Best Wine Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Thornton & France2. Le Bon Vin3. Le Bon Vin
Thornton & France Red Wine Bottles Best Wine GiftLe Bon Vin Twin Gift SetLe Bon Vin Wine Gift Set

Looking for a perfect gift for any occasion is difficult, as there are many things to consider. If you are looking for a special gift for someone who loves wine, then you must consider buying the best wine gift. There are many beautifully packed wine bottles available in the market.

Some of these bottles are sold with personalised labels too. You can look for beautiful hampers and gift sets containing other goodies that make the gift more appealing to the recipient.

We have researched the available options and found out some interesting hampers and gift sets that are loved by consumers all over the United Kingdom. Check out these top 10 wine gifts that we found interesting and believe that it would appeal to your loved ones too!

Top 10 Best Wine Gifts 2020

1. Thornton & France Red Wine Bottles

Thornton & France Red Wine Bottles Best Wine Gift

This set of 6 mixed red wine bottles of 75cl each is the perfect gifting option for all occasions. It contains 2 Rumbustious Giant 2016 wine made from luscious plum fruit from hills of California, 2 Rock Hopper Merlot Wines with subtle red cherry fruit notes from Australia, and 2 Orario Merlot wines with the velvety and soft texture of hedgerow and damson fruits of Australia.


  • Great value for money
  • 6 bottles of 75cl Red Wine
  • 3 different wine types in one box
  • With hints of 3 different fruits


  • Need to buy all 6 as a part of hamper.

2. Le Bon Vin Twin Gift Set

Le Bon Vin Twin Gift Set

The beautifully packed twin gift set will make anyone fall in love with the gift even before opening it. The twin set contains a 750ml bottle of Bodegas Carlos Serres Rioja Tempranillo, a 750ml bottle of Bodegas Carlos Serres Rioja Crianza, and also a surprise element of 1 pack of 100g Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles. It is a complete package to gift someone on special occasions.


  • Beautiful gift packing
  • Contains 2 bottles of wine and 1 pack chocolate truffles
  • Crianza wine aged for 14 months in oak barrels
  • Best quality wine
  • 12% of alcohol content


  • Not for those looking for a hamper with more than 2 bottles

3. Le Bon Vin Wine Gift Set

Le Bon Vin Wine Gift Set

This ultimate gift set offers the goodness of both red wine and white wine in a single pack. Those looking for the wine gift would really love this twin pack consisting of Lupo Nero Italian Red Wine and White Wine. The package also houses Marc de Champagne Truffles that make the perfect addition to the gift pack.


  • Beautiful red coloured wine case
  • Combination of Red Wine and White Wine
  • Comes with champagne truffles
  • Best quality Italian wine


  • Comes as a preset combination of red and white wine

4. Clearwater Hampers Wine Gift Set

Clearwater Hampers Wine Gift Set

This is an ideal gift for any occasion comprising of full-bodied Merlot and crispy Prosecco. The beautifully designed gift box can be sent directly to the recipient with a customised message. Don’t worry as the invoice and pricing would not be included with the package! The packaging of the hamper is thoughtfully carried out by the team of experienced packagers doing it for 40 years.


  • 2 Bottles of 750ml each
  • 13% alcohol
  • Manufactured by Clearwater Hampers
  • Thoughtfully Hand-Packed Hamper


  • Doesn’t contain other add-ons like truffles

5. Clearwater Hampers Trio Wine Gift Set

Clearwater Hampers Trio Wine Gift Set

Are you looking for a good quality wine gift for your friend or colleague? Then you can consider buying this trio pack. This trio set is packed with 3 hand-picked wine bottles having different tastes and textures. It contains Red wine, White wine, and Prosecco wine bottles to bring in the variety in each box. Add a personalised message to the gift and make it even more special.

This beautifully packed set doesn’t require any outer packing as it is thoughtfully packed by the experienced team to get the best results.


  • Combination of 3 wine bottles
  • Includes red wine, white wine, and prosecco wine
  • Can be sent with personalised message
  • Thoughtfully hand-packed


  • Comes as a hamper of pre-selected wines

6. Cr8 A Gift Golden Gift Box

Cr8 A Gift Golden Gift Box

Nothing can be better than a personalised gift! This red wine bottle comes with a Vineryard label that contains the name of the recipient in bold letters with the mention of the year and occasion printed on it.

This will surely be the piece to be preserved. You can also add two lines of personal message, making the receiver happier. It is packed in a golden gift box to make it even more special.


  • Personalised message on the Vineyard label
  • Printed name and occasion
  • Best quality red wine
  • Golden gift box


  • Not for those looking for a hamper

7. Personalised Bottle Labels Red Wine

Personalised Bottle Labels Red Wine

Are you look for a stylish and classy bottle of wine as a gifting option, then you must consider buying this wine bottle. You can also personalise this wine bottle. The 75cl red wine bottle comes with a professionally printed personalised message on it.

You can check the preview of the label before ordering the wine to make changes if required. The bottle contains premium quality red wine.

The label would display the name up to 25 characters and also 2 lines of personalised message. The label is scratch resistant and waterproof, which makes it long-lasting.


  • Personalised message of 2 lines on the label
  • Professionally printed label with best printing equipment
  • Premium quality red wine


  • Name to be printed on the label should contain up to 25 characters

8. Sparkling Direct Wooden Gift Box

Sparkling Direct Wooden Gift Box

Packed in a beautiful wooden gift box, this French red wine box will make the perfect gift for all occasions. Make it even more special with a personal message card delivered along with the wooden gift box. Hailing from the vineyards of France, this wine contains 14.5% alcohol content. This personalised wine box makes to the list of best wine gift.


  • Specially designed wooden box
  • Premium quality French Red Wine
  • Contains 14.5% alcohol
  • Personalised gift card message


  • Contains just one bottle, so not for those looking for more bottles in one pack

9. Red Wine Silk Lined Gift Box

Red Wine Silk Lined Gift Box

Are you looking for gifting wine to someone, then this combination of red wine and chocolate is unmatchable. The silk-lined gift box is elegant and stylish. The wine bottle comes with a personalised label having the name and message printed on it. The chocolates are handpicked to complement the red fruit notes. The wine also contains dark chocolate and walnut hints.


  • Chocolates and Wine to complement each other
  • Beautiful silk lined box
  • Personalised label on the bottle


  • Can’t order only wine

10. Sparkling Direct Birthday Gift Set

Sparkling Direct Birthday Gift Set

Make the birthdays special with this “Happy Birthday” carved wooden box gift set. It contains premium quality French red wine. The box is designed with a sliding lid that can be used for storing other items as well. Adding personalised gift card is also possible if you want to send some messages along with the gift.


  • 75cl bottle of red wine
  • Premium quality French wine
  • Happy Birthday message carved on the wooden box
  • Sliding lid


  • Has Happy Birthday carved on the box, so can’t be used for other occasions

Factors To Look For When Buying Wine Gift

If you are planning to buy wine as a gift, then there are various factors that you need to consider the following options:

1. Seasons Do Matter

There is a special wine for each season. A fruity blend is interesting for summers. It would be an instant hit for the summer parties. However, if you are selecting the wine for fall, then going for an oaky blend with vanilla would make the difference. Winters can be celebrated with wines having a hint of walnut and chocolate.

2. The Story Behind The Wine

A story behind the wine would make it more special. Gifting it with a story would fix it in the memories of the recipient forever. Even when the wine is over, the story will remain, and that is what you want! Check for the wines that are backed by some beautiful story.

The story can be about the origin of the wine, age of the vineyard, the journey of the winemaker, or anything that would sound interesting. You don’t require a lengthy story. It could be just one meaningful sentence, and the wine will be remembered forever.

3. Packing Speaks More Than The Wine

Packaging would attract the attention of the recipient well before the wine. One would just love to open beautifully packed wine. There are different types of gift sets available in the market with wooden box, golden box, and hand-crafted boxes. Make your selection based on the packing as it matters a lot.

4. Personalised Message Or Label

A bottle of wine with the personalised label is a memory to cherish for a lifetime. There are special personalised wines available with professionally printed labels. The label would contain the name of the recipient in bold and also the message that will give the personal touch to the gift. Such wine bottle would build a memory to last even after the wine is over.

FAQs on Wine Gifts

1. How To Gift Wine From A Remote Location?

Wine can be gifted from a remote location through online ordering. You can order directly from the winery to be shipped at the desired address or order it on online shopping websites. Check for their delivery locations, and if it suits you, then place the order.

2. How To Make Gifting Wine Even More Special?

You can see if the seller is providing the option of sending a gift card along with wine. You can also ask them not to send invoices and price details in gift shippings.

3. How To Personalise Wine Gift?

Personalising wine gift is now possible with different sellers offering professionally printed labels and gift cards. All you have to do is to enter your personalised message in the desired window, check the preview, and if things work well for you, then place the order. Some wine gifts also come with carved messages on the box.

4. What Wine Combo Is Good To Order?

There are special wine combos available with chocolate truffles. These chocolates are specially selected chocolates to go well with the wine. Ordering these combos would ensure that you will get the tried and tested combination that will work for your recipient.

Make Any Occasion Special With Best Wine Gift

Special occasions are meant to be celebrated with the right gift. Offering wine as a gift has always been a great idea for any celebration, but you can put in some extra pointers in order to make your wine gift stand ahead of others. There are various options available in terms of wine type, packaging, personalisation, and delivery terms.

You will find various combos, and you can easily find the best combination. Make it a point to explore all available options before finalising on one as there are ample options offered in similar budgets.

Planning a gift little in advance would allow you to ship this personalised wine set to your loved ones staying at remote locations. Most of the sellers offer delivery at doorsteps along with gift cards. They also ensure that invoice and price are never the part of such gift. So, consider the above mentioned gifting option and gift the best wine to your loved ones.

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