Best Gifts For New Mums 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lansinoh2. Bubzi Co3. Funki Flamingo
Lansinoh Best Gift for New MumBubzi CoFunki Flamingo

The initial stage of motherhood really needs some pampering, as a new mother undergoes a lot of physical and mental trauma, and she has to take care of her baby’s needs too.

So, if you are in the market to buy the best gifts for new mums, you need to search for things that will not only be useful for her and her baby, but would also make her feel special with immense happiness.

If you are about to attend a baby shower or if you are going to meet a new mom, this guide will help you find the best gift for her. Here, we have enlisted top 15 gift options that are a hit among buyers in 2020. We have also mentioned a few factors that you must consider before buying a gift for a new mother.

Top 15 Best Gifts for New Mums 2020

1. Lansinoh

Lansinoh Best Gift for New Mum

Breastfeeding is very important for the new born baby to gain proper immunity, but breastfeeding mums often suffer from sore nipples. This perfect combination of medicated nipple cream and Lanolin smoothens and protects sore nipples for the breastfeeding mums.

This cream is hundred percent harmless and safe for both the mum and the new born baby, so there is no need at all to remove or wash off the cream before breastfeeding.

This wonderful cream goes beyond the purpose of just breastfeeding, but the mums also love using it to cure the nappy rash, dry skin and even as a moisturising lip balm. If you really wish to gift something of use to the new mum, then this cream can be one of the best gifts for the new mums.

HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream can be applied on the nipples to relieve any sensation of pain and discomfort caused by the aching, cracked and parched nipples. Besides, this cream is made up of innovated technology and therefore it is hypoallergenic, due to which it is absolutely safe for the baby.


  • Effective breastfeeding support
  • Completely safe and pure for both mum and baby
  • Convenient to relieve pain of sore nipples
  • Affordable price
  • Available in 10 ml and 40 ml packs


  • Being greasy, it may stain your clothing or any blankets if it comes into contact with fabric
  • On exposure to warmer temperatures, it may liquefy

2. Bubzi Co

Bubzi Co

The memories of childhood are always very precious, and it gives immense joy to a mother when she looks at her baby’s tiny footprints and handprints after a few years.

So, if you want to give her something that she can cherish forever, then this footprint and handprint kit from Bubzi Co will be the perfect option for sure.

The kit allows you to take your baby’s footprints and handprints on a layer of clay, which you can later paste on the frame provided with the kit, along with a couple of photographs of your little one.

You can keep this frame as a keepsake or decorate it in your living room, bedroom, or kids’ room to show off your creation. The best thing is that the kit includes everything you will need in the process, and it is extremely easy to use too.


  • Helps to keep the prints memorable forever
  • Completely safe and pure for baby
  • Serves as a great decorative item
  • Easy to use
  • All-inclusive kit


  • Clay needs to be kneaded properly, otherwise cracks may develop

3. Funki Flamingo

Funki Flamingo

Along with welcoming the new member in the family, the mom gets hands on with a lot of different responsibilities. This can be the best gift for new mum that can get her freedom back, as she would be able to forge an intimate bond with the infant while doing her housework or looking after the other kids.

Made up of soft and durable cotton + spandex material, this baby carrier can hold a baby weighing up to 35 lbs. When the mother carries her baby in this carrier, she not only keeps her hands free, but she also gets a chance to create a bond with the new born and let the baby feel her presence all the time.


  • Good quality with proper safety
  • Made of cotton + spandex
  • Clip-free design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Washable
  • Affordable price less than $25


  • Available in one colour only

4. Hinwo


Babies are fussy and demanding, and the new mother needs to remain ready with all the products her baby may demand any time.

This is a portable organiser or basket that has so many compartments and pockets to keep all the nursery essentials organised and well-sorted. It also has a detachable divider, so that you can setup the basket as per your individual needs.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, it has 10 invisible pockets to make the basket look clutter-free. Made up of Canvas with Polyester lining, this caddy basket is strong enough to carry all your essentials in a single place.


  • Added storage with 10 invisible pockets
  • Detachable divider
  • Handy handles
  • Easy access
  • Suitable size
  • Folds flat for storage
  • So many colours and designs to choose from


  • A little expensive

5. Cozy Hedgehog

Cozy Hedgehog

This is a unique set of cards that can be used to capture all the precious moments of the baby’s first few years. Illustrated in a modern, neutral pastel colour scheme, these can be well presented in a striking keepsake box.

One can capture the bright and breezy picture of the little one giggling, laughing, sitting, standing, walking, haircut, etc. for the first time, taking the first steps, first Christmas, first holiday, first tooth, etc., write the moment’s date on the card, and store it as a keepsake.

These illustrated cute cards provide perfect memory opportunities which need to be captured and thereby can be shared with family and friends.


  • Events can be recorded with date and time
  • Professionally designed
  • Anti-glare protection against flash photography
  • Gender neutral


  • Card text written in English language only

6. Baby Box Shop

Baby Box Shop

If it is a baby girl, then nothing would be better than this gift hamper set in pink. Girls are usually fond of the colour pink, and if the set contains a cute pink teddy bear, what else can bring more pleasure to them? The wait is over with this amazing newborn baby gift hamper set.

The gift hamper contains a wide range of gift items, including a teddy bear, a body suit, socks, bib, nappies, baby lotion, shampoo, soap, comb, powder and brush, and many others, carefully assorted in pink colour.


  • Made with hygiene in mind
  • Safe and clean
  • Everything in pink
  • Easy to carry suitcase design
  • Available in blue for boys, and a cream colour for both as well


  • A little expensive
  • The size is small

7. Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses

Parenthood deals with a lot of emotions, as it is the beginning of a new journey in life for both the mother and the father. This set if two mugs, one for the Mummy and the other for the Daddy, would be the best gift option for a new mum.

These are simple and elegant mugs made from New Bone China. The quality is adorable, and the design is attractive too.


  • Perfect gift set of gorgeous mugs
  • High quality
  • Can give a kind of joy to the new parents


  • The design is too simple
  • Only one colour option available

8. Metal Planet Ltd

Metal Planet Ltd

This metal key ring for mums has been packaged in a little organza pouch with an imprint of a little kiss and a detail of cut out heart.

Extremely popular to be gifted on Mother’s day, Christmas and Thanksgiving, this can be the best gift for new mum as well. It can be a great way to show to a new mom that she is doing great and she is being the best mother.


  • Ideal gift for any occasion
  • Ideal gift from sons or daughters
  • Best quality assured


  • A little expensive

9. Nested Fox

Nested Fox

Women are always fond of jewelleries, and nothing can be a better gift for a new mum than this stainless steel necklace in silver colour. There are two loops on the chain, so that the mother can adjust its length as per her personal like. The main attraction of his necklace is its beautiful packaging that has some really nice and inspirational words written on it.


  • Beautiful fox design
  • Option available for two sizes
  • Inspirational words on the packaging


  • Too expensive

10. Cath Kidston Beauty

Cath Kidston Beauty

After so much baby care and household chores, what a new mother would love the most is to give herself some pampering.

This Pamper Hamper from the house of Cath Kidston comprises of 100 ml hand cream, 50 ml body scrub, box Set of four bathing salts, and 75 ml body wash. It can be an extremely useful gift to nourish the body of a new mother.


  • Wonderful fragrance
  • High quality products
  • Rejuvenating skin regime
  • Vegan products
  • Environment friendly


  • Expiry dates of the products must be checked

11. Dust And Things

Dust And Things

This wooden coaster has a beautiful message written on it, which says ‘Only the Best Mums Get Promoted to Nanny’. This can be a great gift for a new mom as well, who may get inspired to become the best mom ever for her baby. You may also gift this coaster to your child’s nanny who has recently become a new mom.

This is a handmade, hand-painted wooden coaster with engraving written in an easily comprehensible font. The wooden surface with lavender coloured edge looks fantastic and serves the purpose of a handy coaster.


  • Comparatively a cheaper gift
  • Perfect handmade gift idea for mums
  • Handcrafted
  • Beautiful and functional


  • Once broken, it cannot be repaired
  • Item of weight is comparatively heavy

12. Coaster Gift

Coaster Gift

The little gesture to make the would-be-mum or new mum glad would be successful with this beautiful coaster gift. It can be a perfect gift to show your love and respect for her.

This square shape 9×9 cm coaster features high gloss finish with beautiful motherly words written on tiny footprints. Even after she delivers her baby, she can cherish her pregnancy days just by having a look at this coaster.


  • Well designed
  • Practical and durable
  • Usable with almost all cup and glass sizes


  • Can crack if folded
  • Expensive

13. Pooh Classics Range

Pooh Classics Range

One best gift for new mum could be this Disney Classic Pooh Keepsakes Baby Box with small compartments for your baby’s keepsakes.

Some keepsakes you would like to keep preserved would be your baby’s first shoes, first mittens, some memorable items, some treasures and precious things, etc. This official Disney licensed product has separate compartments to keep all these in place.

The box has six compartments on the base and two compartments on the lid.


  • Impressive gift to keep things cherished
  • Durable as made of cardboard
  • Good size to work with
  • Beautiful Disney Pooh design that your child will like


  • Cardboard box needs to be kept away from moisture

14. Memories And Gifts Ltd

Memories And Gifts Ltd

Baby scan is the first glimpse a mother gets of her baby inside her womb, and it would be a great idea to have this image printed on a key ring.

This key ring can be one of the most impressive gifts a new mum can receive. Instead of digging into all those papers and documents to view that image, she can keep this image with her all the time when imprinted on her key ring.


  • High quality metal key ring
  • Can be customised to print your baby’s first scan
  • Vibrant print and clear image quality
  • Comfortable to carry size


  • Since it is a customised product, it takes a little time to deliver

15. Vital Touch

Vital Touch

Mum’s Gorgeous Pampering Box could be an overwhelming gift for a new mum, as it consists of organic skincare products made of high quality ingredients. The mum can take care of herself with the bath scrub, miracle balm, bath soak, and cotton flannel included in this gift box.

It has been especially formulated for new mothers to encourage them to have a feeling of relaxation in the midst of all that hassle.


  • Pampering gift set for all mums
  • Paraben free with no animal ingredients, petrochemicals or perfumes
  • Organic skincare products included


  • Suitability varies with skin types
  • Expiry dates need to be checked

Factors To Look For When Buying A Best Gift For New Mum

Considering the long emotional journey and physical trauma that a mum goes through during pregnancy, the best gift for her would be the one that can give her immense pleasure and also make her job easier. So, here are a few factors that you need to consider before buying the best gift for new mum:

1. Quality

A low quality product will only make a new mum’s job even more difficult. So, you need to make sure that whatever gift you are sending her is of good quality.

2. Brand

You will come across several product brands that specialise in making gift products dedicated to meet the demands of new mums. You must check and compare different brands along their product quality assurance and reviews online before buying one.

3. Usability

Whatever gift you are choosing for a new mom, make sure that it is usable for her and can make her job easier in one way or the other.

4. Price

Since babies grow up so soon, new mum gifts are often short-lived, which means you won’t want to spend a huge amount on a product that would be of use only for a few months. So, check the price of the product and make sure it is reasonably priced for its usability and quality.

FAQs on Gifts For New Mums

1. How Do You Know Which One Is The Best Gift For The New Mum?

There is a lot that you need to ponder over when it comes to choosing the most appropriate gift for a new mum. You must think about the needs of a new baby and a new mother, along with what type of gift they would be fascinated about.

For example, most women are fond of simple things like a key ring or a piece of jewellery, while others would love to pamper themselves with a package of good quality skincare products.

2. What Would Be The Most Appreciated Gift For Keepsake?

Many women love to capture each moment of their new infant. If that is the case, then a keepsake box could turn out to be handy. Footprint and handprint kits are also welcomed the most.

3. Which Skincare Product Can Be The Best Option?

Since new mothers are mostly busy with their new kid, they would really appreciate something that they can use to pamper themselves for a short period of time. But before you finally buy one, dig into the ingredients used for the composition of the product, its quality, its expiry dates, and other factors.

4. What Are Some Of The Best Gift Options For New Mothers?

Apart from charms, pampering products and keepsakes, there are other options also that new moms would appreciate, like play items for the baby, carry bags in which they can carry all their baby products, customised products with a special message, etc.

Finding The Best Gift For New Mums Is Certainly Important

In this technology savvy world, a quick search on the internet is enough to chalk out the best from the diverse options available out there.

Analyse the different reviews from the customers who have used the products and find the best gift item that a new mom would surely appreciate.

You need to consciously take the decision and make sure you decide on the right one as per the need of a new mum. It should not only uplift her spirit and enhance her moods, but also prove to be of great use to her.

It is extremely important that you choose a gift only after considering the several factors we have discussed above in the article.

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