Best Chocolate Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Conscious2. Green & Black3. SushiCandy
Conscious Chocolate Bar Best Chocolate GiftGreen & Black Gift HamperSushicandy Variety Gift Pack

Eating chocolates is pure joy, not only for kids, but for adults as well. During special occasions like festive celebrations, birthdays, for desserts, snacks, and even when you are feeling down, a bite of chocolate is enough to enhance our mood. Chocolates can enhance our mood, and they are known for their health benefits as well.

Considering all the benefits of chocolates mentioned above, a chocolate box can be a perfect gift idea for anyone. We all feel overjoyed when we receive a luxurious packet of chocolate from our loved ones, and for that reason, we have listed here some of the best chocolate gifts you can gift to others.

Apart from the list of best chocolates to impress the chocoholics in your life, we have also mentioned a few factors you must consider while buying these gifts, types of chocolates you can choose, and a bit of other useful information. Go through this guide and make a long lasting impression on the heart and mind of your loved ones.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Gifts 2020

1. Conscious Chocolate Bar

Conscious Chocolate Bar Best Chocolate Gift

This is a perfect gift for people who are health conscious or have special dietary requirements. People following a vegan-friendly lifestyle, diabetics, raw foodists, coeliacs, health-conscious and vegetarians can indulge in the pleasure of eating these Conscious chocolate bars without any concern.

This chocolate is handmade, hand wrapped and made with the finest of organic raw ingredients. It is free of refined sugar, milk, dairy, soy and gluten, which helps everyone to enjoy this delicious chocolate without triggering any allergies. This tasty and healthy raw vegan chocolate is popularly enjoyed across the world.

The Rocky Road collection contains four fantastic chocolate bars, 60 gms each, in four flavours: Sour Cherry, Chia and Coconut, Goji and Coconut, and Four Nuts. It’s a perfect gift for people who don’t want to compromise on taste and are conscious about the chocolate quality and their health. The high Peruvian cocoa content is certain to offer everyone a mesmerising, indulgent treat.


  • The packaging is plastic-free
  • Raw pleasure
  • Contains Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts, Cashews
  • Ethically sourced raw ingredients


  • Bland taste compared to real dark chocolate

2. Green & Black Gift Hamper

Green & Black Gift Hamper

Green and Black chocolates gift hamper is a great gift choice for chocolate lovers. This 395g hamper contains fair-trade certified intense chocolate products. It is the perfect luxurious tasty gift for any special occasion.

Your foodie friend will love this gift basket, as it comes with a wide variety of chocolate bars with a wide range of unique flavours and chocolate boxes. Wide range of testing collection and flavoured bars makes it an ideal choice.

This product is suitable for gifting to your vegan friends, as it is made with pure organic high-quality ingredients. It contains organically grown cocoa ground to give chocolate its distinctive signature flavour. The use of organically grown gorgeous vanilla and unrefined sugars also give it unrivalled taste and flavour.

Green and Black chocolates are widely popular organic chocolate bars in the world. They are made to cater to everyone’s taste buds. From dark bitter chocolate to milk sweet chocolate, these chocolates are sure to please everyone. This chocolate hamper is a perfect gift for any occasion.


  • Affordable
  • Organic
  • Fairtrade chocolate hamper
  • Wide range of chocolate boxes
  • Attractive gift packaging in a 350 x 260 x 170mm box
  • A gift card included to write your personal message


  • A little expensive

3. Sushicandy Variety Gift Pack

Sushicandy Variety Gift Pack

This multi-flavoured chocolate box is an excellent gift for any KitKat lover. These chocolates offer deviations from usual dark to milk chocolates usually found everywhere. KitKat is a popular souvenir gifted in Japan, and traditional Japanese ingredients are used to make this Kit Kat, which gives it a unique and interesting flavour.

When you need to purchase a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s or birthdays or just to say Good Luck to anyone who has an obsession with KitKat bars, this pack of 10 different unique flavours of popular Japanese Kit Kat bars is certainly a gift for any special occasion. There are total 20 bars of Kit Kat in 10 different flavours, which means you will receive twice per flavour.

There are more than 300 flavours of Kit Kat available in Japan. The experience and adventure of tasting this flavourful treat are fun, and hence these 20 Japanese Kit Kat bars make great gifts for family and friends.


  • 20 Bars of KitKat
  • 10 Unique Flavours
  • Fast shipping
  • Great gift option for any occasion


  • Flavours are written in Japanese language, so you don’t know what you are eating

4. Happy Belly Chocolate Thins

Happy Belly Chocolate Thins

When you are looking for an exceptional and fun gift for any chocolate lover, then don’t look any further. This pack of luxurious mint flavoured Belgian dark chocolate thins will certainly please the taste buds and make an indulgent treat for any chocoholic.

Millions of chocolate lovers across the globe love these mint flavoured Belgian dark chocolate thins. It is made of high quality Belgian dark chocolate and crisp rice puffs, which gives crunchy, light and amazing experience. This indulgent irresistible treat is a perfect gift for any special occasion.

This chocolate is a great gift for vegan-friendly or vegetarian people, as ingredients used are organic and high in quality. This product is UTZ certified, which means the brand supports responsible cocoa farming. This full-flavoured, mouth-watering, delicious perfect treat has a beautiful caramel aroma.

This incredibly tasty and addictive chocolate gift would surely please anyone.


  • Incredibly tasty and crispy
  • Great mint flavour
  • Contains caramel and puffed rice
  • Pack of 4x125g
  • Other flavours also available


  • Not suitable for people with allergy to nuts or milk

5. Edible Blooms Chocolate Gift Set

Edible Blooms Chocolate Gift Set

Everybody dreams of receiving chocolate bouquets as a gift, especially when the bouquet contains the world’s best high-quality chocolates like 10 swiss chocolates, 4 Ferrero Rocher, and 6 hazelnut Lindor. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones, as the chocolates just melt in the mouth and feel like heaven.

These chocolate bouquets are amazing gifts, as they are creative and aesthetically pleasing to win the heart and make gift receiver immensely happy. It comes with a keepsake bucket and complimentary gift wrap.
This chocolate bouquet is hand made by professionals with environment-friendly packaging.

It is one of the best chocolates gifts that can be personalised as well, as it comes with a gift card on which you can write your personal message. You can get free delivery in the UK with super-fast shipping.


  • Stunning bouquet style presentation
  • Beautiful gift basket of 20 chocolates
  • Free UK delivery
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Packed with ice in summer
  • Special discounts when you buy more than one pack


  • Overpriced

6. Love Cocoa Chocolate Truffles

Love Cocoa Chocolate Truffles

These chocolates are a pure delight for any chocolate lover, and hence make a perfect gift for any special occasion. It is a perfect blend of fresh cream ganache, Marc De Champagne, and a rich puree of raspberry, covered with white chocolate and adorned with chunks of raspberry.

The Love Cocoa Raspberry champagne chocolate truffles are made with premium quality truffles which provide long-lasting experience to delight and impress every chocoholic with refined taste of chocolates.
These handmade premium quality chocolate truffles are carefully sourced with high-quality ingredients and a luxury fusion of finest cocoa.

It’s a perfect gift for someone special in your life, as it comes in an elegant packaging and an attractive pack of 150g.


  • Incredible taste and texture
  • Luxury chocolate
  • Premium quality truffles
  • Irresistible
  • The company claims to plant one tree for each package sold
  • Affordable price


  • Moderate use for people with diabetes and other health problems

7. A-Z Sweetshop Lunar Box

A-Z Sweetshop Lunar Box

Everyone loves a jam-packed chocolate hamper, irrespective of any age, which makes it a great gift idea for any person on any special occasion. It can bring a smile even on the most stern faces. This wonderfully special sweet hamper can be a perfectly beautiful exclusive surprise for anyone special in your life.

This chocolate hamper contains the best selection of quality chocolates and makes an ideal chocolate gift. It is provided with stylish designer cosmic treasure box along with favourite top brands of chocolates such as Nestle, Kraft, Cadburys, Fry’s, Terry’s and Kinder.

The hamper contains 27 assorted full-sized bars with plenty of choices and shipped in a nice rigid box. The recipients will surely be pleased with the quality and taste of the chocolate bars.


  • Jam-packed with chocolates
  • Best selection of 27 assorted bars
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy gift box included


  • Some chocolates may break during transit

8. Chocolate Express Gift Hamper

Chocolate Express Gift Hamper

Best chocolate gifts like this one can bring happiness for your loved ones on all occasions. This luxurious Belgian chocolate gift hamper contains Leonidas Belgian chocolates that are widely popular across the globe. They use high-quality fresh ingredients, which gives this chocolate its exquisite flavour.

Every chocolate lover likes to enjoy these luxury fresh chocolates, which are made with 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate coatings. Leonidas is 100% pure Belgian premium chocolate brand, which uses only pure high-quality cocoa beans. Any chocolate lover would be very pleased to receive this 650g gift hamper as a gift.

This beautiful, well presented, bestselling hamper can be sent with a free personal message. To enjoy full flavour, store between 15°C-18°C and eat straight from a dry and cool place.


  • Made up of Fresh ingredients
  • Contains world-famous chocolates
  • 100% Pure Belgian chocolates


  • Expensive

9. Party Perfecto Chocolate Bar

Party Perfecto Chocolate Bar

This is the best type of chocolate to give someone as a birthday gift, as birthday boys and girls deserve this special treat on their birthday. This is a brilliant gift, as you can write a wonderful message on the chocolate pack, and there is no need to buy a separate card for the message.

Chocolate wrapper can be personalised to include your name and the age of the receiver on the front, and your personal message at the back.

This salted caramel chocolate bar is the perfect gift for birthdays of chocolate lovers. It’s a normal size, a nicely wrapped chocolate bar which is delicious and exquisite.

The sweet and salty delicious combination burst with irresistible flavours in your mouth leave you desiring for more. One the person finishes the delicious chocolate, he or she can keep the wrapper as a keepsake.


  • Novelty birthday gift
  • Value for money
  • Great customer services
  • A variety of other flavours also available


  • Delicate enough to be broken in transit

10. Chocolate Express Gift Box

Chocolate Express Gift Box

This chocolate is an ideal gift for people who are following a gluten-free diet or can’t have gluten due to medical conditions. This pack of 14 Leonidas Belgian chocolates is an extravagant selection of fresh chocolate varieties. They are deliciously decorated and covered in smooth milk, white and dark chocolate, and the coating is made of 100% cocoa butter.

These chocolates are best gifts, as they are handpicked into the vintage Belgian Ballotin Gift package, wrapped in a gift paper and are tied with luxurious Leonidas ribbon with a free complimentary gift message.

The gluten-free chocolate box assortment includes gluten-free fresh buttercreams which melt in the mouth instantly. Luxury ganache and liquid caramels, all made with only fresh and natural ingredients and high-quality cocoa beans, are a perfect treat to enjoy.


  • 100% pure cocoa butter coating
  • Fresh Belgian chocolates
  • Gluten-free


  • Size of the box is too small

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Chocolate Gifts

Most of us can’t resist the mouth-watering, scrumptious, heavenly delights called chocolates, and giving a chocolate gift can strengthen your relationship with the recipient. However, let’s check some of the factors to consider while buying the best chocolate gifts:

1. Amount Of Cocoa

Dark chocolates have high amounts of cocoa in them, due to which they are dark in colour, bitter in taste, but more nutritious and healthier. Most people choose chocolates with approximately 70% cocoa, however chocolates with 85% or high cocoa content are considered ideally suitable for health.

The number of milk solids and sugar added to them can also make up a difference in white and dark chocolate. White chocolates are usually a mixture of sugar milk and other sweetening agents. Many reputed brands provide information about the right amount of cocoa in their product, so that you can make an informed choice.

2. Taste

If you know what type of chocolates the person likes to eat, or which chocolate brand is his or her favourite, then you can plan to gift them that chocolate only. However, the chocolate lovers’ taste also depends on their age. Children usually like sweet milk chocolates as a gift, while many adults like to eat dark healthy chocolates with bitter taste and less sugar.

Watch the beautiful smile on the face of gift recipients when they receive their favourite box of chocolates.

3. Budget

Budget plays a very important role while choosing a chocolate gift for your loved one. You can find very cheap to high end imported chocolate gift boxes out there. The ingredients can make a huge difference in the quality of chocolate as well as the price. So, finding the chocolate box suitable for your budget is essential.

4. Important Features

The chocolate gift should contain chocolates that have well-sealed packaging, uniform total chocolate colour and best by date information. They should make a snap sound while braking, which confirms that they are fresh and crisp.

5. Freshness

Always ensure the chocolates are freshly made with high-quality ingredients, and avoid stale ones. When not stored in cool places, chocolates tend to go bad before the expiry date. Special chocolate stores or candy shops ensure their product stay fresh by storing them effectively in cool places.

6. Wrapping

Most chocolate brands know packaging plays a key role in making gift hampers. A nicely packaged gift can make a great impression on the buyer as well as the gift recipient. Many chocolate brands offer a quality gift card and wrapping to make a great gift with personlisation.

Type Of Chocolates You Can Gift

The first ingredients listed in most high-quality chocolates are cocoa, another important ingredient can be sugar. Many chocolates with lower cocoa percentage use cocoa butter for a smooth texture. Let’s check some of the types of chocolates you can send as a gift:

1. Baked Or Unsweetened Chocolate

It is known as unsweetened chocolate, as it contains only 100% cocoa and no sugar. Cocoa butter helps to hold it together. Owing to its bitter taste, people don’t like to eat it raw, but it’s widely used for baking.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains over 70% cocoa. It will not have the same bitter taste, as a certain amount of sugar is added in the ratio of cocoa to make it edible.

3. Bittersweet Chocolate

This chocolate contains 30% sugar and 70% cocoa. Many people prefer to use bittersweet chocolate for baking instead of unsweetened chocolate.

4. Semi-Sweet Chocolate

This chocolate contains 40% sugar and 60% cocoa. This chocolate is ideally preferred for all kinds of uses. It is widely eaten, used in baking or cooking, and even melted for decorating pastries.

5. Milk Chocolate

As the name suggests, milk chocolate contains milk solids along with sugar and only 10 to 40% of cocoa. Occasionally, vanilla is also added for flavour.

6. White Chocolate

This chocolate is made of cocoa butter and sugar. It contains no cocoa, and a little vanilla is added for flavour. Most people don’t even consider it a chocolate.

FAQs on Chocolate Gifts

1. How To Store Chocolates?

Chocolates should be stored in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. They can last long when stored in cooler places. When they are stored with other foods, they can pick food flavours around them. It’s essential to wrap and cover them thoroughly, so that they do not get exposed to other food items.

2. How Long Can We Keep Chocolates?

The best before date is provided on the wrapper of all chocolates, however its best to consume it within 3 weeks.

3. Is There Gluten-Free, Soy-Free And Sugar-Free Vegan Variety Of Chocolates?

Yes, you can get such varieties of chocolates as per your requirement.

4. What Determines The Quality Of Chocolates?

The quality of finished chocolate depends heavily on the quality of raw cocoa beans, and their fermentation, roasting, grinding and mixing processes at the factory.

5. Why Chocolate Gift Boxes Are The Perfect Gifts?

Chocolate gift boxes are attractive and are a perfect gift for people of all ages. They are traditionally linked with good times, love and affection. They not only look stunning, but smell and taste great too. Most gift boxes have an assortment of best chocolates, so that you can enjoy a variety at a time.

Choose The Best Chocolate Gifts To Impress

Best chocolate gifts the perfect gifts you can send to any person on any occasion. They never fail to impress the recipients, and they are enough to woo someone special in your life. To understand what kind of chocolates to gift on a special occasion, we have provided a list of best chocolates and gift hampers, along with other important pointers to help you make an informed decision.

Give attention to the factors to be considered while buying chocolate gifts, and make a lasting impression on that special someone in your life.

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