Best Valentines Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Scrapebook2. Adventure Scrapbook 3. Pullover Hoodie
Explosion Box Best Valentine GiftAdventure ScrapbookPullover Hoodie

Love is an emotion that flows from one heart to another; it is a feeling that is nurtured between two hearts. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to express is via gestures and what better it can be than gifting the love of your life with a gift.


The classic choices, such as flowers and chocolates, are great, but, let’s admit it, they are quite old-fashioned. So, what should you do? How would you find the best Valentine’s gifts that will melt the heart of your dearest?

Well, in that case, you would, first, have to know your partner a little bit more closely. After that, you can proceed with finding the best gift for this ocassion. We have got your job easier with a list of 25 best Valentine’s gifts and ideas.

Top 25 Best Valentine Gifts Of 2020

1.   Explosion Box

Explosion Box Best Valentine GiftDo you want to fill the day of love with a lot of old memories and make your beloved a little bit nostalgic? Then, the explosion box from VEESUN should be the ideal option for you. Even though the box looks somewhat small from outside, but you can fit more than 100 photos in it. Sounds quite amazing, right?

The design of the internal section of the box is quite perfect and accurate too. Hence, all you would have to do is to fill the box up with some of the most memorable photos. The best part about this gift box is that it gives you ample space to add personal notes and make the gift even more personalized.

Thus, if you think that you are falling short on photos, then you can also put any special gift, such as a chocolate or a watch, in them to make everything a little bit more exciting.


  • Quite easy to set up
  • Can hold up more than 100 different-sized photos
  • Additional ribbons make it look even more colourful


  • Its overall durability is not quite up-to-the-mark
  • There are so many components in this DIY box that it may leave you confused on arranging it

2.  Adventure Scrapbook

Adventure ScrapbookSeveral gift options have come and gone since the last few years, but the popularity of scrapbooks is unmatched. Hence, if you are thinking about opting for a scrapbook and include some of yours and your partner’s most cherished memories in it, then this offering from Pulaisen should be perfect for you.

The scrapbook comes with a simple yet interesting outlook, which would definitely make your loved one feel somewhat intrigued about it. Furthermore, the pages of the book are quite durable too. So, you do not have to worry about tearing issues while writing or pasting photos on it.  You can add pictures, write messages, and make this gift even more memorable.

Another factor, which makes it one of the best Valentine’s gifts for him/her, is its overall durability. If kept securely, it can last for many years without receiving even a single scratch.


  • Has more than 50 pages, which is enough for creating a long-lasting memory
  • An ideal gift option for both Valentine’s and birthdays
  • Features plenty of scrapbook stickers and postcards to make the book look more interesting


  • The pages of the scrapbook need to be fastened manually

3. Pullover Hoodie

Pullover HoodieAre you looking for a quirky gift option for your loved one? The hoodie set of Wangyue should be your go-to option. Besides having King and Queen words printed on them, the hoodies come with a unique design. Because of being made by high-end polyester material, they are quite skin-friendly and comfortable too.

The hoodies can keep warm while offering enough breathability. Hence, you can wear them on almost any and every season. There are also pockets available in these clothing items.

Hence, you can keep some of your essentials, such as a purse or a phone, in it. Besides, they are also machine-washable, which is yet another excellent benefit of them.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a couple or for yourself and your partner, then you must try these twining hoodies.


  • It is machine-washable
  • Has a unique yet subtle design
  • Highly breathable


  • Loses shape after a few washes
  • In the smaller size options, the hoods might feel a little bit too small

4. Arrow Heart

Arrow HeartIf you are looking for the most straight-forward and budget-friendly option, then this exquisite offering from SWT should be perfect for you. As its name suggests, the product comes with a heart-shaped locked and a key, which, together, looks unbelievably adorable.

Another factor, which makes it one of the best Valentine’s gifts, is the unique gender symbol patterns engraved in the keyrings. Therefore, both of you can keep a piece of the ring to you as a memoir of your love and togetherness.


  • Comes with a glossy appearance
  • Has a unique all-gender-friendly outlook
  • Highly durable


  • Its overall design is not good enough

5. 3D Pop-Up Card

3D Pop-Up CardWhen talking about birthday cards, most people tend to tag them as an old-fashioned idea. However, that does not really seem to be true in the case of this card from Deesos. Like other birthday cards, this one, too, has a pop-up pattern but looks way better than its rivals.

Furthermore, the cardboard-made paper has quite a bit of space in it too. Thus, if you want to, then you can also make it a bit personalized by adding a few words of your own.

Moreover, Deesos also includes an envelope in the gift package, which should definitely add a little bit of surprise quotient to your gift.


  • Highly durable
  • Unique design
  • Enough space for adding a personal note


  • Its pop-up pattern looks a little bit outdated

6. Aomeiqi Party Hat

Aomeiqi Party HatIf you are thinking about organizing a private party on this Valentine’s Day, then this party hats by Aomeiqi are a must-have for you. There are seven multicolour LED lights and three different flashing modes available in this hat, which would make your loved one really cool at the party.

The party hat is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It is quite efficient and can light up the hat continuously for 72 hours. The sizing of the hat was done quite precisely too. Hence, no matter if you are a girl or a boy, it will fit perfectly with your head, thus making it the best Valentine’s Day gift for him/her.

The hat comes with an on/off button, too, available in the middle of the hat, which improves both its convenience as well as its outlook.


  • Has three different flashing modes
  • Perfect both men and women
  • Its lithium-ion battery can power the hat for continuously three days


  • Its cables get damaged quite easily
  • It is not washable

7.  Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque

Wooden Hanging Heart PlaqueSharing a message of love is the best way to express love for your partner. This wooden plaque having the love message engraved on it will be a constant reminder of your love for him/her. If you want to make your loved one understand your heartfelt feelings for him or her, then this heart-designed plaque should be perfect for you.

It has been made with high-end wooden material. Therefore, it would not get tarnished that easily. Furthermore, the quotes and images on it are quite adorable and expressive. Besides, there is also a hessian twine available with this product. So, if your beloved wants to, then he or she can also hang it from the wall.


  • Robust and durable
  • Has a hanging twine
  • The writings and images look quite authentic and lovely


  • The colourings on the product are not long-lasting

8. Engraved Pocket Watch

 Engraved Pocket WatchPocket watches look classy and have a unique appeal. So, if you are looking for some unconventional gifting option for you loved one, then you can consider buying this one. Unlike normal pocket watches, this one comes with a personalized message engraved on it and has a sleek look.

Another great thing about this watch is that it is quite easy to use and operate. Furthermore, the pocket watch is also available in several different colours, such as vintage bronze, black, and silver. Hence, you will surely be able to find a variant, which would suit your other half most dearly.

Due to these reasons, most people consider this exquisite pocket watch to be one of the best valentine’s gifts, especially for men.


  • Comes with a personalized engraving
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Available in three different colour variants


  • Its exterior is not durable at all

9. 24K Gold Flower

24K Gold FlowerSince its inception, BOBOH has always offered its customers with high-end products, and this gold rose flower is definitely one of them. The product comes with exquisite design and glossy appearance, which makes it ideal for both as a proposal and Valentine’s Day gift.

This golden rose is made from real rose petals dipped in natural resin and protein to preserve it, and thus giving it a natural look, you can even spot the lines on the leaves and petals are quite visible too. However, the only minor issue about the gold rose is that it is quite fragile. So, make sure to be careful while handling it.


  • Made with 24K gold plate
  • Can be used as a home decor item
  • Comes with a glossy and glamorous design


  • It is fragile
  • Quite expensive

10. Gifffted Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Coffee Mugs

Gifffted Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Coffee MugsFinding the right couple gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversary can be tricky, isn’t it? So, let’s get it simplified for you with this coffee mug set by Triple Gifffted. The set comes with two coffee mugs with funny texts written on it. Hence, with them, you can start your mornings with a broad smile on your faces.

The coffee mugs were manufactured from high-end ceramic material, which makes it quite durable and easy to wash. The prints are of quite high-quality too. Thus, they will not come off anytime soon.


  • Unique design
  • Multi-occasional gift option
  • Comes with two durable luggage tags


  • The larger size of the cups might not suit some people’s preferences

11. Moon Lamp

Moon LampFeaturing an exciting 3D printing technology, the exotic moon lamp from WYCY exhibits the true appearance of the natural satellite of the earth. Furthermore, it also has a touch control system. Hence, you can change it to 16 different bright colours just by touching it.

Widely considered as one of the best Valentine’s gifts for your wife or girlfriend, the moon lamp also comes with remote control. With it, you can adjust the brightness of lights and switch to different modes.

Also, the moon lamp was made from food-grade PLA material. Thus, it is quite environment-friendly and will not cause any harm to your skin or hands.  So, this gift would be a perfect way of saying that you love your partner to the moon and back.


  • Provides a fantastic and serene glow, which helps in relaxing the nerves and setting the mood
  • Comes with 16 different color choices
  • The touch control system makes it unique


  • Its overall durability is not good at all

12. Natural Oak Wooden Cube Frame

Natural Oak Wooden Cube FrameIf you want to cherish the memories of your relationship forever, then this keepsake cube box can be of great help for you. Made with pure oak wood, the box can carry up to four photos around its sides and one picture on its lid.

Furthermore, there is plenty of space in the box. Therefore, you can keep some of your essential items in it and use it as a keepsake box.

The overall design and appearance of the cube also look quite sublime. So, besides keeping your belongings safe, it can also help to improve your room’s general outlook. Due to these reasons, the cube box can be one of the best Valentine’s gifts for anyone.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Can hold up to five 3×3 photos
  • It gives you ample storage space


  • Does not have a clipping system

13. Beauty And The Beast Rose Light

Beauty And The Beast Rose LightWhen searching for the best Valentines gifts in the market, you may find a lot of options, but if you are looking for a unique piece, then you must consider buying this beauty and beast rose light. The product comes with a beautifully-designed handmade rose with lights twined around it. So, when it is lit, it will remind your lover about you and how you have brightened up his or her world.

There are eight modes available in this exquisite lighting model. So, you can easily change them with the remote as per your mood or requirements. Furthermore, the product also comes with an envelope and a message card. So, while giving it to your loved one, you can write a short heartfelt text on it to express your feelings about her.


  • Comes with eight different modes – perfect for any mood or setting
  • Versatile gift
  • Its overall design is quite impressive


  • The outer glass is not durable

14. Best Bitches Keychain

Best Bitches KeychainIf you are looking for an ideal gift option to give your BFF in the upcoming Valentine’s Day, then you can opt for this excellent keychain. Made with stainless steel material, the keychain ring comes with the ‘best bitches’ quote engraved on it. So, whenever your friend looks at it, it will surely remind him or her about the strong bond of friendship both of you share.

Furthermore, because of being made with stainless steel, it also does not attract dust or rust on it. So, if your friend handles it carefully, then it will last forever, just like your friendship!


  • Comes with a cool and quirky design
  • Seamless design and glossy outlook
  • Has a budget-friendly price tag


  • The engravings might start to fade after a few months
  • Its material is quite thin

15. Couple Lover Key Rings

Couple Lover Key RingsCouple key rings are one of the favourite gifting options. It is a simple and easy way to convey your love and will be a constant reminder of how much your partner means to you. These highly-furnished keyrings come with two puzzle-like pendants with some heartfelt quotes engraved on it.

Another factor, which makes it one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for couples, is its overall durability. The product is made with high-end stainless steel. Hence, it will not get damaged that easily and will last for a prolonged period while showcasing your true love for your beloved.


  • Its engravings do not come off easily
  • Long-lasting
  • Exquisite design and appearance


  • The size of the pendants are too small

16.  Timeless Romantic Red Rose Cube

Timeless Romantic Red Rose CubeLove is everlasting, and if you want to convey the same to your partner, then gifting this red rose cube from Petals and Roses is a good choice. It is considered to be one of the best Valentine’s gifts for several reasons. Firstly, it comes with a huge handmade rose model in a carefully designed glass container, which looks both classy and exotic at the same time.

Furthermore, as the rose is completely handmade, it will last for a prolonged period if kept carefully. For the same reason, it also does not require water or any type of maintenance. Due to its exquisite design, it can also be used as a home decor item.


  • No maintenance or water required
  • Its luxurious design makes it an excellent decoration item
  • A great gift option for Valentine’s and Christmas Day


  • The rose is quite small
  • The glass container is somewhat delicate

17. 9-In-1 Multi-Tool Pen

9-In-1 Multi-Tool PenIf you are thinking about giving your loved one a multifunctional gift on this Valentine’s Day, then this tech pen should be perfect for you. It features six different functions, such as a ruler, a touch-screen stylus, a screwdriver, a flat-head, a ballpoint pen, and a spirit level. So, with it, your beloved can do almost anything and everything.

The pen is made with high-quality metal. Hence, it will not get damaged or scratched that easily. Due to its multifunctional capabilities, the pen is considered by many as one of the best Valentine’s gifts in the market, especially for men.


  • It is Durable
  • Can perform six different functions
  • Can come in quite handy in the workplaces


  • The pen might feel a little bit heavy for a few people

18. Keyring Keychain

Keyring KeychainChoosing the right gift for the loved one can be challenging. So if you are looking for the safest and the best Valentines gifts then keychain is something that you can vouch on. Coming with affectionate engravings, the pendants of the keychain come with unique puzzle design. You can only solve this puzzle when both of you are together.

Furthermore, the overall outlook of the keychain also looks quite seamless and well-thought, which is yet another great thing about it. Lastly, the whole keychain has been made with durable material. Thus, it will not rust or get bent that easily.


  • It has excellent finishing
  • Long-lasting engravings


  • Quality might be an issue

19. Preserved Flower Rose

Preserved Flower RoseThere are several reasons that prompt everyone to consider the preserved rose from Reawul as one of the best Valentine’s gifts in the market. Firstly, even though the preserved rose is made from a real flower; however, due to the usage of properpreservation technology, it can last for many years.

Secondly, it comes in a retro gift box, which makes it look quite amazing and interesting at the same time. Furthermore, the glass container, too, has been made quite carefully and does not have any design-based flaws. So, it can be used for decorating the rooms or dining table too.


  • Exotic design
  • It has a light and has a beautiful aroma
  • The product is environment-friendly


  • The glass container is fragile

20. 24K Gold Rose Flower

24K Gold Rose FlowerBe it mother’s day or the much-awaited Valentine’s Day; roses have always been one of the trendiest gifting options. Hence, if you are looking for one such option for your loved one, then the gold-plated rose by JOLALIA can be quite perfect for you.

Because of being made with 24K gold material, the colour, as well as the design of the rose, will not fade anytime soon. Furthermore, due to its sparkling outlook, it can also be used as a home decor item.


  • It is quite durable and long-lasting
  • A versatile gift option
  • Comes with a beautiful gift package


  • Its overall design could have been better

21. Angel Lover Preserved Rose

Angel Lover Preserved RoseAngle Lover brings you this unique and beautiful preserved rose. The rose has been preserved quite capably and exquisitely by the manufacturers and personifies the phrase ‘true beauty’ quite perfectly.

Furthermore, it is also quite long-lasting and suits perfectly with any home decor. Also, you would not have to water it or maintain it daily. It will look beautiful without requiring any external help at all.

However, make sure to be careful with the glass container as it is quite fragile.


  • It can last for 3-5 years
  • Comes with 11 different colour variant


  • Quite expensive

22. Entertainment VIXX

Entertainment VIXXIf you are thinking about giving your girlfriend something that will be in her memory for a long time, then you just cannot go wrong with this product. The gift package from JellyFish contains a music CD with more than 10 love songs and a photo book that contains around 100 pictures in it. So, you can put all of your best memories in it without any issue.

This packaged gifting option is an ideal way to flaunt your love for her. Furthermore, it also has a postcard where you can write everything that you feel for your loved one to make the special day even more memorable.


  • Features some of the most beloved love songs
  • Has an incredible aroma
  • Best gifting option for the K-Pop lovers


  • It comes with pre-decided songs, which may not be loved by your partner

23. Rose Soap Flower Petals

Rose Soap Flower PetalsThe amazing gifting option from Deals&Bargain comes in a heart-shaped red-coloured box, which looks quite perfect. The package contains six rose-like soaps, which have a great appearance as well as shape altogether.

However, the only minor issue with this product is that as all the soaps are handmade, the colours of one of them might seem a little bit different than the other. However, if your loved one is not that choosy, then it should be a great gifting option for him or her.


  • Comes with six soaps
  • Has an exquisite outlook
  • Quite inexpensive


  • The soaps are quite small
  • The gift box is not durable at all

24. Carnation Soap Rose

Carnation Soap RoseSince its inception, THE BEST DAY has always offered excellent gifting options at an affordable price, and this one here is a prime example of it. The gift box contains a beautiful setup of red roses and white roses, which make it one of the best valentine’s day gifts for couples.

Moreover, even though being handmade, the roses do look like the real ones and have a beautiful scent. Therefore, if your beloved wants to, then they can also use it as a home decor item. Furthermore, the design of the box is quite compact too. Hence, you can store it almost anywhere.


  • An excellent alternative gifting option for those who are allergic to real rose petals
  • Comes with an exquisite flower setup
  • The box is quite durable and can last for a prolonged period


  • Customization is not offered in terms of colour and fragrance of the soap

25.  Rose Flower Bouquet

Rose Flower BouquetAre you thinking about giving the love of your life something that is both classy and unique? Then, you should definitely opt for this bouquet. Made with high-end material, the roses of this exquisite bouquet would not dry out like the real ones, just as your love for her.

Moreover, both design-wise and build-wise, the product is quite durable too. So, it will last for a long time and keep reminding your beloved about your affection towards her.


  • The delicate yet sensual design of the bouquet adds a touch of glamour
  • Perfect for every occasion
  • Available in three gorgeous colour options


  • The golden colour variant looks a little bit flimsy

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Valentine Gift

Choosing a perfect gift for your loved one can be quite challenging, as well as intimidating. It can either make or break his or her day. Hence, you would have to be very careful and consider a few factors while choosing the best valentine’s day gifts for your dearest. The following are a few of them:

1. Have A Good Idea About Your Partner’s Personality

Valentine’s Day gift is going to be one of the most intimate things that you are ever going to give to your loved one. Therefore, it would be a total bummer if the gift does not match his or her personality.

Besides that, you should also make sure that whatever you are giving should last for a prolonged period and is of use. Otherwise, it would not really be memorable now, would it?

2. Try Out Some Personalized Options

Believe it or not, the personalized gift options have become quite trendy these days. They do not cost much, are easier to make, and can express your feelings for your partner in the best possible way.

There are several quirky options available out there in the market that have a meaningful message or image engraved on them. So, if you pull your strings perfectly and find out the best one among them, then it would surely leave an ever-lasting impression on your beloved.

3. Make Sure To Keep It Is Simple Yet Classy

The best Valentine’s gifts should be expressive and unique. But, they should not be, in any way, complicated or too difficult to understand. So, to get the best out of your choice, make sure to keep everything classy yet subtle.

Making things too cheesy might make it difficult for you to let your beloved know about your true feelings. Furthermore, they might also take it in a different way, which can be somewhat problematic for you in the future. Who knows?

4. Sprinkle A Little Bit Of Surprise To It

Choosing the ideal gift for your partner is definitely the most important thing in the world. But, how are you going to present it to him or her is quite crucial too. However, you do not have to spend any extra money for that.

All you would have to do is to add a little bit of surprise in your gift. For that, you can wrap it uniquely, or send it in a different way, or include something unexpected in the package. After all, gifts without surprises are not really fun, are they?

5. Budget

The last yet not the least factor will be your budget. It might seem somewhat obvious, but to impress their loved ones, most people tend to forget about it. So, before you go out and start choosing the gift, make sure to determine your budget first.

There are so many best valentines gifts available in the market that are quite budget-friendly yet sublime. So, instead of splashing your cash, make sure to take your time and try to find out these options.

So, these are some of the factors that you need to consider when searching for the best Valentine’s Day gifts. If you have, indeed, found out a lot of options, then make sure to compare them and get the best one out of them.

FAQs on Valentines Gifts

1. What Should Be The Best Valentine’s Gift For My Girlfriend?

Well, it would depend on your girlfriend’s preferences as well as her personality. However, if you do not have any idea about any of them, then it would be better for you to opt for some personalized options. They will help you to both make her happy and help her to understand the feelings your share for her.

Personalized jewelleries are trending nowadays and would make a great gift for her.

2. Can I Give Any Gift To My Friend On Valentine’s Day?

Yes, of course, you can. Friends are one of the best parts of life, aren’t they? So, you should definitely show how much you care for them through your gifts. Like any other situation, personalized gifts can be an excellent option for you. However, if you want to make it a little bit more unique or intimate, then you may also opt for a hoodie set.

3. What Are The Best Gift Options For Married People?

There are several different gifts available out there that can be the best for married couples. If you are looking for some quirky options, then you can opt for the hoodie sets. However, if you want the gift to be a little bit intimate and personal, then the DIY gift boxes can be an excellent option for you. You can also go for gift hampers containing goodies for the couple.

4. What Will Be The Best Gift Option For My Boyfriend?

Believe it or not, most boys or men are quite straightforward in terms of gift options. Hence, you can choose anyone from the above-mentioned suggestions, which you think to be the best one, and give it to him. However, the personalized options will be quite perfect in this case too.

Melt The Heart Of Your Loved One With The Best Valentine’s Gift

If you do even a little bit of research in the market, then you will find out a plethora of options, but when it comes to choosing the best valentine’s day gifts, you must choose the one which best matches the personality or liking of your partner. Furthermore, if you are not cautious enough, then you might end up buying something that may not help you to express your heartfelt feelings properly.

Hence, as discussed before in the write-up, you would have to consider a few things, such as your partner’s personality as well as your budget. These would surely help you to find what you are looking for and is going to make your partner happy.

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