does not like drinking at all, there is no point in gifting him such presents that will only be useful during drinking.

4. Multiple Uses

If a product is offering multiple uses at once, then it is can be considered one of the best products to go for safely.
For example, a travel mug can be used to store either hold or cold, and soft or hard drinks.

Therefore, with a single product, multiple needs are met at once for your father. Hence, choosing such a gift which offers multipurpose utility is a no-brainer.

5. Sentimental Value

If there is something you want to convey to your father, but could never speak out loud, then choose those products which can promote sentimental values. These products are often customisable either in terms of text, or the design.

Why You Need To Give Serious Thought To Best Father’s Day Gifts Before Buying One

You might be confused about the upcoming Father’s Day. There are so many things that can be listed under the best Father’s Day gifts today. But you will still feel like a lost cause if you do not know what idea generally works.

Thus, there are multiple benefits to these ideas, which include:

  • Getting the chance to impress your dad on Father’s Day like never before.
  • Making the connection between you and your father pretty strong when you gift him something he needed.
  • Increasing the importance of your choices in front of your dad’s eyes.
  • Becoming a better and responsible kid by changing your dad’s perception towards you.
  • Giving your father a surprise out of the blue as your gift to him will be something he didn’t expect.
  • Ensuring that Father’s Day gets celebrated within budget and with the items that are highly reusable.
  • These are just some of the perks for buying Father’s Day gifts that are the best in the market right now.

FAQs on Father’s Day Gifts

1. How Will You Know Which Product Is The Best For Your Dad On Father’s Day?

Important factors like the need, brand, usability, accessibility, quality of the product, as well as the price ensure that you make the richest choice this Father’s Day. However, if you are confused, then you can browse the internet for more options and ideas.

Apart from that, if you do not intend to surprise your father, then you can simply ask him too about the product that he is expecting to receive from you on this Father’s Day. On the flip side, choose that product towards which you feel the most sentimental.

2. When Should I Buy The Father’s Day Gift?

It depends entirely on you. You have to first select a product and then keep watching the price and the delivery time of the product to your location. If the product can be delivered within a week, then you can take a buffer for two weeks and get it ordered at least 2-3 weeks before Father’s Day.

3. What Are Some Great Father’s Day Gifts?

Many of the gifts which always work are apparel like plain shirts or T-shirts, glasses, home décor items, or some tools that help your father in making his life easier. For example, you can buy carpentering tools and other multi-purpose products as well.

Apart from that, you can also try the bottle openers, travel bugs, travel bags, glasses, stylus pens, and others. These ideas generally work better while you want to give a man something to make his day special.

4. What To Gift My Dad For Father’s Day When He Wants Nothing?

That is one of the most common situations when you are planning to gift your father something on Father’s Day. So, choose the safest ideas like a vintage pocket watch, limited edition products like whiskey glasses, or even personalised products with the best dad ever or similar messages.

These sentimental products work best when your dad has everything and wants nothing on this Father’s Day.

5. Can I Gift My Dad Something This Father’s Day When He Says He Wants Nothing?

This depends a lot on the current mood of his mind. If he is upset about something, it’s best not to spoil it anymore.

However, if he is just too casual about it and feels that it has no importance, then you can bring home an item of home décor or an item that serves multiple purposes.

By doing so, your dad will not think that you bought an item, especially because it is Father’s Day. So, you can play safe by purchasing such items. These items can be carpentering tools, hammers, travel mugs, backpacks, hiking tools, party decorations items like whiskey glasses, tumblers, and whiskey stones.

6. How To Decide A Thoughtful Gift For My Dad?

For a thoughtful gift, the same should relate to your dad in one way or another. Either it should relate to his personality, mood, passion, hobbies, or his role in your life. This could be made possible through creative products like the engraved or personalised content over the gifts that you shortlist to buy for your dad.

7. How Can A Gift Be Special For A Father On Father’s Day?

To make any gift special for a father, the kids need to work on the emotion behind gifting. Every dad will love to be gifted and remembered by his kids on Father’s Day. So, you can select the items which you like for your dad to use and then attach a personal Father’s Day card along with it to make a greater impact.

8. How Can I Make A Personal Gift To Surprise My Dad On Father’s Day?

If you do not have time to create a whole new present for your dad on this Father’s Day, that’s completely fine. You just have to browse the stores online, select the most unique and customisable products like the engraved Father’s Day cards, tumblers, watches, etc.

Then you can customize the text, colour, or size of the same product if there are such choices available online. This is a new way to make the gift more personalised without having to invest an entire day.

Best Father’s Day Gifts Are Essential For A Better Bond Between Both Of You

Every father always makes sure that his kid gets what he deserves and needs. But on Father’s Day, it’s the time to repay his love and kindness you have been getting for years. You need to know about the best Father’s Day gifts, which can make your father feel that you care for him and that he is equally special to you. In short, the gift which you offer to your father on this day is a way to say him thanks for being the best dad ever.

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