Best Housewarming Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Anjou2. YMing3. Dust And Things
Anjou Best Housewarming GiftYMingPersonalized Cheese Board

You must have got overwhelmed the first time you heard that your cousin brought a new house. No need to say you were happy for him. As the nearest one, you want to celebrate the moment grandly and present him with the best housewarming gifts.

That is why you asked him to arrange the housewarming party. Imagine that you advised him to call the near and dear ones. It is a small gesture to celebrate this special occasion. On the other hand, invitees also planned to get the best housewarming gifts for him.

But you were a little bit confused about what to get as the best housewarming gifts. However, you thought to pick the useful ones only. In such a scenario, all you need is a proper guide to get the best housewarming. We are presenting you with all sourced from authentic brands.

Top 15 Best Housewarming Gifts 2020

1. Anjou

Anjou Best Housewarming Gift

Are you looking for a functional housewarming gift? Then you can go for the essential oil diffuser from the brand Anjou. You will love this because it does not use any cheap quality plastic and is free of BPA.

Moreover, the ultrasonic function assures to keep the ambience tidy. It also keeps the place adequately moisturized. The diffuser is very much safe for your kids because it keeps the cold, flu germs at bay.

The automatic shut off purifies the air in the best way so that the diffuser will turn off on its own when the water level ends. Besides, you will get seven different types of led lights with a colour-changing feature.


  • The diffuser fills the ambience with a soothing aroma.
  • It lifts your spirit and releases your mind from stress.
  • It can quickly end any unpleasant odour like that of dirty clothes, smell from pets or smoke from the cigarette.


  • Some reported that the diffuser worked well for the first two days. Somehow, it failed to satisfy from the third day onwards.

2. YMing


Scented candles add bliss to the beauty and appeal of your home. You can always have the scented candles in the list of the best housewarming gifts. Make sure that you buy from a reliable online brand as YMing. It is because the company offers you arrays of options when it comes to fragrances.

You can pick anyone like Mediterranean god, lavender, rose, and lemon. This flavoured scent cleanses the air and adds positivity to the environment. Talking about the materials used, note that the candle is made of organic aromatherapy oil and soya wax.

At the same time, the wick is prepared from organic cotton. Even the makers did not add any lead in the candles. Therefore, you can stay assured that it proves skin-friendly to your pet as well.


  • The candle burns for 120 hours continuously.
  • You can gift this item as a decorative piece.


  • The box may not arrive in the right condition
  • It might get tougher to open the container

3. Dust And Things

Personalized Cheese Board

Are you looking for three in one chopping board? If yes then the personalised chopping board will satisfy you completely. You can always have this to gift someone for his or her housewarming party.

The comprehensive chopping board helps to chop items. At the same time, you can use this as a cheese board and a serving container as well.

The product is made from hardwood or simple slate, which means you will get durability. Also, you will get options when it comes to shape and size so that you can choose rectangular or round as per the look of your dining table.

The plus side of the gift is that as it is personalised so you can have the name of the person embedded in it.


  • The cheese board adds a sophisticated touch to the table.
  • The chopping board is the most useful and resilient kitchenware item.


  • The item seems to be a bit expensive.
  • The gift box is straightforward in look.

4. Methun


Are you searching for a unique housewarming gift? If yes then you can add this moon night lamp from Methun to the cart.

The most highlighting feature of the night lamp is that it is devised from three-dimensional technology precisely 3D printer.

The manufacturers used environmentally friendly material. The moon night lamp looks beautiful as if you have the real moon at your home.

A single touch allows you to change the colour easily into mild white and white. You can also control the brightness level easily. Just need to press for long to activate the dim mode.


  • It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that works for 8 to 10 hours.
  • You can easily control with the mini switch button, which is detachable from the principal charging point.
  • It also consists of the USB charging wire, a base holding the lamp and the blank card.


  • The stand provided is not as sturdy as made from softwood.
  • Some might find that the charging capacity is not up to the level.

5. StarBlue


Can anyone choose the chopping board set as a housewarming gift? The answer is yes; you can get one from an authentic brand like StarBlue. The board comes in a desired shape and size. The plus side is that it has a perfect oval shape and the edges are curved so that you can hold it comfortably.

Moreover, steel cutters are manufactured from robust stainless steel. Note that you can use the blades to cut any type of cheese to the shape and size you like to have. The stainless offers protection to the utensils. That means it will not fade or rust over time.


  • High-quality oak wood is used to design the cheese board set.
  • The best wood quality ensures that you can use it frequently.
  • The base of the wood is robust prevents any kind of crack or split.
  • It looks exquisite in a house.


  • One might receive a cracked or broken board.

6. VerbatimART


Personalise gifts always give a unique touch and feel to the recipient. That is why you can present a personalised print as the house warming gift to your dearest friend. For that, you selected the print as the perfect house warming gift.

To add a special effect, you personalise the gift by adding the name, address, and shifting date of the recipient. The best about the company is that based on this detail they will also design an OS map as well.

Take note that the oS maps designs are available only for Wales, Scotland, and England. You can get the same in arrays of frame sizes like A3, A4 and A5. The high-quality digital printer uses the best silky-textured paper to offer a smooth print.

You will get two types of frames. The first one called standard frames, it comes with a border of 18 mm. On top of that, you get a glazed one with acrylic, which is the same as the glass. The second one is called the Premium frame.

It is handcrafted in the UK and has a border lining of 30mm. Premium frames use solid types of wood and white is the primary colour. It is fitted with clear glass to add elegance. Additionally, you will get the amount that makes the premium frames more special. Note that you can get the premium frames in only A4 size.


  • Outstanding frame
  • A superb addition to the home decor


  • One might find it challenging to fit the frame so had to trim it.

7. Aisuo


Do you think that a night lamp is the perfect housewarming gift? If you are planning to get one, then have the 5 in one with inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. The five components are digital alarm watch, speaker, touch control panel, mp3 player and hand free dial.

The rechargeable lithium battery makes it work for 6 hours without fail. Also, you can easily control the light buttons. You will notice four buttons to adjust the brightness level.


  • Connect the Bluetooth with the smartphone or tablet to enjoy music.
  • It comes with a TF micro SD card.
  • The design is modern and multifunctional
  • It is eco-friendly as well.


  • You may not feel satisfied with the battery performance.

8. Homquen


If your sister has a great fascination for cutlery sets, then you can get her the cutlery set. The best about the gift is that it has about 24 pieces in total, including the dinner, teaspoon.

In addition to that, it has the dinner forks and knives as well. The appealing look of the cutlery set will charm her very much as the handles come in black colour while the spoon is golden. Indeed adding these to the dining table makes the ambience more stylish.


  • It is crafted from high standard stainless steel.
  • The borders are very stylish and smooth as well.
  • The cutleries are resistant to rust.
  • It is free of BPA, lead, phthalate, and cadmium as well.
  • It is environment friendly with high durability.


  • After a few washes, the stainless steel may show up marks.

9. Cadrim


The alarm clock is a beautiful gift for any occasion. When it is about the housewarming, you can go with the idea. This Cardim sunrise and sunset simulated alarm clock will not let you down. The clock comes with a voice recording option.

You need to use the button of the snooze or microphone to record the voice. You can use recorded voice as the 9th time alarm. Make sure you can use the voice recorder when the alarm clock is on the snooze version.


  • You can customize the setting with 24 or 12-hour display timing.
  • Adjust the brightness as needed.
  • You can use the FM radio as the wake-up light.
  • It enables you to save about ten channels at a time.
  • The atmosphere light comes in 6 different colours.
  • Enjoy USB port with high-end memory capacity.


  • The size might not seem appropriate
  • The buttons are not easy to operate

10. Ambience


Do you like to decorate your home with an oil diffuser cum electric humidifier? If yes, then you can also take the same as the gift to the housewarming party.

The one you selected is compact, and wood-gain texture makes it look elegant. The best part is that it is silent so that one can comfortably use it in the home.


  • It is quite simple in design.
  • You can use it comfortably with auto switch off button which shuts off when the diffuser runs out of water.
  • Overall, you will get seven colours of the LED lights.
  • Helps to cure sleeping disorder and anxiety


  • The LED light may not function properly.
  • The mist button may not work as expected.

11. Peachy Antics

Peachy Antics

Nothing can be better than a set of coffee mugs as the best housewarming gifts. Luckily, your search ended with the real boss mug sets.

You got the pair of two with a high standard shiny finish. On top of that, the precise colourful printing on the body makes it worth having.


  • It is safe to use in the dishwasher.
  • It comes safely and protected in a robust box


  • The gift might reach you without the actual sticker.

12. English Pewter Company Sheffield

English Pewter Company Sheffield

Are you thinking of buying personalised gift item for the housewarming couple? If so, then without any second thought get the personalised wooden wine box from the company English Pewter.

The gift shows your taste and adds a touch of elegance to your choice. Therefore, the couple will surely embrace the champagne gift box. ‘


  • It is a memorable and exclusive gift.
  • The hinge of the box has a soft bead and is topped with fine quality grey coloured silk


  • You cannot add any extra-personalised quote.

13. Dulce Cocina

Dulce Cocina

Coasters as a gift are superb to enhance the beauty of the dining table. Therefore, you thought to add this to the list of the best housewarming gifts. The coaster from Dulce Cocina comes in a decent size. Therefore, there is no need to ponder about spillage.


  • The coasters absorb the moisture and add a layer of protection to the table.
  • It does not leave any stain on the surface.


  • The coasters are made of foam, which may not serve as expected.

14. Froster Domino

Froster Domino

The gift of 5 shots of vodka glasses is impressive for the housewarming party. It comes with an additional cascading stand. The most striking is the inbuilt led lights with 2 AAA batteries lighten up the drinks in the shots.


  • Pour alcohol into one glass and rest will get filled automatically.
  • Exclusive gift for vodka drinkers
  • The capacity of each shot is 40 ml.


  • The price seems to be a bit expensive

15. Thompson And Morgan Gin

Thompson And Morgan Gin

Is your sister a herbalist? Then gift the garden growing kit for moving to her new house. The product boasts of 19 sets, including the rosemary, basil, nimrod, cucumber, and so on. Each set has a robust design, and the sophisticated wooden texture box.


  • The size is compact.
  • It is best for a small-sized kitchen.
  • It comes with chalk and board.


  • The receiver may not feel good with the quality

Factors To Look For While Getting The Best Housewarming Gifts

Choosing the right housewarming gifts is not an easy task. Therefore, we are providing you with some factors that will come in handy.

1. Gift For The Whole Family

If you want to take the gift for the whole family, then you should take gifts that each of the members of the family can use it comfortably. For example, you can bring a cutlery set because this looks very charming.

2. Gifts Should Be Auspicious

You know that housewarming is an auspicious moment. Therefore, you should get gifts like a religious item for the same.

3. For Couples

Now if you are getting the gift for the couples, then you can choose dinner wares or coffee mug sets as this looks very pleasing.

4. Price

Price is an essential factor. Therefore, whenever you are online to buy housewarming gifts, make sure the price should range between £15 to £20.

Top Reasons For Getting The Housewarming Gifts

  • It gives an excellent feeling to the new homeowners.
  • It is a way to add functional items to their homes.
  • Housewarming gifts help to decorate the newly bought homes.
  • It adds useful items for everyday purposes.
  • Such gifts help to create the best memory of life.

FAQs on Housewarming Gifts

1. How Much Should You Spend On The Housewarming Gift?

The gift for the house warming party needs to be thoughtful. It does not matter whether it is expensive or not. Make sure that you do not spend too much and ensure the gift is within £20.

2. Should You Get A Gift For The Housewarming Party?

It is a ritual that you should get the housewarming gift. You can get anything from the cheese board to the photo frame, but ensure that you should get anything for the recipients.

3. Which Are The Best Symbolic House Warming Gifts?

These are some of the symbolic housewarming gifts like bread, salt, candle, roosters, and wood. These items are considered to bless the recipient with luck and wisdom.

4. What Is The Significance Of Boiling Milk In The New House?

Boiling milk in the new house means the house gets enjoy abundance in terms of food and prosperity.

Give Happiness With Best Housewarming Gifts

The internet comes with too many housewarming-gifting options. So, it is natural too many gift ideas might confuse you. Therefore, read the article above to get the best housewarming gifts. Make sure that you check the quality of the items before purchasing.

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