Best Friend Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Wooden Hanging Heart Best Friend GiftThe Magical Touch UKPhilip Jones

A friend is a person with whom you enjoy and love to spend time with. But the best friend is someone over and above a friend.

He/she has a special place in your heart; with them, you share, care, cry, laugh, and just be yourself. They will never be judgmental. So, when comes the time to select best friend gifts for any occasion , one has to be very selective.


Not to mention, the best friend gifts doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be meaningful. Hence, while buying the gift, you must look at the various options available and select as per the liking of your best friend.

Given below is a list of top gifts for your best friend from some of the reliable and known gifts and accessories brands. Here, you can also read about gift buying tips, FAQs, and other useful information that will help.

Top 15 Best Friend Gifts 2020

1. Wooden Hanging Heart

Wooden Hanging Heart Best Friend Gift

If you are looking for a unique present for best friend, then this lovely heart-shaped wooden hanging by Manta will be one of the top choices.

Its unique heart shape reflects your love for your friend. Moreover, it comes with a message, which will give your best friend a feeling of how important he/she is for you. Moreover, wooden plaque gifts look very trendy and are very much in demand.


  • Can be used as a thank you message
  • Long-lasting as made of wood
  • Durable which makes it easy to courier outstation


  • Not suitable to be considered for a bigger gift

2. The Magical Touch UK

The Magical Touch UK

This is a special gift for best friend who very special to you. Get creative with this gift and add a personalized message to make it more exclusive. This beautiful bracelet comes in silver and beautiful rose gold.

You can personalize it with name or a message of your choice and choose the birthstone of your friend or of the person to whom you will be gifting this. The message can be up to 18 characters long.

Additionally, there is no size concern as the bracelet is adjustable. It is very richly packed that gives the very first royal look. All these features make it the most ideal personalized best friend gifts.


  • Comes in adjustable fitting
  • Selection of birthstones gives a feel-good factor
  • Comes with attractive packaging


  • The message can’t be longer than 18 characters
  • Limited colours of metals for selection

3. Philip Jones

Philip Jones

If you are looking for fashionable yet elegant gift ideas for your best friend, this sterling silver neckpiece is just for you.

This unique gift can be used as a daily wear item because of the high-quality materials used in its making. It has a contemporary style and comes with a luxe finish.

Furthermore, it comes with a 1-year guarantee and with money refund assurance for lack of satisfaction. It is presented in a luxurious branded pouch, making it ideal as a best friend gift. You can also consider it as the best friend birthday gifts option.


  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Has high-quality
  • Has elegant luxe finish
  • Can be worn daily


  • Slightly high priced

4. Gift In Can

Gift In Can

This cute best friend gift is a handmade item that comes in approximate size of 10 * 9.5 cm. Its attractive design is made from high quality sustainable 3mm plywood.

It has a shape of heart, which will effectively convey your feeling of love for your best friend.

It comes with a beautiful friendship message which any friend would love to read. Moreover, wooden plaque gifts look very trendy and are very much in demand.


  • It has a long-lasting life
  • It’s a rust-free product
  • Price is quite affordable


  • It’s message dependent

5. Cheers Life

Cheers Life

Those who are looking for gift sets for best friends or any other pair like mother-daughter, couples, and so on can acquire these delicate string bands set. They are termed as Wish Bands.

Such wristbands are used for a wish. Both friends can wear the band on their wrist and make a wish. When the wristband starts to tatter, it means your wish is on its way.

Again, it comes with a gift message card to uplift the spirits of the recipient. Besides, the string has a sliding knot making it adjustable in size. They come in a variety of shapes for easy selection.


  • Comes in adjustable fitting
  • Variety of patterns to choose from
  • Can be used as Good Luck gift


  • Not suitable for a single person
  • Strength of string determines the life of gift

6. Pandora


For the ones looking for an exclusive gift for best friend, this sterling silver charm by Pandora will suffice all requirements. This superior quality silver charm is exquisitely crafted to fit both necklace and bracelet.

It is a perfect gift for a special friend to celebrate the bond of friendship. Hence, will be liked and treasured by your friends or loved ones for life.


  • Good quality product
  • Multipurpose as can be used with bracelet or necklace


  • Doesn’t come with the box

7. Equilibrium


If you are looking for birthday gift ideas for best friend female, this Silver Plated Bangle is the right choice. This stunning bangle is carved with the quote ‘Friends are sisters we choose for ourselves’.

The beautiful infinity motif acts as a clutch to securely fasten the bangle. Moreover, it is given in a robust Equilibrium purple presentation box. All these features make it a special gift for best friend.


  • Carved message becomes a lifelong memory
  • Easy to wear


  • Only suitable for female friends

8. More Than Words

More Than Words

Those looking for unsaid yet communicative gifts for best friends should go for this cute figurine. The figure itself conveys your feeling, which is well expressed at first sight of it. Other than the emotional quotient, your friend can use this cute figurine to display on a table, shelf, or so.

Equally important is the fact that it can be easily dusted with a soft brush or cloth. Thus, it’s a perfect best friend gift for your female friends to celebrate any occasion.


  • Good to express sentiments
  • It is Long lasting


  • Comparatively expensive



If you are looking for gifts to get your best friend, a lovely smile, and a sweet memory for life, this photo frame can be your first choice. If you are looking for a personalized gifting option, then you can choose this one. It has a printed quote and can be customized as per need.

All you have to do is to send the photo by email or messaging. It comes in 2 sizes: 6*8 Inches and 8*12 Inches. This plaque can stand freely without support. It’s a suitable gift for different occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, etc., this making it a good choice for best friend gifts.


  • Has firm and sturdy design
  • Easy placements because of free-standing
  • Photo and message together make a great combo
  • Not restricted to any gender


  • The printed quote is subjective to individual choice
  • Can easily imbalance and hence fall

10. Carousel Homes And Gifts

Carousel Homes And Gifts

When it comes to gift ideas for best friend, uniqueness, usefulness, etc. are key factors of selection. This trendy wooden box frame has all the features of a perfect best friend gifts. It consists of a wooden box frame with photo mount in it. It comes in size 23cm * 19cm * 3cm and can hold a standard 15cm * 10cm photo.

Moreover, the pegs have the words “Best Friends” attached to them with the hearts in the surrounding. The pegs can also hold some other photos or souvenirs.

So, if you are looking for durable and memorable best friend gifts, then consider buying this wooden message plaque.


  • Vintage look because of the clothesline
  • Long-lasting remembrance


  • No option in frame colour selection

11. Joma Jewellery

Joma Jewellery

If you are looking for birthday gifts for your best friend or loved one, this exclusive silver-plated Bracelet by Joma Jewlery is just for you. It is beautifully presented on a thick white card with a very touchy message written over it. This bracelet has a very delicate stylized heart, hanged with silver string. It is a real treasure for someone you care for.


  • Can be used for male or female friend or loved one
  • Superior quality silver


  • Slightly more expensive

12. Red Ocean

Red Ocean

You always look for unique best friend gifts that are well remembered as well as touch the heart by bringing a smile on the face as soon as it is seen. What more you can do than adding a fun element in the gift itself. This Wooden Hanging has a humorous but touchy message inscribed on the gift itself.

It has a rustic style and comes in size 200 * 100 mm approx. The plywood is FSC certified and of high-quality. Thus, making it last longer. It comes with an attached jute string to enable it to hang straight away.


  • An aid to memory and reason to smile
  • Superior quality product
  • Unique gift idea
  • FSC certified ply wood


  • No option of shapes in the design

13. Multilayer Leather Beads Bracelet with Magnetic Buckle

If you are looking for gift sets for best friends, then this trendy multilayer leather bracelet should be your first preference. It is made of high-quality leather, with multiple layers of leather bracelets. It is comfortable to wear because of its magnetic buckle, which gives fitting as well as security. This is a set of two bracelets, both having different and unique designs. This gift will always be treasured by your friend and is also considered as one of the best friend gifts in the UK.


  • Recommended by numerous users
  • Easy on the wallet
  • Ideal for gift sets
  • Lots of design and colour options available


  • Size constraints
  • Single piece not available

14. HGOD Designs

HGOD Designs

Those looking for best the present for best friend can consider this high-end cushion cover. If you have a friend loves to decorate her room with some unique stuff, then this cushion cover could be a good option.

It comes in the standard size of 18” * 18” inch and is easy to install. Made of durable, high-quality cotton linen, it is durable and stylish. There are various designs available to select from as per your needs.

It can be used to give a decorative look to your living rooms, sofa, couch, chair, bedrooms, offices, car, etc. Besides, it has a hidden zipper closure on the backside, which will not spoil the look. You can consider this a best friend gifts option.


  • Easy returns or exchanges
  • Can be used as a decorative item with a memory
  • 100% money-back refund for dissatisfaction


  • Slightly expensive

15. Lesgos


If you are looking for the best gift for best friend, then this stainless steel bracelet will serve the right purpose. The bracelet is engraved with a beautiful friendship quote on the inner side. It will convey your feelings straight to the heart.

It is sturdy, lightweight, and durable. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthday, etc.

This cuff bracelet can be gently bent and adjusted to get the correct size. So, if you are looking for best friend gifts for her, then choose this bracelet.


  • Size is suitable for most people
  • Great best friend gift for her


  • Suitable gifting only to female friends

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Friend Gift

Your choice for the selection of gifts for your best friend will depend on what they like and what are their personal needs. Some people prefer a surprise gift, and some prefer a well-planned treat. Do not look to ignore these factors while making a purchase:

1. Choice

Your selection for your best friend’s gift should immensely depend on his/her liking. Because, if the gifts are of one’s choice, then the happiness doubles. The gift should be very well valued and should leave a lasting image on the recipient.

2. Relationship

When you are considering gift ideas for best friend, then this is a very important factor while considering the gift. You need to ensure that a sentiment it is sending resonates with your relationship. Each relationship has its own uniqueness, as its own worth but if it is a long-lasting one, then the gift should well merge with that.

3. Longevity

Even though each gift has its own worth but if it is a long-lasting one, then the value and happiness doubles. A gift connected with a special occasion stays for a longer period in the memory of the receiver. Thus, longevity is a crucial factor to look for while selection.

4. Uniqueness

Unique best friend gifts would be the ones that are original, attractive, and close to heart. In today’s world, everyone is trying new things. If you come up with a distinct idea of a gift, it will add its own happiness quotient.

5. Occasion

You should plan the gift for best friend as per the occasion. If the gift is right as per the occasion, the importance of the gift, as well as the occasion both, escalates. You should put more thought to please your dear ones on their special occasions.

6. Personalized Effect

Time and again, it has been observed that personalized gifts are the most valued best friend gift. If you add a personal touch to a simple gift, it adds to the elegance quotient. Such gifts convey the emotions in a thoughtful manner and are treasured forever.

7. Presentation

A lot of thoughts should be given for the presentation of the best friend present. The presentation should be attractive to the eyes and should echo with the image of the giver.

This factor specially becomes important if you are looking for the best birthday present for best friend.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best Friend Gift

You might be wondering why you should give so much thought and importance to buying best friend gifts when you already love your friend so much. There are reasons for that; some of them include:

  • Sometimes gifts reverberate emotions which you were not able to convey.
  • They make relationships stronger and healthier.
  • Gifts express the nature and sincerity of the giver towards maintaining the relation.
  • They are the best means to express gratitude.
  • Real relations don’t count gift on its material worth but the feelings behind.
  • They can make your friend feel special and hence strengthens the bond.

Discussed above are just a few of the main reasons to buy a special gift for best friend.

FAQs on Best Friend Gifts

1. What Is The Best Memorable Gift?

The best memorable gift gives the lifelong memory to the receiver, just like a story. As a result, whenever anytime in the future, the receiver views the gift, whole episode of the occasion, or the time when the gift was given runs in mind just like a Television serial or a movie.

Some of the best memorable best friend present ideas can be personalized photo frames, wooden plaque with a nice quote on it, lovely personalized charms, personalized t-shirts, mobile cases, etc. Also, if a gift combines with another like a bouquet of flowers, then the fragrance of it doesn’t fade for the whole life.

2. How Can I Surprise My Best Friend?

It depends on the nature of your best friend. Some friends enjoy and are happy with an unexpected surprise visit, whereas some like to be treated more special with exuberant gifts.

In effect, some are simplicity lovers, and some are pompous. However, thoughtful gifts have always seen the flow of emotions of the receiver.

Moreover, a surprise party organized specially for your friend with many other friends and loved ones around is always appreciated by heart.

But at the same time, you must remember that in the quest of surprising your friend, you don’t unintentionally hurt the sentiments. So remember, anything done at a moderate level is appreciated, whereas an excess of everything is denied.

3. What Is The Ideal Gift For A Guy Friend?

This question is often deliberated by people as it seems, there are ample varieties available for gifting to girls, but boy’s gifts constitute limited options. But this is not the case.

There are many options, even for boys, if you give proper thought. Many personalized gifts can be procured for boys. For example, photo frames, bracelets, charms, etc. Besides, wooden hangings, plaques, keyrings are some of the other options.

4. What Gifts For My Best Friend Would Be Right?

There are many options for gifting available online as well as offline. However, selecting the right one based on the nature and liking of a friend is an art in itself. If the friend is a voracious reader, some books based on his/her choice will do the job.

Besides, many personalized gifts, for example, t-shirts, charms, photo frames, etc. are also very well appreciated by people. Then there are accessories like shoes, figurines, wooden plaque, perfumes, deodorants, etc. are also effective.

5. How Can I Make My Best Friend’s Birthday Special?

In order to make your best friend’s birthday special, make some very special plans which will give fond memories of the same. And one of the ways is to choose good gifts for best friends. As they say, we do not remember the days; we remember moments.

You can arrange a surprise visit to your friend’s house along with other friends, to see a glow as bright as the sun, on your friend’s face. Or you can also organize a surprise birthday party if the budget permits.

However, there are even other options like have a peaceful lunch or dinner combined with a modest gift or just a bouquet among the few that makes the best birthday present ideas for best friend.

Friendship Is Not About Big Gifts; It’s About The Big Emotions That Traverse The Hearts

Yes, friendship doesn’t need a language; it just transmits. But, showing is through a gesture makes your friend feel even more special. The above-mentioned options and tips will be helpful for you to make the right decision and will help you get an exclusive but cheap best friend gifts.

With all these tips and options mentioned above, you will not fall short of best friend gift ideas.

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