Best Gin Gift Sets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gordon2. Roku 3. MicroBarBox
Gordon's Pink Gin Collection Best Gin Gift SetRoku Gin Gift PackMicroBarBox Cocktail Gin

Unlike whiskey lovers, gin aficionados have fewer options when it comes to speciality drinks drinking accessories crafted while keeping the gin-loving people in mind. Individuals who are looking for the best Gin gift set, can get high-quality products to present a special gin gift.

Here is a brief about some of the best novelty items and accessories that you can buy online easily, and these are specially made for them who appreciate Gin more than any other drink. You will get the information about their pros and cons, and find details which are important to know before purchasing the best Gin gift set.

Top 10 Best Gin Gift Sets 2020

1. Gordon’s Pink Gin Collection

Gordon's Pink Gin Collection Best Gin Gift Set

The Pink Gin Collection is best for individuals who love Gin makes it one of the best Gin gift set. They can use the bottles for the decoration also. Some people like to collect pink Gin because it comes with a lot of things. In the pink gin collection, you will get four pink gin miniatures which make it different from other gins.

The Neil raspberry gin option is one of the choicest kinds among the gin gift sets. You will also get the varieties Vanilla and Edinburgh plum where the vanilla provides you with a delicate vanilla flavour, and the later reminds you of wonderful sweet plums. The fourth one is Greenall’s award-winning Dry Gin that is made from naturally sourced fruit extracts.


  • Ultimate Gin gift Set
  • Get Best G&T in Style
  • Comes in an attractive box packaging


  • Age verification is required

2. Roku Gin Gift Pack

Roku Gin Gift Pack

It is one of the perfect gin gift options from Japan. Known as the Roku Gin, it is a combination of carefully selected top Japanise Gins made with the 70cl and 43 per cent of Japan’s legendary Suntory with a variety of exquisite botanical elements, making it a cherishing memento.

The Six Japanese botanicals in this collection by Roku makes it the best gin gift set for anyone who is fascinated about tasting different type of Gins. It comes in a great package, and would surely be adored by everyone receiving it as a gift.


  • Prestigious Roku brand
  • Comes with Merchant’s Heart Spirit Enhancers
  • Flavours are great to taste
  • Reasonable overall value


  • The packaging is not up to the mark and prone to damage during transport

3. MicroBarBox Cocktail Gin

MicroBarBox Cocktail Gin

If you want to buy the best gin gift for a gin aficionado, then you can go with the MicrobarBox Cocktail Gin kit. It comes with the amazing set of the cocktails that look great and make the best gin gift set for you.

The set comes with a total eleven bottles of premium ingredients, Hendricks Gin (50ml), Martin Miller’s (50ml), Bombay Sapphire (50ml), 6 O’Clock (50ml), Bramley & Gage Dry Vermouth (50ml), Edinburgh Elderflower (50ml), Indian Tonic Water from Folkington (150ml), Soda water from Folkington (150ml), and 250ml of Rhubarb & Apple from Folkington.

You will also receive a detailed cocktail recipe instruction booklet inside the box, which makes it unique from others. The recipes help you to make four classy cocktails such as Classic G&T, Elderflower Collins, Gin Martini, and Rhubarb Gin Fizz using the ingredients supplied with the box.


  • An amazing collection of eleven alcohol units to make mindblowing Gin cocktails
  • Four distinct Gin cocktail recipes
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Expensive Product

4. Popaball Bubbles Gift Set

Popaball Bubbles Gift Set

Popaball Bubbles gift set comes with the best raspberry flavour with a bottle of Pinkster gin, which makes it an ideal Gin kit for those who appreciate. There are many ingredients which are used to create this best gin gift set for every occasion. The box contains Bursting Bubbles (60gm), and tonic water packed in an attractive gift wrap.


  • Included 2X60gm Bursting Bubbles
  • Pinkster Gin, raspberry flavoured
  • Comes with a fantastic gift wrap, gold foiled


  • Sometimes bubbles get leaked reported by some users

5. Love The Lakes Gin Hamper

Love The Lakes Gin Hamper

If you are searching for the best gin gift set, get one Lake District Gin lovers Hamper which is a fantastic combination of three miniature Lake District Gins with tonic included. The gin lovers will like to have the Lake District Gin Lovers Hamper because it comes with Gin Liqueurs. The gift comes complete with 2 x Lamb & Watt flavoured Tonic water (Cucumber and Hibiscus) with the gin liqueurs.


  • 3 x Gin Liqueur Miniatures with 2 x tonic water bottles
  • Two distinct tonic flavours
  • Stunning clear packaging with Love the Lakes branding


  • Age verification is required at the time of delivery

6. Hendrick’s Gin Double Pack

Hendrick's Gin Double Pack

Hendrick’s Gin comes with an unusual, yet stunningly delicious cucumber and rose-infused flavour that makes a perfect and best gin gift set and makes the gin lovers ecstatic in its praise. It is a versatile Gin kit that you can use to make some of the classic and custom-blended cocktails if the occasion calls for it. In 2018, Lesley Gracie was awarded “Distiller of the Year” title, and he is the Master Distiller in Hendrick’s Gin.

The curious gin lovers would be delighted to try this Hendrick’s Double Pack (2x70cl bottle), one of which is Midsummer Solstice, and another is the classic Hendrick’s Gin bottle.


  • Two signature Gins in one pack
  • Attractive gift packaging
  • Award-winning brand


  • Shelf life is relatively less

7. Bulldog Gin Gift Box

Bulldog Gin Gift Box

Bulldog Gin Copa Glass Gift Box is best for the gin enthusiasts as it is one of the premium quality gins. The coloured glass bottles with a designer label and the superior quality make it the best gin gift set.

It bears an excellent citrus flavour created with a blend of sparkling water and other handpicked ingredients. You get to feel its 100% locally sourced wheat from the UK used to craft this classy Gin with multiple layers of robust flavours. It comes with twelve exquisite herbs, including China-sourced lotus leaf and dragon eye blended with Turkish white poppy.


  • 100% British originated wheat
  • Extracts from 12 rare herbs used
  • Limited edition Gin


  • Expensive compared to your supermarket Gins

8. Tanzanite Gin

Tanzanite Gin

The Tanzanite gin is a premium gin and is a hot favourite among the gin lovers. It comes with a premium design and an elegant box packaging that adds to its supreme quality. Individuals can enjoy Tanzanite Gin with friends and family as well as select it as the best gin gift set to present their loved ones.

You can relax with a glass of dry Gin and enjoy along with your friends. The flavour is fantastic in a combination with French Gin, and you are going to like its subtle French taste lingering on your tongue, which makes the product exceptionally soul-lifting. The dazzlingly shot glass well complements the gorgeous presentation of this gin gift set.


  • Comes with a high-quality glass
  • Get the unique taste of dry Gin mixed with the exquisite French flavour
  • Great Gift option for different occasions


  • Some users did not like the locally sourced botanicals

9. Pink Gin Gift Set

Pink Gin Gift Set

The Pink Gin gift set is a fantastic option if you are looking for the best gin gift set that you can easily buy online to gift on different occasions. This gift kit includes a 70cl bottle of Gordon’s Pink Gin coupled with an authentic Belgian chocolate pack, wrapped in a luxurious box. If you want the best gift for the valentine’s day or any other occasion, it is indeed an ideal choice.


  • Comes in different designs
  • Beautiful Pink Gin Hamper
  • Can be availed as a gift for valentine’s day, birthday and various other occasions


  • The colour and size of the gift card cannot be changed

10. MicroBarBox Hendrick’s Gin Gift Set

MicroBarBox Hendrick's Gin Gift Set

Are you a gin lover? If you want to escape the conventional delectable and embrace the uncommon delicacies, go for the Limited-Edition Hendrick’s Gin MicroBarBox Gift Set with closed eyes. It comes in a well-designed package and provides an unusually sensational flavour, making it the best gin gift set for a lot of Gin lovers.

You will get the Hendrick’s illustrated sleeve with detailed instructions on how to mix and garnish various cocktails you can come up using this awesome Gin set.

As the box contents, you will get three 50ml bottles of Hendrick’s Gin, one citrus serving, one cucumber baller, along with tonic water inside the box. A gin lover will certainly like to give this premium Gin a try and share this gift with their dear ones as well.


  • A handpicked selection of premium Gin and tonic water
  • Comes with a detailed mixing guide
  • Attractive gift-wrapped box


  • Need age-verification for delivery of the item

Factors To Look When Buying Best Gin Gift Set

You must know some crucial factors before buying the best gin gift set.

1. Looks Is Important

You should choose the attractive bottles that come in a gin gift set. They should bear the label with all the required information about the Gin. The bottles should look great as decor, which is an added benefit. So, you need to go with the premium gin gift sets and avail the most eye-candy ones.

2. Combined Multiple Flavours

Gin lovers know how much difference a flavour makes in the taste. If you have not tried mixing flavours yet, then go ahead and get Gin gift sets and see how different flavours like cucumber, raspberry, mint, lavender and others mixed together to create a splendid concoction. There lies the fun of choosing the best gin gift set as It offers unique opportunities.

3. Gorgeous Gin Bottles Are Good For Decorations

There are many people who do not realise what beautiful decor can be achieved with gin bottles. If you
have an empty shelf in your house, you can tastefully arrange the bottles as a décor element to fill that space. It will offer a unique charm undoubtedly even after the Gin in the bottles is over with time.

FAQs on Gin Gift Sets

1. What Is The Best Gin To Buy As A Present?

You can buy different types of Gin gifts, and you can give them to your friends or family members on different occasions. The Warner Edwards’s honeybee gin gift set or Jawbox Belfast cut classic Gin, or perhaps some dry Gin can be perfect for any occasion. Many people like to buy Gins based on different flavours it comes with.

2. How Do I Know If The Gin Is Good?

You can easily know if the Gin is in perfect condition. You just need to detect the citrus note, which is a unique character of a Gin that has not been ruined already. You also need to check the taste the flowers and spice in the flavour and check the woody note in your drink. If you feel the presence of strong chemicals in the bottle, then it is the sign that the quality of the Gin is poor. On the other hand, if flavours are mixed well and stable, then you can consider it ideal to consume.

3. Can You Gift Gin Set In Christmas?

A great flavourful Gin is a perfect gift for any Gin lover, no matter what occasion it is. Additionally, some people use attractive Gin bottles as decoration too. Therefore, of course, Christmas is just the perfect occasion to get the best gin gift set if you know the person loves Gin.

4. Is Age Verification Mandatory While Gifting Gin Sets?

In most cases, yes. It is to avoid underage drinking, and the companies are bound by law to force that condition.

Only The Best Gin Gift Set Can Make The Occasion Special

If you search on the Internet, you will find that there are several gin gifts to choose from. They can be gifted on different occasions; you can share them with your friends and enjoy the tasteful experience on any of the serene evenings with dear ones or alone.

Some even indulge in mixing different flavours and prepare a delicious concoction. Many like to use those beautiful Gin bottles to decorate their homes as well.

If you want to choose the best gin gift set, check the combination of the flavours, the presentation and most importantly, the quality of the Gin before making the final decision.

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