Best Beer Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Budweiser2. SkinnyBrands3. Birra Moretti
Budweiser Lager Best Beer GiftSkinnyBrands Premium LagerBirra Moretti Premium

Giving gifts on special occasions like New year, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas is a great tradition and can help us to strengthen the relationship and bond. When we have to purchase a special gift for a close colleague, partner, friend, or family member we have to usually think a lot before buying the best beer gift. When you know you have to purchase a gift for a beer lover the process of buying a gift gets easy.

Beer lovers like to enjoy their special moments drinking their favourite beverage with family and friends. There are various best beer gifts available keeping in mind the beer lover’s appetite. We have created a list of best top gifts for beer lovers, to help you choose the perfect one.

Top 10 Best Beer Gifts 2020

1. Budweiser Lager

Budweiser Lager Best Beer Gift

This is an ultimate gift for the beer lovers in your life. Budweiser is enjoyed across the world on special occasions, it is widely famous as the king of beers. Most beer lovers like to savour this cool, accurately balanced, full-flavoured, crisp American style lager after a long, hectic week.

Budweiser is brewed using best barley malt and a blend of finest hop varieties, which gives it a golden colour and subtle honey aroma and a hint of citrus accompanied by notes of malt and noble hops. This pack contains 20 bottles of 300 millimetres each.

Anyone who enjoys the great taste of Budweiser would definitely like this perfect treat. They can enjoy their favourite game, vacations, or chill out time drinking their perfect favourite beverage. This gift is sure to bring a hearty smile on any beer lovers’ face. Age verification is required for delivery.


  • Well Balanced taste
  • 4.08% Alcohol content
  • Great Value for money
  • Clean and smooth taste to savour


  • Hidden costs
  • Some may find the beer light to laste

2. SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

When you have to purchase a gift for a beer lover who is equally enthusiastic about staying fit and wants to make healthy choices than buying Skinnybrands premium lager should be the top choice. Drinking beer while planning to stay slim can be tricky, hence low-calorie drinks such as Skinnybrands are getting popular among the millennials.

Skinnybrands lager has just 89 calories for 330ml along with considerably fewer carbohydrates which makes it a healthier option. You can limit the calories intake without compromising on the taste of the premium lager. It is also gluten-free and vegan friendly for environmentally conscious beer lovers. It is KLDB kosher certified. It’s an ultimate gift for environmentally conscious people.

Skinny brand keeping in mind the demand of modern consumers have made this crisp clean and refreshingly malty premium lager which is full of flavours. By gifting this premium lager, you can encourage your beer-loving friend to make healthier choices without compromising on health.


  • 4% ABV content
  • Full Flavour beer
  • Gluten-Free and vegan
  • 13 IBU means high on the bitterness


  • The packaging is not good
  • Contains barley which might cause allergies in some

3. Birra Moretti Premium

Birra Moretti Premium

When you need to find a perfect gift for your friend who enjoys an authentic traditional beer then Birra Moretti is the best choice. Most beer lovers enjoy this genuine ultimate Italian lager. The well-balanced flavours of this lager make it a seamless accompaniment for meals.

The highest quality of natural ingredients is used to make this beer along with a superior blend of high-quality hops. Which provides the smooth, full-bodied beer with malt top notes which are blended with bitterness that balances out well. The distinctive aroma and flavour intensify the taste of this lager.

The beer lovers in your life will certainly love this low fermented golden colour beer. The colour of the beer is influenced by the consistency of malt used. The alcohol content is only 4.6% in this beer which makes it an ideal drink for any time of day.


  • Quality traditional Italian beer
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Best with Italian food
  • 4.6% Alcohol content
  • Contains gluten free ingredients
  • Beer is bottom fermented and the golden colour looks wonderful when served


  • The beer is now manufactured in UK, not imported from Italy

4. Budweiser Prohibition Brew

Budweiser Prohibition Brew

Budweiser Prohibition Alcohol-free beer makes a perfect gift for the beer lover who wants to quit alcohol but still craves for the taste and flavour of chilled beer..

This beer is brewed in the same process with the finest quality of Budweiser ingredients as Budweiser original beer. Finest quality of hops, best barley malt, rice is some of the iconic Budweiser ingredients which gives it a crisp finish and finer taste. Alcohol-free Budweiser provides the same smoothness and drinkability as normal beer.

Budweiser prohibition alcohol-free lager contains 24 cans of 330 ml. Most beer lovers love the taste of Budweiser, its famous across the globe so gifting Budweiser alcohol-free version can help to satisfy the cravings of beer lovers who can’t have alcohol due to various reasons.


  • Enjoy the taste of beer without alcohol
  • Smooth crisp taste
  • Flavourful
  • Contains less than 0.0% ABV


  • Some find the taste to be very light

5. Bavaria 0.0% Original Beer

Bavaria 0.0% Original Beer

This great tasting beer is a great gift for beer lovers, who want to enjoy a beer without any alcohol. Due to various reasons, beer lovers who can’t enjoy alcohol can substitute their drink with Bavaria 0.0% Original beer. This full flavour, exceptionally tasty beer is getting popular due to its original distinct beer character.

Bavaria is producing great beers since 1924 in Holland. They modified the brewing process to ensure no alcohol is created at any step. The beer has malt and hops like aroma, a full body grainy and sweet flavour from the sugar in the barley malt which balances the bitterness of beer.

Givent he usage of premium quality mineral water,the taste of the beer sees a significant change for the better. The refreshing quality of beer and lovely malty taste make it irresistible. The price of this lager is also quite reasonable.


  • Great value for money
  • Process ensures no alcohol is generated in the beer
  • Has a sweet taste to balance the bitterness
  • Natural mineral water that adds purity to taste


  • Some find the taste to be too sugary

6. Sharps Doom Bar

Sharps Doom Bar

This beer is the best-selling beer in Britain, it is quite popular in beer lovers and hence makes a perfect gift for any special occasion. This fine balance beer blends subtle yet complex aromas. It is brewed with passion, expertise and precision to ensure each drop of beer is exceptionally good.

This beer has an intense fragrance of resinous hop sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. It is brewed with conventional brewing techniques and the finest quality ingredients. The beer has a signature style and is refined, highly drinkable with flavour depth with a more sophisticated finish.

Talking about the taste, you will get the sweetness of malt and notes of delicately roasted ingredients which becomes complete with the fragrance od resins. The sweet and roasted malt taste balances the bitterness perfectly.


  • Alcohol content is 4.3%
  • Exceptional Amber Ale with perfect balance
  • Has a moreish appeal
  • Finest quality ingredients for elegant taste


  • Sone find the bitterness to be lacking

7. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness is the most popular brand of beer in the world. For most beer lovers getting Guinness, beer gift is the best beer gift.

This beer is a perfect mix of sweetness and bitterness, the taste is intensified by the hint of roasted barley, making it a bittersweet dark beer. Guinness Beer has ample alcohol, about 7.5%, to make sure beer lovers feel the thrill. It also delivers foam which makes drinkers enjoy a beer more. This beer is brewed for a delicious bite with extra hops.


  • Full-flavoured beer
  • Bitter and sweet taste balancing out each other
  • Dark beer with 7.5% ABV


  • Some of the bottles delivered are past expiry date

8. Stella Artois Lager

Stella Artois Lager

Stella Artois lager is the world’s most popular brand. It is a common household name with an established reputation among beer lovers. This 100-year-old best-selling Belgian beer brand makes a perfect gift for any beer enthusiast.

Stella Artois is the best beer to have with friends and food. It is known for its balanced malt sweetness and amazing floral aroma. The delicate hop bitterness and soft dry texture improve taste and flavour in this beer. It is best served chilled between 3 to 5-degree Celsius in Stella Artois Chalice as per 9 stages pouring ritual for the perfect experience.


  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • 4.8 % Vol alcohol content
  • Known for their taste and balanced notes


  • Expensive given the quantity

9. San Miguel Premium Lager

San Miguel Premium Lager

Sam Miguel is the largest selling beer brand in the world. Most beer lovers who crave for high quality and richness in their drink choose Sam Miguel. It makes the best gift for a beer lover who likes the finest quality of the product.

This beer has a citrus aroma with clear gold colour with generous white creamy foam. It is a full-bodied beer with well-balanced bitterness to offer a clean, clear and refreshing taste. The alcohol content is 5% per volume and comes in 12 bottles of 33 cl. It is a great gift for a special occasion.


  • Golden colour pilsner-style lager
  • Sparkling texture
  • Citrus aroma that balances the taste


  • flavoursome find it to be mild

10. Hofmeister Helles Lager

Hofmeister Helles Lager

Hofmeister Helles Lager is the iconic brand which has made a comeback after 13 years. The beer has earned numerous awards and hence it’s on the radar of most beer lovers. It is a perfect gift for any craft beer lover. The Hofmeister beer is made with traditional Bavarian brewing according to strict German purity beer laws, which uses only water, barley and hops for brewing.

Hofmeister has a light golden colour and has super-rich flavours. This lager is very refreshing, authentic pure testing with an intricate balance of subtle hoppy notes and soft malt. It’s an ideal beer to drink with meals.


  • High quality lager
  • Slow brewed for better taste
  • Perfect gift
  • Winner of best lager award


  • Contains barley which is not gluten-free

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Beer Gifts

Beer has a very long history; it is the oldest fermented drink in the world. With time beer has evolved. it’s the most widely consumed drink across the globe. There are plenty of good beers available hence there is no dearth of finding the best beer as a gift.

When looking for the best gift ideas for near and dear ones, who like to enjoy beer then gifting them some cool accessories along with great beer, will ensure that they will truly enjoy the gift. We have prepared a few tips to help you with buying the best beer gifts.

1. Know The Taste

Firstly, find out what kind of beer they like. When you know the type of beer they drink or like, then you can get a clue to select the type of beer to gift. There are many kinds of beer available high alcohol beer, low alcohol beer, citrusy IPAs and conventional beers. Choose the one that will be certain to please the taste buds of beer lover.

2. Add Some Extra Gear

There are various cool gears available for beer lovers. A beer mug, glasses, T-shirt with the beer theme, bottle openers are some of the gifts that you can add along with favourite beer bottles. You can create a gift basket along with favourite snacks and extra items while gifting.

3. Get Guidance

Beer shop store assistants and managers are the best individuals to seek help and guidance while purchasing best beer gifts. You can ask your doubt regarding quality, taste and price before purchasing the beer. They can help you with special offers and discounted deals if any available with them as well.

4. Buy Fresh Beer

Check the dates on beer package before buying. A beer that is too old may stink after the date of expiry. While buying beer ensure that it is not sitting on the rack for a very long time.

5. Buy High-End Beer

There is no need to break the bank for buying best beer gift. Although you get what you pay for while buying beer. Spending extra money does not promise satisfaction but the beers improved texture and taste is due to the quality of the ingredients. The better fermentation process can enhance the taste as well as the price of the beer.

FAQs on Beer Gifts

1. Can Beer Improve Health?

Beer is nutritious it has many good properties, when consumed responsibly in moderation it can improve your health. As per studies, it is found that It can prevent many diseases like cancer, osteoporosis by increasing the level of antioxidants in the body but these claims are yet to be scientifically approved, hence drink in moderation.

2. Can Beer Cause Obesity?

Beer contains carbohydrates it does not contain fat. When the carbohydrates are not burned and beer is consumed excessively then the carbohydrates can be transformed into fat and lead to weight gain. Drink the beer moderately and perform exercises regularly to prevent weight gain.

3. Which Beers Are More Bitter?

IBU or international bitterness unit is used to measure the bitterness of the beer. The beers which have low IBU are Pilsner and lager which makes them less bitter and the beer with high IBU is IPA or Pale Ale which are more bitter.

4. Which Beers Are Vegan Friendly?

The traditional technique of brewing in Belgian and German beers are vegan hence vegans should go for German and Belgian beers. English beers are processed using animal products called finnings so vegans should avoid English beer.

5. How Long Beer Can Last?

When stored in cool dark place most craft beers can last up to 6 months. Higher alcohol content beers like imperial stouts and barley wines can be stored and aged to develop flavours

6. Why Dark Bottles Are Used For Beer Storing?

When beer comes in contact with light, heat or air it can go bad quickly. The dark bottle limits the exposure to heat and sunlight hence beer is stored in dark colour bottles, it’s recommended to store beer bottles in dark cool places before consuming

Choose The Best Gift For The Beer Lover

We have provided the list of best beer gifts available for beer lovers you can pick the one you find appropriate. There are many gift options available online and in stores. Take proper guidance before purchasing a gift. Buying a few cool accessories or gears along with the beer can make a gift memorable.

Take all the points into consideration before purchasing the perfect best beer gift. We have offered a few pointers to help you make an informed decision while buying a gift for the beer snob in your life.

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